Blue Care Rothwell. Aged Care Facility renovations using art

Aged Care and Dementia Murals

>> The brief: Create A) two murals for dementia in a country style to conceal the main and kitchen exits and B) a beach themed mural to add colour and space to our community café.

>> Our strategy: A) Murals for dementia are all about the door architecture and overall style of the home which has been established here as Queenslander by painting VJ walls, skirts and dado rails. The main exit mural features stained glass window panels painted on perspex, reinforcing to the resident that this is a win w while still allowing light in. The resident is encouraged away from the door to the fireplace by the toy collection and the curious dog, where their curiosity is peeked to enter cubby house and have quiet time.

The kitchen mural’s colours are high in contrast to ensure that even to the weakest of eyes can perceive and understand the new architecture which turns the kitchen door into a wall and window. Blue Care can hang feaux deli items above the roller door and plastic water jug and glasses for effect.

Dementia Diversion Design by Sharron Tancred Tailored artworks
Dementia Diversion Design by Sharron Tancred Tailored artworks

>> Our strategy: B) The beach themed café mural painted by Sharron in 3 days certainly meets the above brief but goes further to turn the hall’s mirror into a street lamp!

>> The results: Sharron provided Blue Care Rothwell with décor tips for all three areas to increase the murals effectiveness. TA Interior Designer, Carmel Reggi from Touches Interiors, is completing these ideas for the dining with her expertise to choose wallpaper, upholstery fabrics and window treatments. Here, our goal is to convince Blue Care’s new clients of their state-of-the-art environmental design, that caters completely to their loved one’s well-being.


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