>> The brief: Matthew and Lytia wanted their 5-year-old son Max also to experience a confidence-boosting Private Kids Art Workshop like his older partially deaf sister’s session. This day had arrived! The goal: an artwork that Max could use as his mantra, “Aim High! Be True” – his hero Astro Boy’s slogan – and an heirloom image that would still look cool when Max had his home.

>> Our strategy: As little kids lack small motor dexterity, it’s a far richer experience for them to do their thing while Sharron teaches them about the physical side of the painting: how body angle, arm angle and brush management affect the painting. Figurative artworks like these require templates to cover or be removed as the work progresses, thus creating an easier, more relaxed experience and guaranteeing a far better result than traditional art classes for children.

>> The results: “Max had a wonderful time painting his Astro Boy. It’s the most focused I’ve ever seen him! He loved working with Sharron, who made him feel relaxed and at home. She even thought of the little touches like Max’s favourite food. He learnt so much about the different ways to use a paintbrush and the various techniques he could use. When I asked Max what he loved the best about Sharron, he said: “She is very creative just like me!” I would highly recommend booking a children’s workshop with Sharron as the quality of the artwork produced at the Art Workshop was outstanding, and it is something that can be kept forever.” Lytia, school teacher, Brisbane


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