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Unique portraits that create decor with style!   At Tailored Artworks Pty Ltd, we will create your portrait commissions either from meeting with you at appointment or online.  You can email us an image and photos of your space and we'll create it for you.  Portraits help you to remember the cherished ones in your life; babies, toddlers, teenagers, adults, grandparents and pets.  Enhancing the theme, we match your style and taste so that your original artwork will be better than a photo.  Gift portraits can also be arranged for you which will create an heirloom treasure to be loved always.

Note: Many of our children's portraits were commissioned by Westfield North Lakes for their "Faces of North Lakes" project.

Our portraits online process:


  1. Advise us the size required

  2. Email us a good quality photo/photos 

  3. We'll email you a quote

  4. Pay your deposit via EFT and we'll provide a timeline

  5. You will receive digital proofs for approval

  6. Upon your final approval, pay the residual and we ship your artwork. Easy!







Family Portraits

Tailored Artworks' founder, Sharron Tancred, is happy to take your photo for you or arrange for one of our photographers to come and professionally photograph your family.  You can also purchase a CD of the photos taken for the occasion.  We will choose the best image for the painting, attain your approval and then transform it into a real painted family portrait. Using our 'Unique Creative Process', we guarantee you will love your artwork and that you will be proud to hand it down through the generations.

Your family portrait can be in any style!  How about bright and brushy, or charcoal on canvas that is then Glass Coated for a really stunning effect. Your family portrait can have metallic effects in it for extra bling that reflects light and adds glamour or, we can create it as a richly textured oil painting where you can see thick individual brush strokes, like a Van Gogh!  You can even have a more abstracted style family portrait which adds a lot of fun, warmth and style to your space.

Whatever the choice, we will assist you and then create your family portrait with all the love and attention to detail that we know you will expect.

Portrait prices vary depending on Oil, Acrylic, Pastel, or Charcoal medium, the number of faces and/or bodies, the size and style, whether canvas or paper is used and how long it will take us to paint. We will work to your budget and give you results guaranteed to match your space and be loved.  Call us today to chat about it.





Children's Portraits

One of the things we love to do is to add a feeling of energy to children's portraits, after all they are energetic! Your child's portrait, be it a baby, toddler, child or teenager can match your decor and be any size that suits your space. Like all our artworks, we can also arrange framing, even for deep edge canvases.

As a special treat, we have found that children love having their name incorporated into the artwork.  Why not include your child's favourite toy, or wearing their favourite clothing.  For artwork that goes further than just a portrait, see our 'Kids Fantasy Portraits' on our 'Art for Kids Spaces' page and see how a piece of art can encourage their ambitions, be filled with memories and/or re-create a specific scene.

Whatever your choice, we are specialists and guarantee you will love your treasure.





Elderly Portraits

Grandparents and your lost loved ones are painted lovingly using Colour Psychology for a feeling of optimism and hope or the feeling that they are still present and communicating to you ... colour can do this and colour can bring joy and positive feelings to your life in a way we often find hard to comprehend.  When we design an artwork for you that uses Colour Psychology, we'll explain this to you and make sure you agree.

Of the commissions we have painted of lost loved ones, all have been received with tears of joy.  These aren't austere portraits of elderly people, they're warm, heartfelt representations designed to evoke powerful and happy emotions for you.  Just tell us about the person and what they loved doing and we'll create a portrait of your loved one that you'll recognise and feel at home with.




Pet/Animal Portraits

Just like our family, children or portraits of elderly loved ones, our pet/animal portraits are created to enhance your space.  They can also involve the use of Colour Psychology if you want a certain feeling achieved from the artwork.  Our pet/animal portraits are a fabulous work of art in their own right as you will see from our varied images.

Animals are a wonderful source of inspiration to an artist with their rich textures, colours, patterns and sweet expressions.  They provide an opportunity to ensconce the animal in flora and a gorgeous backdrop that will help create a space of emotional relevance and mood.  Why not include lush imagery and colours around your pet's portrait; it then becomes a true work of art that in turn becomes an heirloom for your family.  We can paint your pet/animal portrait on walls, custom built canvas or paper. They can be in charcoal or metallic silver, an oil painting in an impressionist style or full of texture in the Van Gogh look.

We have included the paintings and their final setting in our applet so you can see the dramatic effects we can create with Tailored Art and an animal theme.