We are Art and Decor Consultants and Mural Artists doing customised artwork, hand-painted feature walls and custom-printed art finishes for DIYer, Interior Designer and Aged Care well-being and point of difference.

Customised artwork and designer art finishes by artists who decorate. You will no longer live in a space without a sense of well-being or point of difference.

As Art and Decor Consultants, we help ResidentialCorporate and Aged Care clients seeking unique, personalised products and services including Customised Artwork | Designer Art | Brisbane Feature Walls |Brisbane Art Commissions| Corporate Art and Custom-printed Art Finishes.  Add it all up and you get artists who decorate doing Cosmetic Home Renovations

Tailored Artworks & The Mural Shop cater to clients who desire bespoke Interior Decorating and Design.  Why have the usual when you can have hand-painted feature walls and creative home theming and decoration.  Additionally, our mood boards create a cohesive, meaningful vision from the outset, to create your sense of wellbeing in the home.

For instance, blends of lush textures from the Haymes Artisan Collection as designer feature walls with exotic mural overlays. Beautifully framed Brisbane art commissions of any size and style will interrelate with your existing timber and metallic accents. For your indoor or outdoor kitchen or bathroom, consider a superb Real Art Splashback with iridescent and metallic textures to enrich your space and become your exciting conversation piece.   

We achieve results fast given our unique resources via our online shop, The Mural Shop. Discover our stunning range of print-on-demand, Australian Made and Owned designer feature wall products and services to uplift indoors and out. Including splashback, tile, glass, ceiling, outdoor, mosaic and available very soon, wallpaper art murals! Our high-quality design finishes are unique to The Mural Shop by Tailored Artworks, featuring the artworks of Sharron Tancred. 

Visit our build and design team page. We offer the additional talents of Michelle Garwood, our Interior Designer-Decorator on-call, builders, a specialist mortgage broker and more. If you are building, renovating or decorating, then create your point of difference from art.  Build it in. Paint it on or hang it with Tailored Artworks & The Mural Shop. 





1. Art and Decor Planning Sessions
Book a two-hour on-site briefing with artist Sharron Tancred.  Additional professionals we can invite for a more extended design session are Designer-Decorator Michelle Garwood and/or the Builder you need.  Our goal at this stage is to create the end vision, quote the project as much as possible and book dates, so you have a plan.


2. Mood Boards
We will create an online Trello Board, with cards for each space, facilitating more accessible group communication.  Enhancing this experience is our Designer-Decorator, Michelle Garwood, who will select your furniture and accessories to improve our vision’s theme. Now your future shopping experiences will be more effortless anywhere, anytime! Access your board’s images and information on your digital device! Indeed, as you find little things on your travels, check your Trello Board to see if it will match.


3. Installation
Tailored Artworks artists who decorate, Sharron Tancred and Rosanna Bird will install your Designer Feature Walls and hand-paint your customised artwork.  The Mural Shop’s design finishes are installed professionally by our signage installers, Australia wide. Michelle Garwood, our Interior Designer-Decorator, will co-manage any builds with your chosen Builder for their QBCC Insurance purposes. Available to you are our other professional associations, including art hanging, landscape, pool and building design services and, soon, cleaning.


4. Guarantees
Tailored Artworks are guaranteed to match your space and be loved, or we will amend them at no extra cost to you. We are proud members of the HIA (Housing Industry Association), WIDAC (Women in Design and Construction) and IDA (Interior Designers Association).  The Mural Shop’s range of luxury design finishes is QBCC Legislations Compliant and offers complimentary delivery and editing services with a Supplier Warranty per product.  Our associates are all rightfully insured as per their industry requirements.


At Tailored Artworks (for hand-painted) and The Mural Shop (for custom printed), you can buy large art direct in Australia with art and decor consulting designed to fix, enhance or inspire new builds and decors. Hiring Brisbane home renovation artists means you will benefit from any combination of customised artwork, feature wall art products, custom wall murals and interior decorating services to beautifully theme your spaces indoors and out.


Latest Editorials

Hunting for George. Interview with Sharron Tancred

Hunting for George. Interview with Sharron Tancred

With 14 years of residential and commercial commissions to her name, Sharron Tancred is all about breaking the rules on how we create, buy and use art. Through Tailored Artworks and The Mural Shop, she fosters positive connections between people and spaces nationwide.

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“Hi Sharron, on behalf of The Aurora Tower Refurbishment Committee, The Body Corporate Committee and Owners, we would like to thank you for the wonderful corporate artworks you have created for our Foyer”.
Tracie Rodwell-Dunne, The Aurora Tower

“After seeing some of Sharon’’s work at the Brisbane Homeshow my husband and I both felt we must have a piece of her art.The enjoyment of meeting with such a vibrant artist who asked questions about what appealed to us and why we were attracted to her work convinced us that Sharron was the one to create our WOW factor for our home.
Her exquisite colour, passionate energy, committed detailing and a fabulous sense of humour captured us, our home and our darling and sometimes mischievous Dalmations.  We are thrilled with the outcome of our masterpiece “Spot Da Dog” and the ensuing décor it inspired her associate to install.”

Jim and Louise Stock, Clayfield

The Stocks - Home Renovation

Spot The Dog: Art inspired home Renovation

Sharon completed a kitchen real art splashback for us to update our kitchen in the one go. It’s a real show stopper now. We love it!”
Laureen, Eatons Hill

“Dear Sharron, Westfield Shopping centre Management at North Lakes would like to officially thank you for your works in relation to the “Faces of North Lakes”.  Your professionalism throughout the production and passion to complete the task within a tight deadline was greatly appreciated.  The finished product met all expectations and the opening dignitaries had northing but positive comments of the uniqueness of the project and added value to the new stage 2 development.

The result of this initiative has provided Westfield North Lakes with a special “point of difference” and community talking point.  The wall continues to provide a meeting point where parents can view the gallery and offers a conversational point as the kids involved in the portraits, grow up with the centre.  We look forward to working with you again at Westfield North Lakes.”

Mandy Poynton, Westfield Shopping Centre Manager, North Lakes

Westfield North Lakes - Corporate Art Installation

Faces of North Lakes

“A great service that really hits the nail on the head when it comes to detail!  We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the total facelift Sharron has given our once dull home décor. A great home renovation for our young family.”
Chloe, Cosmetic Home Renovation Client, Griffin

”Í could write an epic novel, not just a few short lines, to convey how much your gift as an artist, your professionalism and understanding of Corporate Entities have meant to us.  It was such a huge leap of faith and trust for us, and you have delivered the results on time, every time.  Thank you will never seem enough!

If you are searching for the “perfect piece of art” to compliment your Boardroom/Corporate Environment, then look no further than Sharron Tancred.  From our own experience, there is nothing else that will compare to owning a commissioned piece of Corporate Art, by Sharron, to truly reflect your Corporate Branding, Corporate Values,  Decor.  Whatever it is that you want to convey.

Sharron is skilled, as an artist, but more importantly, as an excellent communicator.  She is able to ask the right questions and listen to you. She encourages and enables you to communicate the message that you want to express with your Art.  Effectively, Sharron will tap into your Corporate Heart and Soul and translate it onto canvas for you.  We are all delighted and extremely proud of the three exquisite pieces of Art that Sharron has created to express all of this and so much more for our business!  We are advocates, not clients, and you will be too.”

Ellerfield Accounting, Mt Gravatt

Ellerfield Accounting - Corporate Artworks

Ellerfield Boardroom and Foyer Art

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