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Unique hand painted, personalised wall murals:    Hand painted wall murals painted by art stylist Sharron Tancred are tailored to your architecture and home's style to add value and point of difference to your home.  Your approved design is projected onto your wall, drafted in charcoal, painted with Resene, sealed with a protective, no VOC (harmful fumes) sealant and voila, a selling feature!  

We limit our wall murals to 'safe height' interior or exterior walls. For more hand painted wall murals, see Corporate wall murals.

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'David’s Hideaway'

The brief-  David, a builder from Murrumba Downs with 167 houses on the go, wanted his pool / media / games room to transform into a 1950’s Noosa-cum-Hawaii inspired space where he could picture himself surfing at the beach.

Our strategy - To Sharron, this space was about positioning the furniture under and inside a cabana structure where David could look out to a soothing beachscape. This concept has created depth and the illusion of a larger space. Whilst glamour is achieved via metallic paints, the depth of the sand bank for the TV wall’s ‘Pandanas Mural’ has embedded and de-emphasised the furniture, creating a cosy, intimate space. A natural colour palette and textures sourced from the space itself have breathed freshness into the room, while painting the mural over the window blinds completes the illusion.

The outcome - ‘Sharron I would like to thank you for the excellent job you have done on my pool room. Right from the outset you were very professional in everything you did and all of your ideas were very good. I would highly recommend Sharron and would have no hesitation in using her custom art service again. Once again thank you for the superb job you have done for me.’  David Roberts, DJ Roberts Construction







'Tree of Life'

Client brief - Decorator Sonja, commissioned a wall mural with us to create a natural theme for her TV room: monochromatic winter tree trunks and twigs reminiscent of a tree top to add a floating feel and pizzaz.

Our strategy -  Sharron created a misty, magical effect by painting with a beautiful, dark metallic silver and texturizing it through sponge work to show the wall beneath.  Sonja helped Sharron in Private Workshop style, to keep the project more affordable and now Sonja has a lovely story to tell her guests!

The outcome -  "Dear Sharron, thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with us.  We will truly enjoy our living space every day, as we admire the masterpiece that your expertise has created for us.  You will be recommended highly in the future to any potential clients!  Many thanks again for your professional and happy service”. Sonja, Albany Creek






'Horse Whispers'

Client brief - Samantha's a busy mother of 4 whose family lives and breathes horses and trotting.  Their Mt Tamborine property is peaceful and spacious, but Sam wanted it gorgeous too! She requested Sharron paint an image she'd found, onto daughter Madison's wall and give her tips for improving the space.

Our strategy - The existing room had posters all over it. Sam showed Sharron pictures of the feminine wrought iron bed she was purchasing and from this Sharron did a complete decor plan for Madison's room including tub chair, rug, lighting change and linen! After concentrating on the wall murals design Sharron taught Sam the colour wheel and added her decor colours to it - when you become our client, this is free!  Painted in Resene Blast Grey Metallic, so it shimmers when light hits it and, being a neutral tone, will match any decor the room changes to. It will never date and, given the content was horses, will always be relevant to the home's location.

The outcome -  Madison came home that day to a big surprise having had no idea what her mum had planned, and, being a very horse loving girl, totally adored her new space.  Happy to help Sam!