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Boys and Why Blue is Best.

Boys are the men of our future, and we need them to be leaders, truthful and strong- not “poor me”. As women, we respect men who are caring and empathetic, even in touch with their feminine side, men who communicate rather than keeping it all in and men who can think...

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What skills can art teach children?

Do you have any memories from preschool? Many remember wearing an art smock and the smell of paint as you stood in front of an art easel with a paintbrush in hand. Have you ever thought of why parents treasure their children’s paintings and drawings so much? Art is...

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How to solve the newly wedded décor clash

Yo meet, fall in love and hold off on moving in together untill the time’;s right only to discover your tastes in décor somewhat clash!  And, it does happen, a lot.  You find You love modern and edgy and he wants everything centered, formal and a bit cluttered, which...

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How does the Sydney Morning Herald sound?

Creative pursuits like painting and performing may be fuelled by passion, but that’s not usually enough to convert them into lucrative careers. People wanting to make a living based on their art are up against limited income potential, plus competition with many...

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How to declutter and balance

Home clutter can feel overwhelming, messy and out of control. Decluttering doesn't mean eliminating the most prominent objects, but the smaller ones! Clutter in a small space causes less overall space for movement and feels closed in.  Know that the more significant...

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