It's no problem thanks to Glass Coating!



Why have art in your wet area or kitchen?  Because they have walls too!  Think of all the money you spend perfecting these spaces.  Kitchens and bathrooms are one of the main reasons why people won't buy a home ... so decorating it to it's best advantage is smart, but, you can't hang just any art.  Art for kitchens and wet areas has to be protected from heat, grease and moisture.  So, we Glass Coat them.

Our Guarantee and Unique Creative Process








Nude Portrait of Kate Fischer

Client brief - In preparation for selling his Clayfield home, Rob wanted something glamorous for his bathroom.  Preferring nudes, his brief was to create a nude portrait of a young Kate Fischer and incorporate her into a scene that his young daughter wouldn't gape at.  Easy!

Our strategy - At stylist Sharron Tancred's inspiration always comes from her client and the decor. Sharron suggested the figure amongst a stony river bed and pine forest backdrop for freshness and increased spatial depth, rendered in charcoal on canvas and Glass Coated for protection and gloss effect.   

The outcome - Rob adores his portrait and later commissioned "True Love." 






Garden of Earthly Delights

Client brief - Helen's newly renovated kitchen had a problem void above the cook top; she asked Sharron to help her fix the space with something modern and simple that would bring the open plan living room's colours into the kitchen. 

Our strategy - Artworks for kitchens must be Glass Coated for protection, but the advantage is, it makes any artwork's white and irridescent paint look like a classy marble finish! Custom made to the bench's width the canvas's squiggely design compliments the floral arrangements.  The marble effect and the squiggles... seriously nice.

The outcome - Helen, her friends and family all love her art which she feels very emotionally attached to... having helped design it herself!