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About Sharron Tancred – Mural Artist, Custom Artwork Specialist, Inventor and Entrepreneur

“It’s art for the heart and from the heart” Sharron Tancred, 2006

Sharron Tancred’s Story

Hello and thank you so very much for visiting! My name is Sharron Tancred, I am a Brisbane artist and this is my story.

Completing your home, to be all it can be, and I mean, beautiful, meaningful and of value is one of the hardest tasks to do.  In decorating, it is the beautiful and meaningful bit that is the hardest, not the shopping, buying or lugging it all home, but the recipe to get it right. My story started with a revolt against irrelevant art and mass-produced prints onto a journey into interior decorating and cosmetic home renovations with Tailored Artworks and The Mural Shop.

Which brings me to be honest with you. I am going to open up on why I do what I do. Why I don’t make my life easier and just paint whatever is in my head for the galleries like every other artist out there!

Let me delve deep here. I promise not to bore you!


About Sharron Tancred - Tailored Artworks - Home & wall decor Brisbane

Sharron Tancred’s early career

For 23 years, I was a Graphic Designer and Illustrator in Brisbane and in London too, in Ad agencies, design studios and as a freelancer. My last boss, Carlo Marchese, allowed me to create collages for clients and charity auctions which was enormous fun and gratifying because he believed in my talent. Anyway, after 23 years of graphics, I got bored. Bored! I began to search for something else to expand my skills.

The birth of Tailored Artworks.  At the suggestion of my friend Tracie Rodwell Dunne owner of The Beaumont School of Interior Design suggested I studied her Interior Decorating and Colour Psychology courses to learn how to create custom art for Interior Designers as an artist who decorates.

This was the answer and NOT because I was bored. 

Meaning. I have always thought that art was sometimes more for the artist than and decorator than for the viewer. I wondered often, wouldn’t it be great for homeowners if they could relate to beautiful art, not sad art, and make it fit for their own lives and decors. I thought, what if that art and colour psychology could enhance our home and what if, it inspired the decor, so their whole world was built around their artwork!


Art to Make Your Heart Sing

 The idea behind creating art that would make mine, let alone my client’s hearts sing, made enormous sense to me. 

Love it or match it? The other thing I couldn’t stand was seeing people live in embarrassingly unordered spaces when all it took was a bit of education and some effort. 

All the galleries and art critics advise that you should never buy art to match a couch, only art you love. There is a divide out there people! Why would you buy art you love that looks awful in your space or works against it? I always thought, why can’t it be both. Match and be loved?


2006, Building Sharron Tancred’s Tailored Art dream

Experiences. Now, the tailoring of artworks and murals to client decors proved practical, and this led to another BIG idea. I hated the idea of people feeling disconnected from art because they didn’t understand it.

I believe that great art can be created in just one day, especially with an assistant. I also think that everyone deserves a beautiful gallery-quality work of art that expresses their personality. Sure, it’s super-hard work, but we do it! How can people understand art if they never REALLY experience it in real-life situations?

I began offering Art Workshop experiences where clients could sign their masterpiece, love their art, and have it match the blasted couch! 

Then came the designers. I’ve built Tailored Artworks with help from wonderful friends and family who will forever have my gratitude. In March 2015, my interior designer friend Tracie Rodwell Dunne joined me at my Brisbane Home Show and got work! Hear that penny drop! 


Home decor Brisbane expo

2015 The Home Decor Story

The roller coaster ride! At the every Brisbane Home Show, the Interior Designer-Decorators and I worked together to harmonise our Brisbane home decor with art. This is what I had always wanted, and the clients LOVED this natural process. I looked in the mirror and changed my little part of the world. But, the cost of the Brisbane home show kept rising and the number of days reducing: it became too dear.

A new mission.  After 18  Brisbane Home Exhibitions, I paused them to develop new products based on the ideas Brisbane Home Show visitors had provided over the years. As a member of QIDA (Queensland Interior Decorators Association), I joined the HIA (Housing Industry Association) and KBDI (Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute) and Arts Law Australia, to increase my contacts, learning and ensure the right industry advice.


about sharron tancred photo composite 2019 b

2017-2019 The Renovation Ideas Story

Becoming the visionary inventor with Built-in Art Assets. So, those new products, I termed as Built-in Art Assets: Art that stays when you sell and adds beauty, meaning and value to your property. 

The Real Art Kitchen Splashback story.  It took 6 months from September 2017 and 3 glass suppliers to perfect the Real Art Kitchen Splashbacks process. I researched paints, substrates, freight processes and more to ensure our hand-painted splashbacks would be fire, mould, mildew, dust, bug and crack resistant to become QBCC Legislations Compliance. We installed our first one in just 2 hours without a hitch. I felt so proud. 

How about the other ideas too!  While developing the real art splashbacks, I created Art into Mosaics and a new range of hand-painted Custom Murals including Moveable Outdoor Murals around the time I was invited to become an Accredited Applicator for Haymes Paints Artisan range. I felt like it was all coming together.

Then it hit me! An advocate introduced me to a printer who could print texturally. That was interesting: textured printing. I thought fantastic! We can print art, so it looks like art, not flat mass-produced stuff, but real and “wholesome”. Cool. My artist and decorator mind went to work and out came, Tile Murals and Glass Murals for built environments and, home renovations!

Tile Murals and Glass Murals: The final chapter…or so I thought. So, from art, to feature walls, to outdoor murals that could be moved, to contemporary styled mosaic to TV wall murals and now art texture printed, or flat, onto tiles and glass. Instantly, work came in. I was helping folks with their whole house, solving their styling and problem-space issues with art products they could relate to.



Another printer and more art products for renovation ideas!

Christmas time 2018.  Tracie Rodwell Dunne introduces me to another printer with state-of-the-art HP print technology that allows us to print art onto optically clear film for splashbacks, onto acoustic quilted wallpaper for corporate boardrooms and onto matt finish film for Individual Dementia Resident Room Door Wraps. All these products: I decided to create The Mural Shop with one international freight agent to move all the product directly from the supplier to the clients’ door. No warehouse!

One day… I was in a bathroom pondering how dull the tile stripes were and bang: Verticle Tile Feature Strips.  

Another day a building designer calls me wanting to collaborate and bang: the Home Renovation Team developed encompassing the building designer, a building agent, an interior designer and…. a landscape and pool architect. We are now exhibiting at the upcoming March 2020 Brisbane Home Show as one cohesive collaboration, and I am expecting clients to LOVE us!

Now, I had the full design service for Home Renovators in Brisbane and a full online shop for art for the built environment.

And there you have it.

Thanks for listening and please, if you love my work, my theories or have a grumble and think I can do better, don’t be shy! Reach out to me on the phone, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or via email. I love to chat, educate and inspire my clients so please, feel free to call me.
Sharron Tancred – Brisbane  61 7 3491 6400 | 0419 428 628


Sandra Dara and Sharron Tancred - artwork for the home

A few Corporate Clientelle

Work for big companies: Westfield. Aurora Tower. Queensland Thermo King. Stocks Appliances.  

Work for Aged Care Companies: Regis Aged Care. Mckenzie Aged Care. Blue Care. Queensland Health.Spiritus. IRT. BUPA Aged Care. Wesley Mission

Celebrities and politicians: John Hawkins, MP Luke Howarth

Builders: David Roberts Constructions. LK International. Valeco Homes.



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Awards and Achievements

1984 Clayfield College Senior Art Award

1986 BA Illustration (2 Yrs) Queensland College of Art

1987 Diploma Graphic Design (Traditional) & Commercial Art Training Center (CATC) & Gold Award for Illustration & Graphic Design

1996 Diploma Graphic Design (Digital)

2002-04 Silver / Gold Australian Catalogue Awards for Illustration of Grape Liquor Markets Catalogues

2003-05 Artworks sold at Auctions

2006 Certificate Interior Decorating

2006 Highly Commended Award, “the most innovative and emotionally engaging business” Pine Rivers Shire, Small Business Success Story Competition

2007 Certificate Colour Psychology

2008 Nominated, Best New Local Business

2009 Highly Commended Award, Regional Arts and Culture Achievements Award

2009 – Current Exhibitions, Courier Mail, Sunday Mail, Brisbane Home | HIA Expos

2009 – Current – Published in Courier Mail, Sunday Mail, Home Show magazine, Queensland Homes Magazine, North Lakes Messenger, Quest Newspapers

2010 1st prize, retail section, Pine Rivers Quest Business Achiever’s Awards

2010 Nominated, Regional Achievement Awards

2011 Became Professional Member Queensland Interior Designers Association (QIDA)

2012 – Current Public speaking – “How Art Works with the Rules of Interior Design” and other talks for Queensland Homes, Brisbane Home Show, The Build and Design Centre (South Brisbane), Queensland Building Designers Association, TAFE Colleges, Moreton Shire Regional Libraries, Commercial Art Training Centre (CATC), Art Land, Queensland Interior Designers Association (QIDA).

2015 QLD HIA Awards Finalist with New Leaf Design Studios

2015 Professional Affiliations with Interior Designers: Tracie Dunne Interior Design Group, Tarryn Whitaker- Assorted Spaces, Sandra Dara – New Leaf Design Studios, and Paul Coulson – Earthborn by Design.

2017 Nominated Moreton Regional Council Business Awards for Excellence in Customer Service

2018 Member of HIA (Housing Industry Association)

KBDI (Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute

QLD HIA Award Winner Interior Design (supplier) with New Leaf Design Studios

Certificate Accredited Applicator, Haymes Artisan Paints

2019-2020 Not So Freaky University, Online Marketing course

2019 Founded The Mural Shop

2020 Founded Tailored Artworks Academy

2021 Certificate, University of Tasmania WICKING Understanding Dementia

6 week course, Mindvalley Education. Silva Ultramind- problem solving using Altered States


sharron tancred 2019 - home decor brisbane

More About Sharron Tancred

I am a fun-loving mum of two beautiful girls and wife to an air traffic controller supervisor. I live in Brisbane, Australia, on a lake near Moreton Bay.

I love to joke, a glass of wine, a good chinwag with a laugh and being silly with my two girls; one should never be too old to be silly!

I enjoy the beach, sunbaking, gym, the green of a rainforest and gardening: I have a huge garden!  I cook Ketogenic food and love to entertain.   I love my clients and their warm and teary testimonials after a job is delivered, which make it all worthwhile.

When you are working with me, you will find me professional, relaxed, jovial, full of information and art and décor theory lessons to educate and inspire you. Would you love to create a customized artwork or cosmetic home renovation with me?  Let’s do it!

Sharron Tancred – Brisbane  61 7 3491 6400 | 0419 428 628

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