Blue Trees TV Wall Mural


>> The brief: Ex airline hostess Marion had battled loss and terrible sickness while trying to decorate her home. She had beautiful taste, loved nice things and wanted her worries and create a home that felt carefree. All was going well until she worked on the long TV wall… it just stayed looking cluttered and bare! Out one day at Expo, she booked a planning session with Sharron to fix it once and for all!

>> Our strategy: TV Long walls are hard. Here’s the secret, create groupings of furniture and accessorize them individually, formally i.e. symmetrical centered layouts or informally which is asymmetrical. Hanging lots of little things around your TV is going to create clutter. All those accessories and pieces of furniture and small shapes on the wall will fight. Sharron’s solution for Marion; a simple wall mural of trees to bring the outside in, create the illusion of depth, feeling of calm and… define the groupings of furniture. When Marion moves, the mural will be an asset to her home.

>> The results: Marion spent the day painting with Sharron, learning much about art and saving a couple of hours costs. She loves the results her hand painted mural commission has created for her living room, gave a glowing testimonial and referred her friends to us.

The story of 10-year-old-Aemon's personal art class for kids with Brisbane artist Sharron Tancred
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