Unique Artworks and Wall Murals customised to your decor

Your one of a kind, original artwork or wall mural will express your personality and unique style or brand!

When you book Customised Artwork Specialist Sharron Tancred’s Art and Decor Planning Session, you will get a DIY decor plan inspired by your artwork. We create a plan that will you save time and money.

It’s all about fixing your problem space. TV Walls, Art Niches, oversized or oddly proportioned walls are problem areas that present everyday dilemmas. Unlike other art and decor consultants, we measure your canvas to fit at your location and choose colours and styling based on what exists in your space.

You can’t buy a Tancred in a gallery, online or as a print. You have to open up and inspire Sharron.  Sharron believes that there are enough mass-produced artworks in the world so you can only commission a Tancred original. Sharron also doesn’t believe in art competitions, but rather, that the market is the competition.

Sharron wants her artwork to become your heirloom and to enter a loving home where it won’t be discarded, like a mass produced print, or an artwork of lesser meaning would be time.  It’s about Art that you love and matches your lounge! And why not!  You will always love your artwork and never tire of it because it is all about you. Your artwork will always fit your decor and look great even if you move because it’s custom designed to match your furniture and accessories. Relevance creates value.

How to create Wow! Factor.  Your walls, being highly visible from around your room, are the perfect platform to unite all of your colours and architectural lines and confirm your style and theme. The result is an uncluttered and streamlined space with a stunning focal point! Wow.  If you are building, renovating or decorating, having your artwork designed first, yes first, at your Art and Decor Planning Session, will fix any spatial problems such as cathedral ceilings, furniture placement, art niches and TV Walls, etc. It’s art designed to enhance and inspire your new décor immediately. Yes! Starting with art is smart.

We believe in education and experiences like:  You can help Sharron paint your mural and save money. Artworks created for you in our studio come with presentations notes that explain art as it progresses.  In a Private Art Workshop, you will learn how to paint and experience what it’s like to be a professional artist, in just one day. 

Art and Decor Consultants- Tailored Artworks collaborates with select Brisbane and Gold Coast interior designer decorators. You inspire us, and we inspire one another which saves you having to brief multiple suppliers.  Imagine your interior design, kitchen, bathroom, hard finishes, soft furnishings and personalised artwork all harmonised to reflect your individual style and personality. Your dream space and an easier project management process.

Tailored Artworks 2 hour Art and Decor Planning Sessions.  Sharron will spend time getting to know you and evaluate your space.  From her conversation with you, mind mapping draws out your story as a thumbnail and creates the idea behind customise artwork. Sharron will teach you about art, colour, and décor while designing your piece, and give you décor tips to improve its surrounds or take them throughout your space. You may also receive a free colour wheel and lesson!

Your sessions’ quote-   You can suggest a budget and choose the services you need.  Your fully itemised quotation will include shop bought or customised canvases, frames from our preferred range, design, painting, presentation time, paints and special effects, freight, professional hanging and interior designer briefs.

Your artwork is guaranteed to match and be loved, or we will amend it at no extra cost to you.  During your artwork or wall mural’s creation, you will see your artwork progress, on its wall, in whole, and in detail, at up to 5 stages ensuring that we deliver artwork that you love, guaranteed.  Every unique artwork and hand painted wall mural that we create with you are Art for the Heart and from the Heart.  Why not book your Art and Decor Planning Session today for anywhere in the next six months and have a plan to get a plan!  Art and Decor Planning Sessions

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