Unique artworks and wall murals customised to your space

Your original artwork or wall mural will express your unique brand, style and personality!

Sharron Tancred’s unique artworks are guaranteed to match your space and be loved

Original and unique artwork commissions.  You can achieve your dream space by commissioning a personalised artwork that will harmonise with your commercial or residential décor.  Corporate artworks, residential artworks, portrait commissions or private kids art workshops that, at Tailored Artworks, you will have inspired!

A uniquely personalised artwork will resonate with you; you will always love it, and never tire of it, and because your artwork is designed to match your furniture and accessories, it will always fit and look great, even if you move!

Customised artworks by Brisbane artist Sharron Tancred.  Tailored Artworks is a unique art and decor service in Brisbane where everything is the product of Brisbane artist, Sharron Tancred who began her career as an illustrator and graphic designer, and later qualified in interior decorating and Colour Psychology.

You can commission a wall mural, hand painted on site, a personalised artwork painted for you in Sharron’s Brisbane art studio or, experience a Private Art Workshop, one on one with Sharron, all as art for the heart and the Soul of your space.  Tailored Artworks is also a collaboration of Brisbane and Gold Coast interior designer decorators together creating your dream space.

Our custom made artwork process guarantees results.  Sharron Tancred designs your artwork according to the rules of interior design and colour psychology.  Your strategically designed artwork will fix, enhance or inspire your space by correcting and unifying its balance, colours, lines, shapes, textures, proportions and scale through your artwork.  Style and theme are a big part of your space’s personal message too and art, being an image, is our opportunity to confirm them.

Creating Wow! Your walls are highly visible from around your room and are the perfect platform to create a stunning focal point! If you are building, renovating or decorating, your walls enhanced with a customised artwork are the perfect opportunity to complete your space and inspire your new décor!

Tailored Artworks appointment process.  Simply book a 2 hour appointment with Sharron Tancred at your location.  Bookings details see link below. Sharron will spend time getting to know you and evaluate your space.  From her conversation with you, Sharron’s mind mapping technique will draw out your story for thumbnailing to create a personalised artwork.

Our quoting process.  At your appointment, you will receive a fully itemised quotation including shop bought or custom made canvases, frames from our select range at hand, design, painting and presentation time, paints, glass coating and special effects, freight, professional art hanging, and an interior designer briefing if required.  It’s all about detail and planning!  Our process is designed so you can suggest an artwork budget, choose what services you need and make a prompt decision to immediately commission art.  Sharron will also teach you about art, colour, and décor, and give you vital décor tips to improve your artwork’s vicinity. Time permitting, you will also recieve a free colour wheel and lesson!

Meeting our guarantee. Later, during your artwork or wall mural’s creation, you will see your art commission progress, on its wall and in detail, at up to 5 stages: thumbnail, digital draft, style, half way and final, so nothing is delivered that you do not love!

Harmonising your artwork with a matching interior decor.  We are special.  Tailored Artworks collaborates with selected Brisbane and Gold Coast interior designer decorators saving you the need to work with multiple suppliers.  You inspire us, and we inspire one another!  Imagine your interior design, kitchen, bathroom, hard finishes, soft furnishings and personalised artwork all harmonised to reflect your individual style and personality. You really can have your beautiful and meaningful space.  It’s all possible at Tailored Artworks.

About bookings, process and guarantee

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Art exhibition & talks
Brisbane Convention Center
Thu 16 – Sun 19th March
Stand G41
20 min art talks on every hour-
“Why Art Improves Interiors”
Interior Decor Talks-
Thurs 10am & Fri 12noon
“Why Cohesive Design Matters”
Sat 2pm & Sun 10am
“Colour Psychology for Life”
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The Build & Design Center
66 Merivale St, South Brisbane

10.45 for an 11am start
Sat 22nd July 2017
Technical art talk –
“Why art improves interiors.”
Art Workshop –
” Fix your space with art!”
Bring a photo of your problem
space and workshop a solution
with Brisbane Art Stylist, Sharron Tancred
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Art exhibition & talks
Brisbane Convention Center

Stand H48
Fri 8 – Sun 10th Sept 2017

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