Adult & Elderly Portrait commissions



Adults, grandparents and your lost loved ones are painted lovingly either in a style you like or for a modern take, using Colour Psychology for a feeling of optimism and presence – and colour can do this! Colour can bring joy and positive feelings to your life in a way we often find hard to comprehend. When we design an artwork for you that uses Colour Psychology, we’ll explain this to you and make sure you agree.

The commissions that we have painted of lost loved ones have all been accepted with tears of joy. These aren’t austere portraits of elderly people – unless you want that; they’re mainly warm, heartfelt representations designed to evoke powerful and happy emotions for you. Just tell us about the person and what they loved doing, for instance our portrait of Niel who’s face is blue, who loved the sea and sunsets and is now free and at peace and as one with them. Our portraits, painted by Sharron Tancred are designed to feel and not just look, right to you.

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