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Unique portraits with style!  You can commission a portrait at appointment or online to commemorate the cherished places and people in your life. Sharron can give your portrait a theme, match your style and taste and make it better than a photo.  

Call Sharron to discuss:


  1. Size, budget, quality, style, framing, delivery details, etc.

  2. Email us a good quality photo/photos. 

  3. We'll email you a quote.

  4. Pay your deposit via EFT and we'll provide a timeline.

  5. You'll receive digital proofs for approval.

  6. Upon your final approval, pay the residual and we ship your artwork. Easy!

Call 07 3491 6400 or email sharron@tailoredartworks.com.au
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House Portraits

Our homes are precious to us: they house our memories, shelter us and are labours of love. Art has the ability to portray perfect ideals ... sky, lighting, gardens in bloom, the gate open just so ...
If you would love your home painted as an heirloom, in a style to suit your decor, contact Sharron for a friendly chat!





Family Portraits

Sharron's happy to take your photo for you at appointment or arrange for our photographer to professionally photograph your family.  You can also purchase a CD of the photos taken for the occasion.  We will choose the best image for the painting, attain your approval and transform it into a real painted family portrait in any style.

How about Japense style and textured, bright and brushy; Glass Coated charcoal on canvas, or a traditional oil? Your family portrait can have metallic effects for added glamour.  You can even have a fun semi-abstract style family portrait as seen in Residential Artworks.

Whatever the choice, it will have all the love and attention to detail that we know you will expect.

Portrait prices vary greatly depending on what you want. We will work to your budget and give you results guaranteed to match your space and be loved.  Call us today to chat about it.




Children's Portraits

One of the things we love to do is to add energy to children's portraits - they are energetic! Your child's portrait, be it a baby, toddler, child or teenager can match your decor and be any size that suits your space. Like all our artworks, we can also arrange framing.

Added fun like having their name, favourite toy or clothing makes their portrait special.  For artwork that goes further than just a portrait, see our 'Kids Fantasy Portraits' on our 'Art for Kids Spaces' page and see how a piece of art can encourage their ambitions, or treasure memories.

Whatever your choice, it can be done!




Elderly Portraits

Grandparents and your lost loved ones are painted lovingly using Colour Psychology for a feeling of optimism and presence ... colour can do this and colour can bring joy and positive feelings to your life in a way we often find hard to comprehend.  When we design an artwork for you that uses Colour Psychology, we'll explain this to you and make sure you agree.

Of the commissions we have painted of lost loved ones, all have been received with tears of joy.  These aren't austere portraits of elderly people, they're warm, heartfelt representations designed to evoke powerful and happy emotions for you.  Just tell us about the person and what they loved doing and we'll create a portrait of your loved one that you'll recognise and feel at home with.




Pet/Animal Portraits

Just like our family, pet/animal portraits are created to enhance your space.  They can also involve the use of Colour Psychology if you want a certain feeling.  Our pet/animal portraits are a fabulous work of art in their own right.

Animals are a wonderful source of inspiration to an artist - rich textures, colours, patterns and sweet expressions, providing an opportunityfor a gorgeous backdrop to help create relevance and mood.  Why not include lush imagery and colours around your pet's portrait; it then becomes a true work of art and become an heirloom for your family.