Designer Feature Walls: Stunning paint effects with the Haymes Artisan Collection

Warm, sophisticated themes with stylish textures and colours.

Designer Feature Walls create the ultimate atmosphere when chosen to express your architecture and landscape. Interior Decorator and Brisbane Feature Walls Artist, Sharron Tancred will help you select your Wall Paint Effects. We wholeheartedly recommend Haymes Artisan Feature Walls because they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Equally, The Haymes Artisan Collection is broad enough to suit any decor style.  Textured Wall Features help create sophisticated themes full of beauty and warmth.  

CorporateAged Care and Brisbane Home Renovation decors can all benefit from a point of difference.  The Haymes Artisan Collection is divided into three:  Metallics, Textures and Surface. 

Metallics is exciting with Real Copper/Patina, Real Iron/Patina, Metal Trace and Matte Polish.  Likewise, Textures are divine: Rendercoat, Mortar, Soft Chalk and Sand.  Lastly, Surface is uniquely luxurient in Gravity, Brushed, Bloom and Industrial. So, if you want a Industrial Rustic style, we use Artisan Industrial and Iron and Rust! Perhaps you’d love a Meditterranean decor? Let your feature wall artist create a fantastic Copper wall with a Patina Wall Paint Effect!

Designer feature walls by Tailored Artworks as a part of your new build or renovation will leave you feeling more complete.  Indeed, Haymes Artisan Textured Wall Features create sophisticated elegance to warm your heart.


Haymes Artisan Features for Outside and Moveable Outdoor Murals.

You can have custom hand-painted wall murals indoors and expand their style into outdoor murals for gardens to hide less seemly areas. 

Got a long TV Wall? Why not get some pizazz with a TV Wall Mural in a one colour-neutral painted in just one day or, let’s create a real conversation piece with a full-colour mural. Don’t want hand-painted? Check out The Mural Shop.

Designer feature wall ideas for Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations!

Haymes Artisan textured Feature Walls are ideal for Kitchens and Bathrooms.  For instance, a country style would go a long way with Mortar – reminiscent of earthy mud in gorgeous natural hues. Alternately, a bathroom enhanced with the rounded softer shapes created by Surface Bloom or Brushed is warm and relaxing.  

Layer and match any of these feature wall ideas with a Private Art Commission, a Real Art Splashback or any kitchen and bathroom tile ideas at The Mural Shop

Theme your Artisan feature wall with a little bit of hand-painted Mural!

Feature wall artist Sharron Tancred is a talented decorator and mural artist. A great designer feature wall idea is to layer a touch of mural artwork over Artisan texture.  Your mural could be as little as a one colour silhouette. For example, a palm tree will imbue a beach theme or a gum tree for something more rustic.  The beauty of working with an artist and decorator like Sharropn, is that anything is possible.  

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