Art Commissions, Residential Artworks and Artworks for Corporate spaces

Here at Tailored Artworks, the aim is to create amazing, gallery quality artworks designed to reflect your ideas, dreams, desires and personal goals. Imagine coming home to your beautiful pet or family portrait or your painting of a special local landscape captured forever in your artwork. Every artwork is painted in colours that represent you and your home; art that you were never able to find anywhere.

All artworks are created by your Art Stylist Sharron Tancred.  Tailored Artworks by Sharron Tancred prides itself on delivering custom artworks to you that will exceed your expectations. Sharron also offers private art and painting workshops in Brisbane for adults and children as young as 18 months old. Tailored Artworks is often commissioned to create wall murals, for businesses, aged care and dementia facilities, hospitals and other corporate companies.

If you're looking to match or complement your home decor in any size, style and medium call us, Sharron can even invent what suits you and your space!  Art Stylist Sharron Tancred will help with ideas, size, proportion, style etc and show you what your artwork will look like before quoting and then throughout your artwork's 5 stage process, in detail and on it's wall.

Anything is possible: charcoal to oils, collage and Glass Coat resin, watercolours to Picasso style.  You can have your family portraits painted in shimmering glamorous materials; your artworks can even reiterate your soft furnishing patterns for unique design appeal.  It's art for the heart and from the heart, be it a Private Adult/Child Workshop, wall mural hand painted on site or an art commission shipped to your location with love and care.

Call 3491 6400 today to chat with Art Stylist Sharron Tancred at Tailored Artworks and be ... delighted!

Let art and decor reflect YOU!

Sharron Tancred, founder of Tailored Artworks, is one of Australia’s few Master Art Stylists. Her artworks for residential and corporate spaces all around Australia have told each client’s story and enhanced their space.

Most people have living or corporate spaces that aren’t as unified, beautiful or meaningful as they dream of. Typically this is because of bare walls or walls not decorated in sync with their decor, or displaying items irrelevant to their life and/or business. Hanging lots of little odds and ends creates clutter; hanging items of no emotional relevance result in a cold, boring space.

Tailored artworks are guaranteed to solve these problems. Walls, being highly visible from across the room, are the perfect stage for Tailored Art, uniting your decor and telling your story – creating Wow! factor. Because you are the inspiration of your artwork, you will always love it and never tire of it. Because your artwork is designed to harmonise with your furniture and accessories, it will always fit and look great.

New to Tailored Artworks, qualified interior designer-decorators now work with Sharron to help you achieve your desires. Custom-made art, hand painted wall murals, interior design and decoration will harmonise to transform your décor into a heartfelt work of art – without the hassle of working with multiple suppliers.

Book your appointment in the greater Brisbane area or liaise via phone/email or Skype with Sharron Tancred today: together we can create your dream space.  Phone 07 3491 6400 or 0419 428 628


Appointment / Unique Creative Process   We have a range of further information about our customised art available.



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