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Hand-painted Custom Wall Murals and Designer Feature Walls

Theme your indoor or outdoor space with Custom Murals and Feature Walls designed to create relevance to your architecture and its landscape.

Brisbane Mural Artists and Interior Decorators like Sharron Tancred thrive on challenge.  Sharron designs and paints Custom Murals on interior walls as your home decor artwork.  Alternately, for outdoor art, we paint or custom print onto large format Metal Alloy. Great Australian outdoor decorating ideas! Brisbane Wall Murals by Sharron Tancred will make your search for home decor artwork easy!

Our aim is to create relevance to you, the purpose of the space, its architecture and landscape.  Consequently, the rules of interior design play an important role.  Additionally, we use Colour Psychology to engage the emotions. At your fingertips are abundant home decor artwork ideas from hand-painted custom wall murals to outdoor art.

Designer Feature Walls:  Create your ultimate atmosphere with the Haymes Artisan Collection for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Equally, The Haymes Artisan Designer Feature walls is broad enough to suit any decor style.  Textured Wall Features help create sophisticated themes full of beauty and warmth.  

The Haymes Artisan Collection is divided into three:  Surface, Textures and Metallics:



Haymes Artisan Surface Industrial


Haymes Artisan Surface Bloom


Haymes Artisan surface gravity


Haymes Artisan surface brushed



Haymes Artisan textures rendercoat


Haymes Artisan textures mortar


Haymes Artisan textures soft chalk

Soft Chalk

Haymes Artisan Texture sand



Haymes Artisan Metallics real copper

Real Copper

Haymes Artisan metallics real iron

Real Iron

Haymes Artisan Metallics Metal Trace

Metal Trace

Haymes Artisan Metallics Matte Polish

Matte Polish

Haymes Artisan Metallics Oxidising Patina

Oxidising Patina

Latest Projects

North Lakes. Modern Renaissance Style Home Renovation

North Lakes. Modern Renaissance Style Home Renovation

>>The brief: Funny story!  Sharron was purchasing Haymes Artisan paints at Paint Right North Lakes.  The couple beside her was enquiring with staff if mint green would suit there home.  No photos, just the question.  So, Sharron, trying to be helpful, asked what...

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Raby Bay. Water themed art interior design

Raby Bay. Water themed art interior design

A beautiful waterfront home deserves an interior décor that brings the outside in! Terri decided her 1990’s waterfront property needed something modern, elegant and a bit funky so she could retain her Edwardian dining furniture.

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Blue Trees TV Wall Mural

Blue Trees TV Wall Mural

  >> The brief: Ex airline hostess Marion had battled loss and terrible sickness while trying to decorate her home. She had beautiful taste, loved nice things and wanted her worries and create a home that felt carefree. All was going well until she worked on the...

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Forests Edge Apartments’ Multi-Residential Mural Artwork

Forests Edge Apartments’ Multi-Residential Mural Artwork

One of the hardest accomplishments is to please everyone.  Corporate art with a universal theme is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.  This is the story of how a hand-painted mural was created in just 1 day. Now that's budget-minded! >> The brief: Karen was building...

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David’s Hideaway

David’s Hideaway

  The brief: David, a builder from Murrumba Downs with 167 houses on the go, wanted his pool/media/games room to transform into a 1950’s Noosa-cum-Hawaii inspired space where he could picture himself surfing at the beach. Our strategy: To Sharron, this space was...

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Matty Moos

Matty Moos

>> The brief: Hand paint wall murals to create step back in time themes: Enchanted Forest Playground, 1950’s Beach Scene for beachwear and faux finish change room area; a Carousel Scene with over the door signage featuring the existing horse and the...

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