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If you believe in the importance of art in architecture and want to build your home around art, we integrate art into your build with our range of artful design finishes at The Mural Shop and our Brisbane build and design teams eager to help. 

Artful architecture creates positive psychological outcomes or wellness design, for your sense of happiness and completeness. Plus, value- why build and then decorate?

Indeed, artful architecture is practiced within commercial projects yet significantly ignored in modern residential builds.  The ancient Interior Designers of Roman, Greek and Egyptian spaces would naturally integrate art into your build because they felt humans needed art and thrived when surrounded with arts’ positive messages and Colour Psychology. 

However today we find ourselves living in beige boxes. Add to this, buying more stuff which moves us further away from Zen Design towards clutter.  As a result, our message is attracting Brisbane build and design teams eager to infuse artful architecture into your home and landscape design:

Urban Design Solutions  |  Yellowstone Building Group  |  Original Landscaping Company  |  MyStoryCo.  |  Everscapes & Infinity Pools 

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Uniquely, by Sharron Tancred

An artfully built home means appreciating the importance of art in architecture and making the decision to build your home around art. 

Sharron Tancred got into cosmetic home renovating after fixing, enhancing and inspiring homes with customized artworks. 

Simultaneously, at 17 Brisbane Home Shows, people expressed their beliefs in the importance of art in architecture. They asked Sharron for real art, and custom-printed splashbacks, tile, glass, ceiling, outdoor, mosaic murals, hand-painted murals, and Artisan textured feature walls. In conclusion, they sought artfully built architecture!

As long as artful architecture inside and out is reinforced by your architectural design, it will mesh and won’t date.  Furthermore, artworks imbued with the International themes of light, water, nature, love and travel create a connection to life and nature. Therefore, when you integrate art into your build, you also create low-waste design now and in the future.

It’s an easy process.

First, we create your mood board; before you build or renovate! Second, we brief the right team, which proceeds with our products and services as needed.  Lastly, your project comes back to us for artworks and filling in the gaps with any interior decorating.

Ultimately, we make your building and decorating process so much quicker, intuitive and visual. For YOU!  Contact us now.

Dave Russell
Custom Splashback Murals-by_The_Mural_Shop1000x1000-by-Sharron-Tancred-TheMuralShop
& Michelle_Garwood_from_Tone_&_Texture_interior_Design_works_with_Tailored_Artworks_Sharron_Tancred_to_create_Artful_Brisbane_Interiors

Michelle Garwood, our Interior Designer-Decorator

Michelle holds a diploma in Interior Design from ISCD (International School of Colour and Design). In her previous life, she worked in the accounting world for thirteen years, which has provided a deep understanding of business processes that neatly complements her design work.

With a lifelong passion for design and decoration, Michelle has always had a keen eye for colour and form. She enjoys learning how her clients interact with the areas they occupy to best design spaces that will enhance their lives. A well-designed space will enhance productivity and wellbeing.

Her design formula incorporates art, science and psychology while drawing her inspiration from nature and architecture.  Michelle and her builder partnered with Tailored Artworks as our immediate on-staff team late 2021.  She will help us with our client’s kitchen and bathroom design and builds, furniture and accessory selections.

See Michelle’s work at Tone & Texture Interior Design

Tailored Artworks Interior-Designer-Decorator Michelle garwood from Tone & Texture Interior Design
Before and afters of bathroom and kitchen cabinetry renovations by Michelle Garwood from Tone & Texture Interior Design, Brisbane
Michelle Garwood from Tone & Texture Interior Design. before and after examples of living area accessorizing


Boutique Home Building Design and Interior Design in Brisbane and beyond

Meet, Urban Design Solutions, a team of designers and technicians who design new homes, renovations, extensions, and raise-ups to existing homes.

Our team works with developers and town planners to design multi-residential dwellings, building design, interior design, landscape design and now, integrate art into your build. Meanwhile, we create visual designs for you with detailed scale plans for the approval process and construction.

At the same time, we go above and beyond that because our real goal is to improve lifestyles and living spaces. For instance, in 2020 we met Sharron and saw her vision.  Naturally, we believe in the importance of art in architecture and love the idea to build your home around art. In fact, we already have 2 projects on the go with Sharron, a Tuscan home renovation and a Natural Modern one – coming soon!

Most importantly,we don’t produce mass-market designs that ignore the site and your needs. Above all, our briefing process is all about getting in touch with the project and you as a person. Because Urban Design Solutions creates designs driven by how you live, what you want, and what you need—now and in the future.

As shown above, we’re not just designing ‘a’ house. We’re designing ‘your’ house. Complete with a beautiful kitchen and bathroom design and the right finishes to suit your taste, style and customized artworks.

Discover how Urban Design Solutions end result is artfully built design that’s perfect for your home, perfect for your family, perfect for your life. 



Dave Russell
Dave Russell
yellowstyone Building Group Logo

Custom Built at No Extra Cost

The Yellowstone Building Group are a Brisbane building and design team that creates everything from project homes to boutique custom houses and renovations.

When it comes to residential building, Yellowstone offers the flexibility to use your plans, or ours!  We met Sharron in 2021 when she applied to help our clients with our colour consulting.  For this reason, we love her vision, scope of products and services!  Accordingly, we can see how her ideas can help you stand out from the crowd when you build your home around art.  Together, we envisage unique building designs that we can additionally customise to your heart’s content!

In the same vein, we provide a variety of other services inclusive of office fit-outs, insurance repairs and strata work.  In short, do not be just another number, receive tailored personal service! The Yellowstone Building Group looks forward to assisting you with your projects right now.  Get in touch, through Sharron or us today for your artfully built design with Sharron Tancred and the Yellowstone Building Group.


yellowstone Building Group works with Sharron Tancred from Tailored Artworks and The Mural Shop
Yellowstone Building Group works with Sharron Tancred from Tailored Artworks and The Mural Shop for Residential Colour Consulting Brisbane
Original Landscaping Company works with Sharron Tancred from Tailored Artworks and The Mural Shop

Quality landscaping with a 3-year guarantee

After 25 years of landscaping, Original Landscaping Company saw an opportunity to make getting a quality, beautiful and robust backyard easier. For you.  

We have done this in four ways:

One. Choice.
It’s hard to know where to start, what to choose, what you like, what you don’t, and who to talk to.  So, we’ve taken care of that for you – curating quality products in dedicated themes – no stress!

Two. Controlling budgets, and payments. We created a system where you have a single price that you can pay off on a weekly basis!  It’s like ‘afterpay’ for landscaping! 🙂

Three. Plant quality. It’s all well and good choosing a vast number of plants that get installed, and look great for a week or two … then they slowly start to die off.  At Original Landscaping Company, if your plants don’t make it, we replace them. Simple. So stop worrying about not being a green thumb!

Finally, one single point of contact for the ENTIRE process.

Moreover, we met Sharron in 2021 and were instantly inspired! How we wholeheartedly believe in artful architecture in garden design cannot be understated. Certainly, we are going to integrate art into your build through our process!  Original Landscaping Company brings you 25 years of experience to your backyard so you can transform today, pay later, and love forever. Contact Sharron, and she will inspire us!


Original Landscaping Company works with Sharron Tancred from Tailored Artworks and The Mural Shop
Original Landscaping Company-build-your-home-art-with_OLC-and_The_Mural_Shop
Original Landscaping Company works with Sharron Tancred from Tailored Artworks and The Mural Shop for Spa Wall Murals


Create. Renovate. Build

Doug and Kila Clarke are proud to work together as residential home builders in Brisbane. 

As well as being a creative husband and wife team, we are a qualified and licensed builder and interior designer.  Together, we founded MyStoryCo following years of experience running our own separate build and design companies. 

As you can imagine, partnering with you to create your next story is a job we take very seriously. To demonstrate, our goal is to improve your every day living through clever design and building finished to a high standard of quality.  Above all, custom design, innovation, building excellence and a unique sense of style helps us to create your ideal home with you.

For this in hand, we have always created artfully built architecture, reinforcing to our clients the importance of art in architecture.  Since meeting Sharron in 2020 through the Interior Designers Association, we have eagerly presented her gorgeous design finishes and custom hand-painted ideas to our clients.  That is to say, we hope you would love to build your home around art with Sharron and us!

You can trust MyStoryCo. for dedication to quality control and our ability to work with your budget in mind. MyStoryCo. will produce a build result that reflects your own story and your lifestyle for now and the future.

MySTory Co3


Creative spaces by creative people

Founded in 2002, Everscapes focuses on creating landscape sanctuaries for home environments that busy professionals will find a private oasis, away from the demands of their hectic lives.

Although we are landscape and pool designer-builders based in Brisbane, we consult individually with clients from Brisbane to Melbourne. Strategically, we create bespoke environments to merge your interior and outdoor rooms seamlessly. Emphasis is placed on sustainable, beautiful, functional and private spaces; each landscape design is unique.

In addition, Everscapes designs and installs Infinity Pools. Integrate art into your build within pools here using Sharron’s mosaic, tiles and outdoor murals. Purpose-created pools made to merge with your landscape and engineered to best suit its site layout is an Everscapes specialty.  For example, we are more than capable of creating pools that other companies would deem impossible to build. Add to this, having your landscape design and pool installed by the same contractor will save you many thousands of dollars.  Lastly, Everscapes is broadly recognised, having featured in television and many design, home and gardening magazines.

Nonetheless, we met Sharron and exhibited with her at Brisbane Home Show in 2020.  Her passion and message to build your home around art, indoors has great merit.  With this in mind, we look forward to meeting you and infusing art and expression into your new Everscapes pool and landscape project.



Dave Russell
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