Artworks for Interior Designers

Helping Interior Designers with highly effective and more meaningful solutions

Artworks for Interior Designers help you give your client highly unique and meaningful solutions custom made for them but designed to enhance your vision.  Tailored art is all about creating treasured focal points your client will adore.

Our customised artworks for Interior Designers include:

  • Designer artwork style album
  • Select canvas and frame range
  • Fast and professional art quotes
  • Reliable administration
  • Scheduled studio reservations – we work to timelines
  • Scheduled artwork deliveries and professional art hanging
  • Art studio viewings allowed and up to 5 presentation emails to all involved
  • Long distance artwork commissions a breeze
  • Artworks colour matching and accurate interpreting from decor paint sprays and textiles
  • Artworks for Interior Designers can be your own design:  Sharron will create it for you!
  • Artworks tailored to corporate, residential and Private Art Workshop clients

Our artworks for interior designers are comparable to gallery rates, or cheaper, but are better value being custom made and personalised to your client.

  • Oils, Acrylics, Watercolour, Pastel, Charcoal, Collage and mixed media
  • Glass Coating service included for very significant works
  • Wall murals painted on site, for any safe height, including wall murals for Aged Care and Dementia
  • Single or bulk art commissions
  • Real Art Kitchen Splashbacks

Referring original art commissions to us is easy!  Following your brief to us, artworks for Interior Designers by Tailored Artworks are typically designed and quoted with your client at their Art and Decor Planning Session.  Sharron Tancred trained as an interior decorator to learn how to tailor art.  All artist and designer Sharron Tancred requires from you is the style, theme, colour palette and an idea of the customised artwork’s position, plus your clients contact details.  Sharron is committed to working with you to help create your vision and understands the value you bring.

If you are present at the Art and Decor Planning Session the clients $197 inc. GST art planning fee is waivered and she will reward you with a commission paid out of her fee.

Call us today on 07 3491 6400 / 0419 428 628 to discuss your project.

Latest art commissions

>> ‘Kaleidoscope Naras’ – Art Land Indooroopilly

Client Brief – Leah Harford, Interior Designer at Art Land Indooroopilly, referred Sharron to her clients Manju and Raveen to design a giant artwork for their Fig Tree Pocket home’s four storey stairwell.

Our strategy – A series of 8 canvases created a New York window-scape depicted as a series of horizontal layers of the garden, buildings and sky where collage elements could be seen within or reflected. Specially sourced items were meticulously hand cut to fit the design: Frank Sinatra music scores, Broadway posters; Raveen’s medical journals; Manju’s Swarovski crystal sari fabric, rearranged into a daisy design; Manju’s jewellery placed to flow horizontally; all items fading in and out of vision. Finally, the eight canvases were Glass Coated for a stunning result to match the amazing $11,000 highly polished, curved; timber laminated moulded and hand finished Bellini frame, sourced from Italy by Art Land Indooroopilly.

The outcome – ‘When I first visited the client’s home for a consultation to determine a solution for framed artwork for their entry, I knew we needed to create something incredible to suit the space’s scale. Immediately, it was apparent that this called for a customised piece of artwork. The challenge was then to find an artist we could entrust to create something that would give the owners great pleasure, be a reflection of their tastes and do justice to their beautiful home.

I am so glad that we found you Sharron, because you far surpassed my hopes for what the process or the final result could be. I want to commend you on your professionalism, organisation, passion and commitment to this project. From the very first meeting with you and the client, I could feel the combined excitement and dedication to making this artwork something really special. You have the ability to tune into the client’s likes and desires due to your preparation of relevant questions, visual examples and detailed explanations. Above all it was your ability to listen, interpret and have spontaneous creative visualisation and sketch ideas that allowed you to translate ideas into a cohesive framework. Every aspect and stage of the project was expertly managed and fully detailed with excellent visual updates for feedback. The results speak for themselves and what you created was a beautiful artwork.

The appreciation showed to you as the artist, and the Art Land team involved in framing the artwork was incredible. It was a great honour that we were all invited back into the Naras home for a celebration evening to see the artwork hanging in place. We were indeed fortunate to work with such amazing clients. I will continue to suggest your services to our clients and have every confidence that you will be dedicated to achieving outstanding, personal and meaningful results. Sincere Thanks, Leah Harford, Senior Design Consultant, Art Land”

The client’s response – “So proud of the artwork, our family from abroad and local were astonished by it! Amazement and awe are the sentiments!” Manju & Raveen, Fig Tree Pocket


  >> Little Treasures – Tracie Dunne, Rodwell Dunne Design Group

Veteran Interior Designer Tracie Dunne chose Tailored Art for her client

Designer brief – Produce a meaningful abstract and strong focal point above the dining room console, to unite the open plan living area’s colours and confirm a warm and contemporary style.

Our strategy – Discussion with Tracie and her clients revealed the importance of their large family, especially their many grandchildren, here and yet to come, as subject matter. With this in mind, Sharron designed a formal, centred arrangement to suit the console and formal dining area, comprised of warm, circular “child and adult” shapes which, through blurred and hard edge line created an illusion of space. The alternating hues, tinge with one another, have all been tinted, toned and shaded for contrast and variety enriched with space’s metallic silver. Finally, fine slithers of hand painted Glass Coat Resin has provided contrast, a sensual glamour and visual appeal that link with the console’s vase hand picked by Tracie.

The outcome – “Hello Sharron, as with Paul, I adore ‘Little Treasures’. It is brilliant and finishes that area (and in fact the house) to perfection. I think its effect was best summed up when my 4-year-old grandson walked into the family room and let out a squeal. When I looked at him, he was pointing to the painting and said: “Nanna, I love that; it is beautiful.” All who have seen it totally agree. Thank you sincerely for the brilliant job you have done. As Paul said, it has certainly exceeded our expectations.” Paul and Margret, Flinders View

>> Delightfalls – Taryn Whitaker, Assorted Spaces

Tarryn’s dazzling décor was seen on Foxtell Lifestyle’s, Dream Home Ideas
Designer brief – Sometimes, it is one of the Tailored Artworks interior designers who, with her client, briefs Sharron. Tarryn Whitaker from Assorted Spaces was working with Mark and Ilona from Morayfield to improve the blank canvas that was their entire modern acreage home. As Sharron fixes problems, the problem at hand were three pesky art niches and a deadline to meet a recording session!

Our solution – When it comes to art niches the solution is simple – custom-made canvases perpendicular to the niches edges leaving a 5 -10cm gap. Tarryn requested that Sharron’s Free Flow artworks confirm her tropical resort style, blend her cool colour palette and depict form without being too obvious. Taryn’s décor, of course, extended this brief with elements like a rich coco mosaic feature wall for the pool room and rustic beach textures for the dining room. Look out for the airing of “Dream Home Ideas” on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Chanel sometime mid-year.

The results – Wow! You can see the benefits that collaboration between artist and interior designer created – relevance in the foyer which set the pace for Tarryn’s Tropical Resort décor. Now that we have happy clients, we look forward to seeing it shine out on ‘Dream Home Ideas.’

>> ‘Cool Change’ – Maree O’Shea, Interior Balance

Client Brief – Maree O’Shea from Interior Balance commissioned art for her HIA Award Winning Home of The Year at Mt Gravatt East.

Our strategy – With a budget under $1000 Sharron used Free Flow paints that require watercolour techniques, but for canvas! Mind mapping with the owners, Nick and Carly O’Shea of O’Shea Builders, revealed their love of beach living, rain and nature – ‘Cool Change’.

The outcome – ‘Recently I had the pleasure of engaging Sharron Tancred for a very special wedding gift for my son Nick and his new wife, Carly. I wanted the gift to be relevant to them and as an interior decorator, I was keen to see a unique piece of wall art for a very prominent space in their newly constructed home. It was a pleasure to deal with Sharron from start to finish. We arranged to meet there and discussed size, shape, colours, preferences, style and budget. Nick and Carly love their gift; I’ve already witnessed them excitedly conveying to their friends the purpose and meaning behind their 150x100cm stylised artwork, proudly hung on their feature wall. Thank you Sharron!’ Maree O’Shea, Interior Balance