Your child's genius is their masterpiece



From 18 months old: Just like our private adult workshops, we offer exciting art experiences for chidren. We work with children as young as 18 months old as this is when they can best start to follow instructions and be engrossed for hours in our specially developed children's creative process. We use professional paints on gallery quality canvas and can create templates so your child produces stunning results to be loved for a lifetime.

School aged children: Older children who are serious about art can express themselves in a way that is unacceptable or simply not achievable at school and/or external art classes ie throwing paint like Jackson Pollock.

For parents, displaying their child's gallery quality artwork in their home or office can embued great feelings of pride, though nothing surpasses the child's own pride.







'Life's A Circus!'

The brief: Tammy and Ian are both police officers; busy lives made busier by their 3 gregarious girls, Grace 12 and twins Lauren and Victoria 10. The family buys, renovates and sells homes to make a profit, so with their busy lives and the girls’ auditory processing syndromes, it seemed appropriate to call their artwork ‘Life’s a Circus!’. Tammy wanted an artwork painted by the girls with Sharron, which reflected their life – something colourful that would work in any neutral environment.

The strategy: The words on Sharron’s mind mapping list - ballet, music, spectral colours, Kandinsky, Banjo (White Welsh Mountain Pony), Atticus (poodle), Prince Charming (Lauren’s almost-strangled, over-cuddled cat), Victoria’s handstands, Grace’s tutu – formed the picture in Sharron’s mind of the final artwork. The rest was simply designing to suit a square format and the decor. Et Voila!

The results: What a massive day, but 3 little girls who truly enjoyed themselves and gave their all to their masterpiece, which was not an easy undertaking. Well done Grace, Lauren and Victoria!





Client brief – 8 year old Phoebe lives a magical life secluded within the clouds and trees of Mt Nebo. As Phoebe is home schooled, her family look for enriching experiences that are relevant to her education – like a Private Children’s Workshop with Sharron Tancred!  Her mother and grandfather’s brief was to create a starting point from which to add vibrant colours throughout, tell a story all about home, and one that would last the generations. 

Our strategy – Sharron designed an aerial scene composed of layers: from Mt Nebo’s colourful birdlife, to clouds touched by the afternoon light, to Phoebe’s favourite hillside where her family play, toboggan, water the lawn, sing and dance.  It’s their own space made magical in the artwork, with Phoebe the hero, like Liberace dashing out a tune on her piano.  Childhood is an orchestration of colours, smells, sounds and memories; a symphony that can only be played once, but captured here forever.

The outcome – “Dear Sharron, We just wanted to say a big thank you for such a fantastic day.  Phoebe had a wonderful time and learnt so much! I also had a very relaxing and enjoyable day by your pool!  Thank you for making Phoebe and I feel so welcome in your studio and for the delicious morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.  Till next time, Marita, Lyod and Gary”





' My Dreamtime'

Client brief – Life’s funny at times isn’t it.  Sharron called a client interested in a Private Kid’s Workshop but … wrong number. The phone was answered by Dr Houston, who asked questions and, lo and behold, decided to book an appointment and ensuing workshop with Sharron for his own kids!  Anthony advised they’d be moving and that he’d like something simple and elegant, and about all of them, and that could be split up when his girls left home.

Our strategy – Sharron advised that 8 x 40 cm square canvases of varying compositions could be hung and would allow for later separation.  During the appointment’s discussion and lovely cup of tea with father and girls, aged 6 and 10, Sharron listed activities and objects for her mind mapping technique and then designed a dreamy, Chagall-like series with different themes: travel, snow, tulips, music, ice cream, etc.  Sharron researched the varying images and sent these to the girls for practice for drawing them after painting lovely cloud backgrounds.  Once completed, powder iridescence, a favourite medium of Sharron’s, was splattered like sunlight here and there for further whimsy and interest.

The outcome – From a wrong number, this private children’s workshop was a treat for Anthony’s girls.  ‘The paintings are great. The girls will certainly remember the experience,’ said Dr Houston.






'My Super Duper Fab Art'

Client brief - Colleen, who had already commissioned Life Is Rich and enjoyed the experience so much, decided her son Aemon, who was soon to turn 12, should enjoy a private children's art workshop too, our fabulous Little Pro session!

Our Ssrategy - In discussing with Aemon what he would like to paint and keeping in mind his room decor, Aemon was quite adamant that he wanted to learn how to do splats and go wild. Fair enough! Colleen made mention of Aemon's cartoon drawings (as seen in the slides) and Sharron suggested a merger of splatty background and then see what story could unfold so that Aemon could incorporate his cartoons.

The outcome - It was a great day at the studio. Aemon did go wild and even scored himself a very special splatter professional artist's tool of his very own. We adore this artwork! Our workshops are specifcally designed for all those kids who want to experience this and feel they can't do it in an art class - give Tailored Artworks a call, we are more than happy to oblige!