Hire a dyslexic for genius like Einstein, Da Vinci, Picasso or Spielberg

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Editorials

Dyslexia endow us, I have it, with the ability to think outside of the box while multi-tasking, and create unique and problem-solving ideas and products that can help your business.
Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein, Edison, Churchill, Walt Disney, Whoopi Goldberg and Greg Louganis, Orlando Bloom, Richard Branson, Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey, JFK, George Washington, George W Bush, Kiera Knightly, John Lennon, Jamie Oliver, Pablo Picasso, Graham Alexander Bell, Will Smith, Guy Ritchie, Donald Trump, Daniel Radcliffe, Robin Williams, Keanu Reeves, Edgar Allan Poe, Cher, Steve Jobs, Anthony Hopkins, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Steven Spielberg and Steven Hawking! Imagine Spielberg, Einstein and Da Vinci being considered “dummies” during their early years of school.
Painful, pedantic, obsessed, daydreamers,…but Oh, they had a gift. YES!
The gift of imagination and drive! They didn’t suffer from learning disability, but teaching disability. They were dyslexic, like me, and 10% of our population is!
This link is to help employers learn how to use “The Gift” that dyslexia provides to compensate for the learning, personality and behavioural traits that, sadly, 90% of our population don’t understand, mistakes as stupidity. and then bullies.
Imagine having a Branson or Spielberg in your workplace! Not saying that we are all geniuses, but dyslexic employees are some of the smartest, most imaginative and highly motivated people in your workgroup — we can mentally combine imaginary and real-world images in uniquely creative, intuitive and inventive ways for your business… I do this all the time with Tailored Artworks.
Instead of penalizing Dyslexics for written and oral language deficiencies, learn and profit from people with Dyslexia and our very special talents!
WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR GIFTS AND TRAITS? HERE’S ANOTHER LINK: https://www.dyslexia.com/about-dyslexia/signs-of-dyslexia/common-characteristics-of-adult-dyslexia/
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