Aged Care and Dementia Murals by Sharron Tancred

Exit Diversion Murals for Dementia, Wayfinding Strategies and Environmental Design that Cares for our Aged

Tailored Artworks custom hand-painted Murals and Exit Diversion Murals for Dementia and Aged Care help you transform your existing spaces into beautiful, soothing interiors they are interactive. 

Dementia exit door ideas. We aim to relieve your residents’ stress at dementia exit doors and assist with dementia wayfinding, simultaneously creating a point of difference for your marketing. You care about your residents, and we help you to prove it! 

Environmental Design. Tailored Artworks also cosmetically renovates Aged Care facilities for dementia. We use Colour Psychology within our renovations to increase appetites in dining rooms, engage communication within sitting rooms, relaxation in quiet places and peacefulness in theatres.

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How to combine exit diversion with Eden Philosophy

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Props for Interaction

Props for interaction. Save your staff time and costly errors when we, as decorators, source and install all the themed props for you.  A well-executed theme creates far more believable and interactive spaces. We enhance our Environmental Design with Wayfinding Strategies inclusive of Haymes Artisan Textured Feature Walls which increase resident interaction but only in the places we deem safe.

Following overseas trends for fun and interactive themes are far more engaging for your dementia residents, their families and friends in contrast to boutique hotel styles. We have proven that interactive design for dementia works with our recent Wesley Mission foyer renovation


Our new Invididual Resident Room Door Wraps!

And our new Dementia Door Wraps- Additionally, to help you demonstrate your care to families, we’ve created a new library of Individual Dementia Resident Room Door Wraps. The Mural Shop has themed decor styles including our delightful Art Series featuring some wraps suitable for Exit Door Diversion.  Our Door Wraps help you to correctly theme and interactively individualise your hallways to vastly improve room wayfinding.


Design and functionality

Design and functionality. Our custom designed hand-painted murals and a range of Built-in Art Assets can combine to help you solve environmental design issues. When mural artworks are psychological, they can inhibit resident behaviours, for example, urination on doors.  

We do everything for you. Artist and interior decorator Sharron Tancred holistically views your space. Most importantly, it is the combination of fun themes, memory cues and highly visible colours sourced from your decor that conceals your dementia exit doors more believably. Likewise, these tactics assist in resident wayfinding. 


Exit Diversion Murals

Dementia exit door ideas. The most distressing zones are dementia exit doors. Concealing fire doors means that residents can no longer perceive them. 

Beware the bookcase door wraps!  We do not believe in bookcase door wraps!  It is dangerous to encourage dementia residents to stand in front of your constantly opening exit door, trying to pick out a book! Instead, we use science and psychology to create door disguise strategies tailored to your space.


Environmental design science

 Tailored Artworks uses dementia-specific viseo-spatial research on colour, shape perception, luminescence and contrast to construct our murals and themed spaces. 


Our Aged Care and Dementia clientele since 2009

Queensland Health, Spiritus Aged Care, McKenzie Aged Care, Blue Care, BUPA, IRT Aged Care, RSL Care and Wesley Mission Aged Care and Seasons Aged Care.

The research provided to us by our Australian Aged Care clients ensures that we:  

  • create believable and interactive spaces by using the existing architecture to define the scene
  • tactfully encourage residents to move on rather than dither behind the doors
  • place residents into meaningful scenes through painted barricades that suggest they can see there, but can’t go there
    • create relevance through cues to read and reminisce on cultural objects and pastime activities
    • engage with your market demographics, area and brand

    Our design phase includes-

  • creating mood boards that present our interior decorating ideas
  • the setting up a Trello Board for instant access to group communication, images, links and approvals
  • online image research for the construction of accurate compositions
  • the  positioning of our digital draft in your space to help you visualise the outcome

    The mural installation process includes-  
  • an OHSC letter detailing all requirements
  • accurately projecting your approved mural onto your wall
  • seeking approval at numerous stages
  • the application of 1 or more protective coats of low-VOC varnish for easy cleaning
  • and lastly, the supply of final photos for your marketing

    Call us or book an appointment to receive–

  • a four hour intensive Art and Décor Planning Session on-site
  • an in-depth discussion on the challenges of your facility and your goals for it
  • thumbnail sketches with interactive prop ideas
  • an itemised quotation
    • Note: Additionally, formal visual presentations are available for an extra fee
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