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>> Why commission a unique mural or artworks?

Life is easier for you when you can update your existing corporate or residential decor with just a hand painted mural or art commission designed to simply fix, enhance or inspire it. When one artwork unites your entire decor, then you can make any of the DIY improvements artist and decorator Sharron Tancred will give you.

>> What most people do

Most people don’t know what they want until they see it. They’ll buy an artwork from a gallery, an online art commission service, or a print shop thinking it will look great, but either find it a difficult process or frustrating and unsatisfying. Choosing the right artwork is hard because getting art to create a stunning gem of space, requires not only a beautiful artwork but a deeper understanding of interior decorating and incorporating those laws, into your art. Look throughout our art stories to see all the before and afters to fully realise how great, and meaninful your space can become!

>> Let’s impress!

Maybe your wall mural will solve a problem for your Aged Care and Dementia Facility Exit, or add value to your home as an amazing TV Wall mural. Your artwork may welcome friends into your lounge, or impress your neighbours when they see your entry’s art niche – that used to drive you nuts. Our new Real Art Kitchen Splashbacks will create amazing atmospheres and talking points while adding value to your home. If you are an Interior Designer, sahow your client how tailored art will create relevance for them. Or, if you want your whole house themed, then you can save money buying multiple artworks and murals with us!

>> Guaranteed results

We guarantee your artwork will match and be loved, or we will amend it at no extra cost to you. Sharron Tancred creates your gallery quality artwork or mural to last, and to become a treasured heirloom for your family or encapsulate your business and match your furniture and accessories, so it looks great, even if you move.

>> Why art is an important part of your plan.

Because your walls are vertical and highly visible from around your room, they are the perfect platform to unite all of your space within your one focal point: art. Your artworks job is to unite all of your colours, lines, textures and patterns and confirm your style and theme through its image and technique. Getting the art right will do the trick, but when you also receive our décor lessons and tips you learn and suddenly your own improvements turn your dull failure into your cohesive, peaceful and meaningful haven. Join our e-newsletter and catch one of Sharron’s talks at Brisbane Home Show or the Build and Design Center.

>> How you feel about your space is important!

Imagine how wonderful you will feel when your artwork or mural tells your story. Your art is your golden opportunity to see your favourite holiday places every day, encourage your child’s ambitions through visualisation, express your brand’s benefits to clients and staff or, craeye true Wow! factor with a Real Art Kitchen Splashback or, proudly sign your name to your masterpiece in one of our Private Kids or Adult Art Workshops.

>> Expressing You

Whatever you need, having art that is meaningful and creates your dream space, far exceeds hanging any old ready made thing and feeling unsatisfied. Sharron and the interior designers can even use Colour Psychology to accurately personalise your home or business, to engage the emotions and feel that little bit more – YOU. Suddenly, your space will resonate with you, and you will feel complete and so excited to invite people in!

>> Don’t want to DIY?

We are Art and Decor Consultants! Tailored Artworks collaborates with selected interior designer – decorators. You inspire us, and we inspire one another, saving you the need to complicate your project briefing multiple suppliers which can add to the confusion to your build, renovation or interior decorating project. Imagine your interior design, kitchen, bathroom, hard finishes, soft furnishings, and personalised artwork, all harmonised to reflect your individual style and personality. We create your dream space! Call 07 3491 6400 for more.

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