Art is the latest Kitchen Designer’s Muse! Six tech-savvy finishes to muse over!


Kitchen block splashbacks
block splashbacks for kitchen

 Art featured in The Block and The Block Splashbacks have opened the eyes of DIY Home renovators who in turn have requested more from Interior Designers.  In a world where luxury kitchen designs meant marble everywhere, now Art is the new Kitchen Designer’s Muse.  Tailored Artworks and The Mural Shop by Sharron Tancred present 6 tech-savvy ways that you can get splashback art into your indoor or outdoor kitchen.

Printed onto Optically Clear Film

At just $190pm2 this Splashback Masterpiece will please everyone with champagne tastes on beer budgets! Crystal clear, sparklingly pristine luxuriant colour with no grout lines. Plus, the artwork hides their greasy Lamb Cutlet splatters!

art splashback for kitchen

Hand-painted Board or Metal!

For Indoor and outdoor kitchens, BBQs and Pizza Ovens this paint technology helps you optimise your lifestyle. Available on 4mm Fibre Cement Board or 2mm thick Metal Alloy, which behind protective glass creates an incredible outcome. Nothing surpasses the beauty of real paint textures, metallics, iridescent effects and Gold Leaf. Long-lasting, UV Safe, washable.

splashback for kitchen counter

Printed onto Tiles

Muse over this- art inspired tile splashbacks! How’s this for tech: select from flat or textured printing onto flat Ceramic tiles in a variety of shapes and sizes oriented horizontally or vertically! UV Printed and triple laminated, you can leave it soaked in bleach for a week. Nothing will happen. It’s a real dream kitchen. This holiday vista will cost around $500.

art splashback for kitchen counter

Delivered as Mosaic!

Some of us are sick of seeing marble bench-tops and walls. With all the automation at our fingertips, let’s stickém into our tech-savvy pie and pull out a plum! Art digitised into Mosaic creates an outstanding splashback for indoor and outdoor kitchens. It’s fully light, cracking, fading you name it resistant. You’ll pay more, around $1350 on average but, unlike The Block Splashbacks you can Gerni this splashback clean and it will last and last. Check it out!


Printed onto Metal!

Is your splashback the view of an ugly friendly neighbour fence? Would you like a zany landscape scene for them instead? Maybe Mt Fuji- Japanese Graffiti Style, a wistful under the sea-scape, a traditional beach scene or perhaps a beautiful lake of water lilies! Take your pick. The Mural Shop’s Moveable Outdoor Murals are printed onto non-rust, ready to hang metal alloy! Problem solved and your luxury kitchen designs on it’s way!


NEW! Print your own Artwork Feature!…

Are you an artist?  Would you like your child’s art as your splashback?  Perhaps a map of your home’s area with creative filters applied!  Those of you who want to use their own art will love this new service. Upload your image, a photo/design of your space, and add your instructions to the notes – or not! We will creatively edit the image to enhance the space while optimising it for large scale, high-resolution output. Available on all Mural Shop products, this time-savvy technology costs just $70.


So, there you have it.  6 tech-savvy ideas for luxury kitchen designs like The Block Splashbacks.  Just like art featured in The Block, these ideas help you DIY Renovate in one simple step – creating a unifying focal point.  You may not need an entire kitchen makeover; just a splashback artwork that unites all of your colours and establishes your style.  

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The story of 10-year-old-Aemon's personal art class for kids with Brisbane artist Sharron Tancred
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