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Home Renovations to the grounded natural modern style are versatile in that Natural Modern can update practically any architecture. For instance, the all brick, timber and cathedral ceiling homes of the 1980s. Such was the 1980s Home Renovation at Carseldine for Judy.

Judy’s needs were simple; make it feel larger, keep it neutral, natural, maybe a water theme and keep it different. Add some sparkle, grey and aqua hues!

These days, people believe that open plan design can transform small homes into perceivably larger ones. However, that is not always the case.

A cottage framework, without views to large outdoor spaces once denuded of their internal walls, only serve to show what a small space it is.  Even painted all white!

Instead, leaving some interior wall partitions allows our imaginations to sense more space. Add to this, places to position items and conceal many others! While  Judy was on board with this information; her husband wasn’t. Hence, Judy proceeded to follow the advice provided by Artist and Interior Decorator, Sharron Tancred.

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If you are pondering Natural Modern, use Google images to see its scope. Instantly, Judy loved the look of Haymes Artisan Collection’s Metallic Trace Coarse in Basalt Rock – real iron which you can burnish!

Metal Trace transformed Judy’s internal brick and timber cladding with unifying cross-hatched and burnished effect. To get the right amount of contrast, you need to break up the sea of browns, which then creates focal points and the illusion of space.  Most importantly, you want to guide the eye through areas to create a sense of depth.

Painting 1980s brick and timber walls will save you costs on the lining and painting the entire home.

Instead, use these natural textures to their advantage! Similarly, Haymes Rendercoat, (shown here in White Stone), is ideal for affordable renovations.  Here, we’ve painted a complimentary cross-hatched textural effect, over brick and timber.

Natural Modern style for small homes with cathedral ceilings is best kept Minimalist. An illusion of space comes from a careful orchestration of low furniture and key focal points, like artwork. Here, Judy’s fireplace artwork, a collage, received a limewashed, timber panel frame. Her artwork expressed her wishlist all in the one place. Swarovski Crystals, iridescence, metallics and impasto effects combined into a scene of rainfall and water flow’ over terrain. Artwork is an ideal space within which to add horizontal lines designed to draw the eye down away from a cathedral ceilings’ height. It worked for Judy!
Affordable renovations in the Natural Modern style need soft furnishings, lighting and flooring made from natural materials reimagined into modern looks through metal, glass, fibre, stone, plants and furs, etc. Anything natural that looks modern!
Finally, Sharron’s affordable 1980s Brick and Timber Home Renovation was complete leaving  Judy in tears of happiness. However, her husband got his way. He spent up big. Tearing down the internal walls, cladding and whitewashing them; even hiring an engineer and putting a steel beam in the cathedral ceiling and whitewashing the entire ceiling. As a result, they lost all the contrast.

Once all the furniture went in, Judy expressed how small her space felt, the difficulties placing her items with fewer walls and the overall cluttered effect that she had wanted to escape.

So, if you are looking for brick home renovation ideas, a decorator will work to the rules to interior design, save you costs and give you your desired outcome. But, it takes trust.

Learn more here or download this Free Cheatsheet for more clever ideas for Minimalist Home Renovations!



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