Update your Decor with a Unique Mural and Artwork Commission

Personalised custom made original artworks, murals and Built-in Art Assets designed to impress!

Building, renovating or decorating?  Discover how personalised art, murals and Built-in Art Assets can fix, enhance or inspire your new decor.

>> Innovative and meaningful art ideas

Tailored Artworks creates personalised designer art that updates and unites your existing decor to create that “WOW” factor, saving you the expense of fully redecorating. We work with you to design an art commission that expresses your style and unites the interior design elements in your space. We have easy renovation ideas for your kitchen, bathroom, living and outdoor areas, and even your pool!

>> Wall art, Splashbacks, Mosaics, Murals, Private Workshops and Haymes Artisan Feature walls!

Your residential wall art or corporate artwork, wall muralMoveable Outdoor Wall Art, portrait, Art into Mosaic or Real Art Kitchen Splashback is specifically designed to your decor using the rules of interior design so that your art fixes, enhances and inspires it. Soon, we’ll launch our new Haymes Artisan Paints range of feature walls that will unite our other art features and complete your space.

Tailored Artworks Splashbacks and Mosaics are HIA | QBCC Legislations Complaint and all art installations are guaranteed to match your space and be loved or we will amend it at no extra cost to you. Your small or large wall art commission on canvas can be in any style you love, framed to unite your timber and metallic accents delivered and professionally hung. Want an art experience? Don’t miss our Private Adult or Kids’ Art Workshops!

>> Why starting with art is smart planning

Sourcing the right artwork to fit your completed decor is difficult because the size, proportion, style, theme, texture, colour, pattern, price, and emotional connection must be right! When you begin with large art as the beautiful and meaningful focal point of your space, styling becomes easier, and when your wall artwork is relevant to you, and colour psychology heightens the emotional engagement, you will feel at one with your space.

>> It’s your enviable conversation piece

Tailored Artworks helps to create a true connection between who you are as an individual, family, or business, and your environment. It’s a spectacularly unique artwork and decor solution that serves as both a conversation piece and the expression of your personal style, decor, architecture and landscaping to create a holistic feel.

>> Our sessions: We create while you learn and get a plan!

3 sessions are available, an ‘Art and Decor Planning Session’, ‘Long Way Away Phone Call Briefing’, or a ‘Reorganise my Home Decor to Wow Day’ where Sharron can physically rearrange your decor!  2 hour Art and Decor Planning Sessions are free and include your artwork design, decor lessons, DIY decor tips, a colour wheel and lesson, all to help you achieve an understanding of your style, and get a plan for the rest of your decor.  Need new furniture and accessories?  Based on your artwork design and decor plan, Customised Artwork Specialist and Decorator Sharron Tancred can then brief one of our award-winning Interior Designer Decorators for you. We collaborate to quickly, and easily, harmonise your Art with Interior Design as one vision.

>> Gallery quality art, shipped anywhere and priced without any middleman markups

Sharron Tancred’s unique large art and wall mural commissions are gallery quality but affordable. We believe everyone should be able to afford large art and realise the value of Sharron’s unique wall art with our transparent quoting system. You can have custom-made Australian artworks and wall murals designed to last, become the point of difference for your home, treasured heirlooms for your family, excellent representations of your business and match your furniture and accessories, so they look great even when you move.

Enjoy our ideas, easy processes, and art stories with the gallery or call Sharron Tancred today for a friendly chat to explain it all.

>> “The Gift” – About Sharron Tancred

Sharron Tancred is an artist and decorative entrepreneur who translates people and their spaces into art, creating beautiful decorative themes, a sense of completeness and increased property value. Sharron also helps businesses and aged-care facilities with highly-specific problem-solving of spaces, branding and expression. Sharron is just one of the ten percent of people with “The Gift” dyslexia. It has been suggested that the minds of people with dyslexia work similarly to the minds of geniuses, and that many famous people with dyslexia were actually geniuses because of it, not despite it. Through her work, you can access Sharron’s gift for thinking outside of the box to interpret your personality into art. Sharron’s visualisation techniques work to improve problematic spaces by designing art and passionately blending it with existing interior décor to deliver the vision!

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