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Our professional interior designer decorators will harmonise your art and decor!

Customised art specialist Sharron Tancred works with our select Interior Designers to harmonise your art and new decor. 

Art with Interior Design, Brisbane-  Tailored Artworks collaborates with specially chosen, qualified interior designer-decorators to help you achieve your dream residential or corporate space, from your holiday home to multi-residential developments. Custom-made art, hand-painted wall murals, interior design or kitchens, bathrooms, livings areas and their decoration, are all designed to harmonise and transform your whole décor into a heartfelt work of art.

The benefits of Art with Interior Design- A huge benefit to working with us as your art and interior design team is that Sharron Tancred, who has decorating qualifications herself, can suggest subtle changes, especially regarding colour or the artworks’ meaning to you and how it relates to your interior decorating – a detail that ensures your project is all it can be.  Our behind the scenes teamwork on your art and decor takes away your stress and saves you much time dealing with multiple suppliers.

Let your artwork inspire our interior designers!  Why? Because in design, art has it all. Art encompasses your entire colour palette, style, theme, textures and shapes making an ideal start for our interior designer decorator who then, briefed by Sharron, take the artwork’s elements into your décor. This process saves yours, or our, interior designer time and allows them to move on to sourcing and specifying finishes with a firm direction at hand. Our interior designer decorators are some of the best in Brisbane and have been hand picked by Sharron for their skill, professional presentation and talent.

Don’t build without an interior designer!  If you are building, choosing an interior designer decorator to create a unique look in a style that you love is essential.  Tailored Artworks has chosen to work with ‘designer decorators’ because they can assist you from build to final touch: product specifications, lighting and furniture plans, floor and window treatments, colour specifications and accessories.

A good designer can create any style be it Desert Tribe, Art Deco or Hamptons!  A good interior designer will earn their fee in the value they add to your property, and, at only $90-$150p/hr, interior designers who can also decorate, are essential if you wish to achieve a truly stunning, and well thought out interior that has maximised your space and, avoided the costly mistakes novices make.

Interior Design with Art- If you are building or renovating then your interior designer decorator will know which space most deserves a tailored artwork. The interior designer will brief Sharron with the specifications she requires in readiness for your Art and Decor Planning Session with her. Anything is possible at Tailored Artworks!

About our Art and Decor Planning Sessions 

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Latest art commissions

>> Venetian Sunrise – Client’s photo inspiring tailored art and New Leaf Design Studios

Client brief – Improve the front formal living room and brief TA Designer Sandra Dara on changes to increase the new artwork’s colour, style, and theme.  At session with clients, Suzie and Phill a European-nautical theme (not far from a Hamptons style) became apparent. Very sophisticated!

Our strategy – Once the artwork was created by Sharron in her Free Flow technique, Sandra took over with fresh changes: whitewash walls and a new feature wall colour sampled from the artwork.  Sandra’s sourced a new rug and cushions which picked up on the art’s colours and style, reiterating the watery feel.  A new coffee table and replacing the old 80’s blinds with lovely fresh Plantations and beautifully detailed drapes, confirmed the nautical theme which Sandra carried into a full kitchen renovation. A new artwork and dining suite is being planned for the kitchen in the near future.

The results – “We love water, and we love boats. Your creativity Sharron and adaptation of Phil’s holiday photography conjures that feeling of escapement to another world, bringing something unique and inspiring into our living room. We love everything about Venetian Sunrise;  the colour, depth, and texture, to the story you have captured and the emotion we feel as we enjoy our piece of tailored artwork. Through your inspiration, we have recreated our formal living room, working with “New Leaf Design Studios” to extend the coastal feeling of water and boating into the heart of our suburban home.” Suzie and Phil, Chapel Hill

Photography by Clint Henegan, Stop Motion Photography

>>Santorini Panorama Inspiring Décor by Assorted Spaces and Kitchen Upcycle Renovation by Ideal Interior Designs

Client Brief: Brendan, a Beenleigh GP, sat in on one of Sharron’s Home Show talks and decided that Tailored Artworks’ offerings were the perfect solution to redecorate his 1980s stucco brick home. He was thrilled to find such a different, practical way to infuse his home with the bright colours he adored and freshen it up with art and décor.

Our strategy: After visiting Brendan’s home, Sharron’s strategy began with amalgamating all of his furniture, artwork, and accessories into a single clear style: Mediterranean. She repurposed one room into a study-cum-music room that also housed his rock memorabilia and set about creating three unique artworks. Inspired by Brendan’s love for Santorini, the art places him on a balcony overlooking the calm Mediterranean Sea. Tailored Artworks interior designers Ella Brid and Taryn Whitaker then used the artworks’ vision to upcycle the kitchen finishes and apply new interior décor throughout the home. door and cupboard handles

The results: I love it! I absolutely love it! Sharron, Taryn and Ella have given me a whole new house, and it is all about Santorini, and I love Santorini! I could not be happier and yes, I just love it!” Dr Brendan, Beenleigh

>> Aurora Tower Foyer Artworks at 420 Queen St Brisbane inspiring Interior Design by Tracie Rodwell Dunne

Tracie’s brief: The residents of Aurora Tower did not like the artworks hanging in their reception and wanted a change. Over a 3 year period, this project evolved, finally, to completion.  Interior Designer Tracie Dunne wanted to lift the mood of Aurora Tower’s reception area and capture the feeling of skyscraper living while considering the metallic finishes of the foyer, exterior architecture and 69 floors of apartment owners and hotel visitors.

Tracie knew management did not want the area used as a meeting space any longer due to the mess that people create, and felt that a formal, clean, positive and light filled space would be an improvement.  The other issue; the wall itself was slightly curved and featured decorative sculptural lines within it creating square, rectangular and diamond shapes which Tracie matched with her fabric selection focusing on the diamond shapes.

Our strategy: A thumbnail sketch drawn at the planning session drew out the Soul of the building and its Art Deco features inspiring a collage depicting lightly be-jeweled clouds floating over a city skyline, as experienced from the heights of Aurora Tower. Tracie agreed that everyone loves clouds, dew, sunsets and light and it was the answer she was after.
Sharron showed Tracie how this theme could be interpreted into a design that would unite all of the shapes and with metallic and iridescent effects, reflect light. The addition of crystals as collage added pattern, twinkle and art décor styling that Tracie loved. While painting the diptych, Sharron started with square brush marks vignetted from pewter to silver to striations of white lines of wind up and across both 2 meter squared canvases and then added “zing” and united all the colours with a zig zag pattern in the cloud trims for added drama and contrast.

The results: An unveiling party was organised for residents who came and applauded the new artworks and furniture.
Tracie said, “Hi Sharron, On behalf of The Aurora Tower Refurbishment Committee, The Body Corporate Committee and Owners, we would like to thank you for the wonderful artwork you have created for our Foyer.  The owners and visitors absolutely love it and we are constantly getting compliments on how beautiful it is.  It brightens and enhances our foyer and is definitely the focal point of this area.  We love that you colour match everything to create an truly integrated artwork and the theme you created for it was inspired.

Again thank you very much, you are certainly a very talented artist.
Yours sincerely, Tracie Rodwell-Dunne, The Aurora Tower, 420 Queen St, Brisbane

 >> Children of the Sea: Corridor Art inspiring Open Plan Décor by New Leaf Design Studios

Client Brief: Kelly and her retired police officer husband came from New Zealand to build a new home at Bracken Ridge to be closer to their grandchildren. Kelly needed new living room furniture and decided to use a Tailored Artworks painting to inspire her colours and styling. Sharron found that most of Kelly’s existing décor had the feel of a Contemporary Rustic Beach style, and designed artwork to combine Shorncliffe, the sea, their grandchildren, and a reference to New Zealand with Kouri shells for painting in a Private Adult Art workshop. The result is a wonderful Daliesque 2.7m x 1.2m oil painting.

Our strategy: At the Planning Session, Kelly chose an artwork from the Tailored Artworks Style Book that Sharron was able to adapt to her story. The artwork suited the proportions of Kelly’s home, and Dali’s curvaceous style picked up the floors’ curves. This décor suited light, warm-cool colours to unite existing accessories, and contrast and cool the flooring. Sharron briefed Interior Designer Sandra Dara from New Leaf Design Studios to complete the home’s décor with rugs, new cushions, and accessories. We’ll show you the results Feb 2018!

Results: “The artwork looks amazing, and I often think, ‘Gosh, is this really my house?!’ Sharron is a talented artist who made our art workshop day fun, and we now have a beautiful artwork to treasure.” Kelly, Bald Hills

>> ‘1770’ – Foyer collage inspiring Interior Decor by Touches Interiors

Client brief: Kay and Collin are redecorating from 80s Asian to “something classy, natural and more nautical…” and had a few spots where they thought tailored artworks would help establish the right style.

Our strategy: Sharron designed a seascape collage about holidaying at 1770 to establish, in the home’s foyer, a Hamptons style. Kay commissioned our Interior Designer-Decorator, Carmel Reggi from Touches Interiors, to create connections to the artwork to enhance her existing decor and replace the Asian accents.

Results: “When first introduced by Sharron to clients Kay & Collin, I was given a brief to transform their living spaces by harmonising my choices with the formal entry artwork. Kay and Collin wanted a change to reflect the artwork’s bright, airy beach feeling and colour palette. We decluttered and replaced all dark accessories and feature walls with light hues of blues, teals, yellows, white and silver to achieve the desired fresh, beachy feel. Sharron’s artwork in the foyer was not only the focal point but the catalyst for the home’s refurbishment, resulting in their new oasis.” Interior Designer-Decorator, Carmel Reggi, Touches Interiors (Photos thanks to Kerrin Smith Photography)

 >> ‘Life On The Meadow’ – Dribbled art commission inspiring kitchen and decor renovation by Touches Interiors

Client brief: Tony and Pat sat in on Sharron’s Home Show talk and booked there and then. Like so many, they also wanted to start with art. The brief for their home on the meadow included replacing their African theme with a contemporary style, updating their kitchen and the overall decor.

Our strategy: Sometimes clients are scared of colour but love it once they experience its power. Based on Tony and Pat’s choices from her sample album, Sharron used a dribble technique to express ‘the spirit of the meadow’ and confirm a classic contemporary style which gave scope to Carmel, from Touches Interiors, for more design features. Carmel’s new kitchen, rugs, custom upholstery, cushions, professional paint work and accessorising completed the brief beautifully.

Results: “Sharron and I took Tony and Pat’s tired space to a new level of colour with their favourite Blues, Greens and a touch of the Orange reminiscent of South Africa. I had their beloved lounge re-upholstered with modern geometric fabrics, added a new transitional rug, and complimentary white, teal and yellow accessories. My team refreshed the interior’s feel with white washed walls and a newly fitted modern kitchen which provided better function and storage along with the luxury of a new stove, dishwasher and statement piece glass splash back. New shutters, lighting and refurbished floors and stairs set the stage for Sharron’s Artwork, ‘Life on the Meadow’. Interior Designer-Decorator Carmel Reggi, Touches Interiors (Photos thanks to Kerrin Smith Photography)

“We are thrilled with everything and could never have achieved anything like it on our own, so a big thank you! It has all come together so well, and we are enjoying it all. Our daughter who returned home from living overseas said that she feels like she is living in a resort with all the changes, as did we!” Pat and Tony, Strathpine, Qld

>> ‘Activation’ – Private Adult/Child Art Workshop commission inspiring Interior Decor by Assorted Spaces

The brief: Julie booked an appointment to create art for her new home’s stairwell cavity that would complement her other three workshop artworks, but this time, she wanted her two boys to experience it, and, she wanted to use the artwork for her business!

Our strategy: At the appointment, Sharron created a simple design to meet the brief and be accomplished with herself supervising the family workshop. Just as well for boys will be boys! Sharron also suggested that our Interior Designer Taryn Whitaker from Assorted Spaces further the established style with new rugs, wallpapers and accessories to achieve a relaxed but elegant, colourful and uncluttered family home.

Results: “When we moved house and were looking to fill some of the empty walls and decided it would be a wonderful idea to commission art from Sharron again. Despite my tall order to involve our boys aged 4 and 8, Sharron managed to weave her magic over the 290cm x 91cm canvas, getting both boys actively involved! I’ve had comments like, ”That’s the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.” Taryn’s beautiful interior decor was simply the icing on our cake. Thank you Sharron and Taryn!” Julie & Giles, Petrie

>> ‘My Fair Lady’, ‘Pinot’ & ‘Chardy’ – Abstract art commission inspiring Interior Refurbishment by New Leaf Design Studios

The brief: Robert wanted his riverside apartment, facing the magnificent Story Bridge, to be more appealing than your typical bachelor pad. After hearing Sharron talk at the Build and Design Centre and meeting designer Sandra Dara from New Leaf Design Studios, he decided art was great inspiration for his décor and booked an appointment.

Our strategy: Sharron produced three original artworks painted in Free Flow inspired by a style Robert had provided. She gave Robert décor tips to match but, in the end, sent these to Sandra Dara, who took Sharron’s lead and worked to emphasise the contemporary style with custom designed floor rug, curtains and blinds, linen and accessories all of which, once completed; we entered in the HIA Awards.

Results: ‘Sharron and Sandra have been a pleasure to work with to create my ‘new space’ with Sharron’s special artwork and Sandra’s decor. Their immense enthusiasm is contagious, and their creativity is inspiring. Thanks, Sharron and Sandra for giving much-needed life to my apartment.’ Robert, New Farm (Photos thanks to Brisbane Commercial Photography)