DEMENTIA DOOR WRAPS – why are they necessary at all? 

As Tailored Artworks looks to help Aged Care Companies perfect their assisted living environments, it is sad to research the statistics and note that dementia is on the rise.


Creating warm environments full of memory cues and colours are vital.















DEMENTIA [dɪˈmɛnʃə] NOUN medicine: A chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning.synonyms: mental illness · madness · insanity · derangement · lunacy · senile dementia · Alzheimer’s disease · Alzheimer’s · softening of the brain



It might be that the ladies do less laborious physical exercise and may consume more sweets, who knows, but dementia affects us all, male and female. 

The World Health Organisation says, “Dementia is an umbrella term for several diseases affecting memory, other cognitive abilities and behaviour that interfere significantly with a person’s ability to maintain their activities of daily living.”

Although age is the most substantial known risk factor for dementia, it is not a normal part of ageing.

The WHO (World Health Organisation)  states that the 5th leading cause of death in the world after heart disease and stroke, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer and diabetes is dementia.  “Deaths due to dementias more than doubled between 2000 and 2016”, … “compared to its spot as 14th in 2000.”



Dementia is such a growing problem that we see an increase in the construction and renovation of assisted living facilities due to long waiting lists for beds.

With our parents ageing and our having worked in dementia facilities since 2009 painting exit door murals, we at Tailored Artworks are stepping up to lend a hand to our deserving elderly.




Door Wraps, Phar Lap Poster and Haymes Artisan creating Wesley’s a movie theatre theme

Our mission is to create fun and interactive environments designed to ease the stresses surrounding exit and fire doors,  wayfinding, viseo-spatial perception and quality of life.




Tailored Artworks Dementia Door Wraps are Matt finish, low VOC photographs of doors we have printed onto the latest high tech adhesives. Our point of difference is that these are reusable door wraps, environmentally friendly and high resolution, plus, most of them we have photographed ourselves locally to help spread awareness about dementia!

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