The ultimate gloss finish!



Glass Coating is a 2 pack resin which adds an incredibly high gloss finish and thick protective coating to canvas artworks. Discover this exclusive service available from Tailored Artworks.

After carefull preparation the effect is like seeing your art through ultra gloss, crystal clear water. It is absolutely to die for!  The resin reflects light within its depths creating a smoother and richer artwork. It makes textures imbued with irridescence and white paint especially, look like they are made of marble... a Tailored Artworks' favourite! Glass Coat which is poured on, further enhances the look of a hand made artwork with natural imperfections.  View the picture player to see a few side by side before and after results. We have perfected our technique enough to have Glass Coated the largest possible custom made canvas size of 2.45m x 2.08m!

Glass Coating is suitable for:

  • Sports/modern art
  • Collages: it can be pored overall or dribbled
  • Old artworks - see them come alive!
  • Suitable fashion, cars, animal, abstract, oriental and action scenes
  • Artworks for children's spaces

 How long does it last and how do you clean it?

  • Glass Coat will last the life of the canvas
  • It does not yellow unless placed in a sunlit situation
  • You can clean your artwork with a soft rag and Windex/Methylated Spirits

How long does it take?

  • Our quotes on completely covered artworks allow up to 3 coats at a coat per day
  • Glass Coating takes approximately 1 - 5 days

How do I get my artwork Glass Coated?

  • Just phone us on 07 3491 6400