Art into Mosaic!

Unique art digitised into decorative modern tiles

Tailored Artworks Art into Mosaic. Decorative modern tiles that will add an incredible feature to your:

Bathroom | Bar | Outdoor kitchen | Kitchen or Laundry Splashback | Entry floor motif | Feature wall | Tabletop | Pool | Water fountain | Countertop

Tailored Artworks’ Art Into Mosaic product creates a stunning all-weather feature for your home or corporate space. Brilliantly coloured, high-gloss mosaic tiles add texture and spark to your indoor or outdoor space—never fading, cracking or wearing.

This is real mosaic, not printed! Every mosaic is uniquely tailored to your taste and space. Just show us your project, and we will send you our digitally applied artwork and feature wall suggestions based on our existing library of artworks. The artwork is later digitised as perfect rows of gorgeous mosaic tiles, delivered boxed and numbered, ready for easy DIY or professional installation by your preferred tiler. Art into Mosaic creates a stunning, but practical and easy to maintain conversation piece that everyone will envy!

We can match your decor beautifully with 58 tile colours plus gold and silver metallics.  Mosaic is also suitable for your pool, as the mosaic tiles can sustain chemical cleaning and scrubbing. Thinking of Art into Mosaic for your bathroom or outdoor wet area?  Simply apply an anti-slip treatment to your wet area for a safe and wonderfully soft feel underfoot with our curved, glossy tile finish.

  • No size limit
  • Tile dimensions: 0.97cm x 0.97cm. Height: 6cm curved and glazed
  • Chemically resistant. Will not chip, crack or fade
  • Resistant to frost and thermal shock
  • Fully resistant to crazing and staining
  • Water absorption .20%
  • UV lightfast

Guarantee and Certifications

Our mosaics are Fully Certified. Up until installation, your Tailored Artwork mosaic is guaranteed to match your space and be loved by you with any issues pre-installation fixed at no extra charge. We recommend your tiler be QBCC Licensed and organises Warranty Insurance for jobs exceeding $3300


1)  Email us your site photos, exact measurements and a brief, or book an Art and Decor Planning Session
2)  Receive an estimate: Mosaic is charged per meter squared; artwork and job handling at our hourly rate
3)  If you are happy, pay 50% of the tile quote and all residuals pre-production

Make it relevant to you!
4)  Choose from our artwork suggestions
5)  Carefully check our diagram and measurements
6)  See your chosen artwork in position
7)  We will digitally complete the artwork to suit
8)  Final payment

Production and delivery
9)  Production of your mosaic takes 3-4 weeks
10)  Your mosaic will arrive in labelled 30cm square sections numbered in rows, i.e. Box 1: Rows A1-5, B1-5, C1-5 and any smaller strips, Box 2, 3 etc.
11)  Tiles are PVA glued onto mesh, ready for easy DIY adhering

DIY installation
1)  Purchase an affordable tile kit from Bunnings
2)  Lay out the tiles as per their labels
3)  Ensure your surface is clean and dust free
4)  If needed, use a string chalk line applicator to draft 90-degree square lines
5)  Working in sections, use a tile trowel to spread tile glue evenly
6)  Lay mosaics, tweak to square, and hold if on a vertical surface
7)  Allow all mosaic glue to dry
8)  Apply mortar in your chosen colour as per product instructions

Guarantee and Certifications
Our mosaics are fully Certified. Your Tailored Artwork is guaranteed to match your space and be loved by you with any issues pre-installation fixed at no extra charge.

Download Art into Mosaic flyer.

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