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When art doesn’t work!  If you have ever taken a period artwork into a modern decor, you will understand the design dilemma that meshing periods can create. You may notice that your old art does not suit your new architectural style!

Why does eclectic decor work but not eclectic art? An eclectic decor can work with cohesive colours, but eclectic artworks do not create an impressive decor because they don’t flow, even if the colours do! It’s all about style – that’s what needs to work!  To fill in the gaps of your existing art collection, or to define a new decor’s style throughout your home, you need artworks and framing that work as a team. This way, everything, even your frames metallic accents, will synch.

The dilema of finding Multiple Artworks and where they should go –  Art is style, theme, colour, Soul, texture and focal point!  Most of our clients aren’t sure which walls in a new home deserve art and, how large or what proportion the new artworks should be. It’s all about art planning! We save you the search, create variety but unity, give you an overall quote and help you get that plan and vision for your home.

Professional Art Hanging isn’t just a nail in the wall – Professional Artwork Placement creates a streamlined space where the eye travels, without the interruption of poor hanging that is too high, low, uncentered or badly spaced.  We plan your arts’ location and hanging with you and brief our Professional Art Hanger for you! We provide a set of written and diagrammatical instructions to ensure a full understanding of the plan and a smooth installation. In fact, to save you delivery costs, we organise our hanger to collect your custom artworks from Tailored Artworks Brisbane art studio, deliver and hang them all in unison with your existing collection, with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

The maximum Wow! Factor – For the discerning client, Commissioning Bulk Artworks and Art Theming your home or corporate space gives you maximum results, relevance and satisfaction for many years to come. Get a plan for your home or corporate space at Our Art and Decor Planning Session! Book today with Sharron Tancred.

About our Art and Decor Planning Sessions

Latest art commissions

>> Belmont Old Queenslander Interior Design: Hand Painted Ceiling Mural, Friezes and Roses, Custom Infinity Bathtub Mosaic and Painted Fibre Glass Animals

The brief: After a mid-air incident, Caroline almost died 13 times and endured multiple bone breaks. With a new appreciation for life, she and her husband Bruce quit their jobs and bought an old, two-storey Queenslander to slowly and lovingly renovate. Nestled in a Papua New Guinea-inspired tropical landscape, complete with peacocks, the pair envisioned an orange tree ceiling mural for their breakfast verandah, colour on their plaster friezes and ceiling roses, and the painting of their life-size emu and kangaroo fibreglass animals! After several attempts to find the right artist for the job, they booked a date with Sharron.

Our strategy: Ceiling murals designed, Caroline showed Sharron her bathroom and explained their plans, only to hear all about Tailored Artworks’ Art into Mosaic offering, which she and Bruce loved. Sharron sent them several options from her library of artworks that would unite with the other projects, colours, and style of their Belmont home. The mosaic Caroline and Bruce chose depicted a lake with melaleucas and water lilies, which they had on their property! After weeks of hard work, the ceiling panels painted in studio were installed, and Sharron painted the friezes in situ. The fibreglass animals went into position, and the custom mosaic tiles were delivered, ready for Bruce and his builder to install. We’ll show more photos as the renovation is completed.

The results: “Sharron made us a bathtub mosaic, painted some fibreglass animal statues, a ceiling mural and decorate the friezes in our lounge and dining room. She was so amazing to us and helped us make informed decisions and work creatively so as our art would flow through the house. She gave 110% to the commissions at our home. We are so happy at how our house looks now we are asking her to do some more projects for us.” Bruce and Caroline Southcott, Belmont 2018


>> Wellington Point Interior Design: 3 large artworks that fixed a bedroom and lounge

The Brief:  A full day of decluttering and space planning with Donna preceded artwork designs to see what space’s they would have left for art and what décor accessories were really needed.  Once done, the style for upstairs and downstairs was contemporary exotic, later updated by Dan who wanted a New York vista for the bedroom instead. No worries.

Our strategy:  Donna and Dan were unsure if they would sell their home, or stay, so Sharron designed 3 artworks in 1 style that could fit together in one space should they downsize and let them know if accessories they sourced themselves would work.  For selling, Sharron’s digitally applied decor ideas, as shown here, include Haymes Artisan feature walls, various vases and floral arrangements plus Bandhini, cushions and linen.  If they stay, we hope to complete the decors for them.

The results: The 3 twilight artworks are each a symbol of Donna and Dan’s love for one another amidst their favourite time of day.  2 leopards and 2 flamingoes in embrace plus the bedrooms stunning New York skyline remind them of their romantic moonlit nights. 3 Beautiful heirlooms full of relevance that have themed a home but also planned for the future.


>> Yamanto Interior Design: 2 large artworks that fixed a home’s foyer and kitchen


The brief: Ex-services, Peter and Belinda had lived in their spacious Yamanto home for quite some time slowly renovating it and the surrounding into a relaxing Balinese style. Belinda wanted her 5-meter wall to become the focal point of their open-plan space.

Our strategy: After perusing our stylebook, Peter and Belinda learned that their décor was in fact Plantation, broadening their theme to a light, vibrant colour palette suitable to Brisbane’s climate. Colour consulting and space planning, two of Sharron’s strengths, allowed us to rearrange the layout of the foyer and adjoining kitchen hall’s furniture to a centred more formal arrangement complete with 2 original oil painting designs created with a shared horizon line to unite the spaces into one cohesive story. Large artworks here have proportionately balanced the scale of these walls while creating meaning and beautiful focal points.

The results: “Sharron has made our hallway come to life with the 2 paintings we commissioned from her, giving our home a brighter atmosphere. More than happy to recommend a consultation with her to bring your ideas to life!”
Peter and Belinda, Yamanto

>> Redbank Plains Interior Design –

3 “Emergence” artworks that fixed an open plan kitchen-dining area

The brief: Rod and Leanne own a cleaning company and are busy, hard-working folk. They immigrated from the UK when their children were small, hoping to escape family and enjoy the hot weather, rich rainforests, rugged terrains and vast spaces of Australia. With a new kitchen installed, they loved the idea of art to inspire their open plan space, tell their story and create heirlooms for their kids.

Our strategy: Having chosen a frame from our select range, a Free Flow style, earthy colours and sizes to suit, this work was more about their story- without being too literal. Custom make art is perfect for this! Shapes representing adults, children, Ayers Rock, sea, lakes, shorelines, earth, rain and clouds express leaving the rain for the sun in the large right panel, the evolution of grandchildren in the central panel and retirement in the left panel.

The results: Sharron gave numerous décor tips to Leanne and Rod to help them improve their space and even researched a few items for the presentation process to show them the difference. Australian art by Sharron Tancred, made to fit a lounge room- Wow!


 >> Mooloolaba Interior Design – “The Desert House” a TV wall mural and artworks throughout the home with a desert theme

Client Brief: When you build a new home, especially with very large walls, it’s large artworks proportionate to them that creates balance while more little stuff only creates clutter. Theme and colour should synchronize inside out for a peaceful, stylish result. Here Don and Lorraine from Mooloolaba commissioned art with a desert/nature theme and a warm, natural colour palette. Only the spare room received a French theme which was just for Lorraine!

Our strategy: Lorraine wanted colour; including purples, turquoises and greens which Sharron gave her but without surpassing Don’s sensibilities. Sharron’s hand painted the Blackboys TV mural in metallics with creative dribbles and paint splats resulting in a property enhancing show stopper! The master bedroom’s collage needs only new bedside lamps and soft furnishings to complete this cool canal front oasis enhanced with desert themed landscaping. Taking the canal aspect a step further is ‘Bridges,’ a giant charcoal sketch of the Parisian bridges created for the spare room and proportioned to the wall, not the bed, to voids either side. ‘Bridges’ needs only two new bedside lamps and soft white throw.

Results: “Dear Sharron, every day I enjoy your great art. I love it all but am enjoying the Blackboys mural and its grass trees so much. It is just amazing. I love the runs that you created. I see them as being the tears, not that it is sad. It is just that we all have tears sometimes, and that is emotion. Thank you so much.” Don and Lorraine, Mooloolaba

 >> McDowall Interior Design – “The Water House” 2 artworks with a water theme

Results: “After some long-awaited renovations, we had two very different areas screaming for artwork. We wanted art that would brighten our contemporary styling and allow us some seasonal colour changes. Nothing in the stores appealed and buying online was scary. We booked with Sharron at Home Show even though we had no idea what style or textures we wanted.

Our Strategy: The consultation process with Sharron was enlightening; she made us feel relaxed while asking the appropriate questions to help her understand us and showed samples of artworks she to further hone the conversation. Quite quickly we went from “We have no idea what we want” to “This is the type of style and colours we would like!” Sharron made the process simple, was professional, patient and understanding and provided options for our budget resulting in the commission of two artworks, unique to our home and personalities. Sharron even provided some styling ideas!

Throughout the process, Sharron provided us with email updates enabling us to make minor changes if required, but there was no need, for her ability to interpret combined with her creativity enabled her to produce art that hit the spot and delivered in time for Christmas!

The outcome: Thank you, Sharron, your remarkable artwork has completed our renovations, and everyone who sees them passes compliments. We love the colours, uniqueness, textures and will recommend you to anyone who is wanting Tailored Art. “
Kind Regards Ronnye McDowall, Brisbane

>> Teneriffe Interior Design – “Sunset Waters” 1 artwork and de-cluttering that corrected the entire open plan space

Client Brief: Cheryl and Richard’s luxury riverside apartment was full of artworks, furniture and accessories both modern and classical. Cheryl was unhappy with the traditional landscape she’d placed over the lounge, but finding a new artwork to fit it and compliment the existing abstract was just too hard. And what style should she get?
Our strategy: Many clients choose an eclectic style thinking it’s easy. Not so! It requires a regimented colour palette, and not all styles mesh. The theme helps, in this case, 20th Century art reinforced by Picasso style vases and accessories. Larger proportions better balance open plan spaces like this while unified lines create harmony as shown with the new canvas extending to the sides of the lounge itself, created a grouping. ‘Sunset Waters’ has been painted in the same colours as the abstract. Horizontal lines have reinforced the nautical theme and a restful feeling which suited Richard’s preferences. Lastly, light, painted as if coming from the verandah – has created a naturally beautiful ambience. Ahhhh!

The outcome: ‘Sharron has an amazing imagination and vision, and she is a delightful person to work with!’ Cheryl and Richard


 >> Windaroo Home Interior Design -“Algerian Mirage” 3 artworks for the foyer and living room niches with new feature walls

The brief: Myriam and Andrew at Windaroo had 3 art niches in their new home and were trying to blend their old décor into it. They added 2 Asian styled timber screens to fit their 2 lounge niches and another Asian artwork in the foyer… however, still weren’t happy. Why did they look off? New Leaf Design Studios recommended new blue and white feature wall colours to contrast the mass of timber, and Sharron for art.

The strategy: Sharron’s mind mapping process mentored the couple to make decisions on colour, style and theme. Myriam and Andrew wanted their home to feel fresher, lighter, more modern, and to express their love of being outdoors and hiking in nature along flowing waterways. Andrew loved art and had a list of artists he liked. He loved artworks with rich colours and rounded, flowing shapes while Myriam wanted to tell the story of her Algerian childhood and love of the Papryus beds set against open plains.
Sharron showed them how Asian style contradicted all that they wished to create and set them on the path to a contemporary style in a cool colour palette to match the new feature walls and smaller references to the couples favourite colour, red, and their orange based floor colours.

The results: What a difference! Andrew and Myriam loved their artworks and how they now felt like their home was one step closer to the style and feel they wanted. They learned how to de-clutter their space, where to hang their family photos and also hoe to accessorise their lounge. Well done Andrew and Myriam!