Morayfield – Tropical Resort Style Cosmetic Home Renovation

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Tarryn’s dazzling décor was seen on Foxtell Lifestyle’s, Dream Home Ideas

>> The brief: Sometimes, it is one of the Tailored Artworks interior designers who, with her client, briefs Sharron. Tarryn Whitaker from Assorted Spaces was working with Mark and Ilona from Morayfield to improve the blank canvas that was their entire modern acreage home. As Sharron fixes problems, the problem at hand were three pesky art niches and a deadline to meet a recording session!

>> Our solution: When it comes to art niches the solution is simple – custom-made canvases perpendicular to the niches edges leaving a 5 -10cm gap. Tarryn requested that Sharron’s Free Flow artworks confirm her tropical resort style, blend her cool colour palette and depict form without being too obvious. Taryn’s décor, of course, extended this brief with elements like a rich coco mosaic feature wall for the pool room and rustic beach textures for the dining room. Look out for the airing of “Dream Home Ideas” on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Chanel sometime mid-year.  

>> The results: Wow! You can see the benefits that collaboration between artist and interior designer created – relevance in the foyer which set the pace for Tarryn’s Tropical Resort décor. Now that we have happy clients, we look forward to seeing it shine out on ‘Dream Home Ideas.’

 Photography by Carole Margand Caco Photography

The story of 10-year-old-Aemon's personal art class for kids with Brisbane artist Sharron Tancred
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