Aged Care and Dementia Murals by Sharron Tancred

Exit Diversion Murals for Dementia, Wayfinding Strategies and Environmental Design that Cares for our Aged

Tailored Artworks custom hand-painted Murals and Exit Diversion Murals for Dementia and Aged Care help you transform your existing spaces into beautiful, soothing interiors they are interactive. 

Dementia exit door ideas. We aim to relieve your residents’ stress at dementia exit doors and assist with dementia wayfinding, simultaneously creating a point of difference for your marketing. You care about your residents, and we help you to prove it! 

Environmental Design. Tailored Artworks also cosmetically renovates Aged Care facilities for dementia. We use Colour Psychology within our renovations to increase appetites in dining rooms, engage communication within sitting rooms, relaxation in quiet places and peacefulness in theatres.

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Note: We are COVID-19 Training Certified, and have had our flu shots.

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Latest Projects

Blue Care Kenmore.  Indoor and outdoor

Blue Care Kenmore. Indoor and outdoor

>> The brief: Mural A) Turn the outside exit into “something else”, so residents no longer see the door. Mural B) Transform the inner hall into a cosy seating nook. Blue Care Kenmore manager, Cassie, wanted the Sharron’s Blue Care Rothwell fireplace, but with...

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