Art inspired renovations for minimalist decors that
look and feel complete!


Looking for artwork inspiration for your Residential, Corporate or Aged Care Renovation?  Think outside the box!

At Tailored Artworks (for hand-painted) and The Mural Shop (for custom printed) we are hands-on Art and Decor Consultants who fix, enhance or inspire new builds and decors! You will benefit from a combination of renovation ideas, including products and services to help you theme your spaces indoors and out.

These days, people want to bring the outside in and create a more loving feel. Therefore, all our ideas include Colour Psychology- for added relevance to you. Most people these days also feel stressed and therefore desire low-waste living. So, our mission is to create minimalist decors that feel complete!

Mood Boards with…everything.  Tailored Artworks is the brainchild of artist and interior decorator, Sharron Tancred.  Sharron offers hand-painted murals, designer feature walls, private art commissions and interior decorating. Sharron’s shop, The Mural Shop prints our budget-friendly design finishes. This is also Sharron’s art printed on demand onto tile, glass, metal alloy, films and mosaic!  Combined, Sharron Tancred’s stunning mood boards

Home Renovations Teamwork.  Building or renovating?  Because trends are making homes look the same, Tailored Artworks evolved into a Renovation Team. Surprisingly, the process starts with Sharron and your artwork’s design, after which, Sharron briefs our Building Designer, Interior Designer, Landscape and/or Pool Designer-Builders for you, as needed, with team communications online on Trello Board!

Renovation ideas for indoors and out-  Imagine a Real Art Splashback or a Modern Mosaic as conversation piece features in your kitchen, laundry, spa or pool.  How about a Hand-painted Mural or Design Feature Wall for your oversized TV Wall! A Tile Mural for your bathroom or a Glass Mural for your living or corporate space that will a veil of art as light. One large private art commission alone can correct and refresh an open plan decor!  We even have Private Art Workshop Experiences.  Outdoors, a Moveable Outdoor Mural, visible through your kitchen window or as a focal point in your garden will revitalise your view.

Murals for Aged Care. Brisbane based Tailored Artworks are experts at hand-painted Aged Care and Dementia Murals. Add to this, Australian made Dementia Door Wraps which can be delivered to your door.  Your residents will find wayfinding easier and their stress-relieved at exit doors with our understanding of Eden Philosophy, Colour Psychology, viseo-spatial perception and interactive theming.

Bookings and process.  Every artwork is the creation of Brisbane Artist, Graphic Designer, Colour Psychologist and Interior Decorator, Sharron Tancred. You will have beauty, relevance, low waste living and a warm natural feeling indoors and out, with Tailored Artworks, The Mural Shop and Associates.  Book now.

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“Hi Sharron, on behalf of The Aurora Tower Refurbishment Committee, The Body Corporate Committee and Owners, we would like to thank you for the wonderful corporate artworks you have created for our Foyer”.

Tracie Rodwell-Dunne, The Aurora Tower

“After seeing some of Sharon’’s work at the Brisbane Homeshow my husband and I both felt we must have a piece of her art.The enjoyment of meeting with such a vibrant artist who asked questions about what appealed to us and why we were attracted to her work convinced us that Sharron was the one to create our WOW factor for our home.
Her exquisite colour, passionate energy, committed detailing and a fabulous sense of humour captured us, our home and our darling and sometimes mischievous Dalmations.  We are thrilled with the outcome of our masterpiece “Spot Da Dog” and the ensuing décor it inspired her associate to install.”

Jim and Louise Stock, Clayfield

The Stocks - Home Renovation

Spot The Dog: Art inspired home Renovation

Sharon completed a kitchen real art splashback for us to update our kitchen in the one go. It’s a real show stopper now. We love it!”

Laureen, Eatons Hill

“Dear Sharron, Westfield Shopping centre Management at North Lakes would like to officially thank you for your works in relation to the “Faces of North Lakes”.  Your professionalism throughout the production and passion to complete the task within a tight deadline was greatly appreciated.  The finished product met all expectations and the opening dignitaries had northing but positive comments of the uniqueness of the project and added value to the new stage 2 development.

The result of this initiative has provided Westfield North Lakes with a special “point of difference” and community talking point.  The wall continues to provide a meeting point where parents can view the gallery and offers a conversational point as the kids involved in the portraits, grow up with the centre.  We look forward to working with you again at Westfield North Lakes.”

Mandy Poynton, Westfield Shopping Centre Manager, North Lakes

Westfield North Lakes - Corporate Art Installation

Faces of North Lakes

“A great service that really hits the nail on the head when it comes to detail!  We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the total facelift Sharron has given our once dull home décor. A great home renovation for our young family.”

Chloe, Cosmetic Home Renovation Client, Griffin

”Í could write an epic novel, not just a few short lines, to convey how much your gift as an artist, your professionalism and understanding of Corporate Entities have meant to us.  It was such a huge leap of faith and trust for us, and you have delivered the results on time, every time.  Thank you will never seem enough!

If you are searching for the “perfect piece of art” to compliment your Boardroom/Corporate Environment, then look no further than Sharron Tancred.  From our own experience, there is nothing else that will compare to owning a commissioned piece of Corporate Art, by Sharron, to truly reflect your Corporate Branding, Corporate Values,  Decor.  Whatever it is that you want to convey.

Sharron is skilled, as an artist, but more importantly, as an excellent communicator.  She is able to ask the right questions and listen to you. She encourages and enables you to communicate the message that you want to express with your Art.  Effectively, Sharron will tap into your Corporate Heart and Soul and translate it onto canvas for you.  We are all delighted and extremely proud of the three exquisite pieces of Art that Sharron has created to express all of this and so much more for our business!  We are advocates, not clients, and you will be too.”

Ellerfield Accounting, Mt Gravatt

Ellerfield Accounting - Corporate Artworks

Ellerfield Boardroom and Foyer Art

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