Give your child the gift of encouragement and beauty

Fantasy Kids Portraits are customized artworks that encourage your kid’s ambition

Fantasy Kids Portrait are tailored to your child’s room kids room and guaranteed to match and be loved. At Tailored Artworks, this means custom made art that no-one else has. Artworks by Sharron Tancred are paintings, collages and wall murals, inspired by your decor and taste with a theme developed for you to encourage your child’s ambitions, play and imagination.

Kids Fantasy Portraits are about visualization. If your child wants to be a dancer, artist Sharron Tancred uses visualization to help them see themselves achieving that goal. Adults use this powerful technique in life and business to get results, so it’s a life changing technique to teach to your child. A Fantasy Portrait is a snapshot of childhood now but later, becomes a beautiful and nostalgic heirloom.

How we create your artwork- At your Art and Decor Planning Session we’ll photograph your child acting out the scene along with any props. Props are images of note that you would love in your artwork such as favorite toys, clothing, story books, flowers, etc. We make your art for your child as endearing, relevant and memorable as possible. Very special!

Looking for more involvement? Try these customized art ideas:

Kids Portraits: If a Fantasy Kids Portrait is more than what you are after, you can commission a Portrait and Sharron will paint or draw it for you in any medium on paper or canvas.

Private Kids Art Workshops – Your child’s artwork tailored to their space. Still want more interaction, educational enrichment and memories? Go a step further and have your child assist in a Private Kids Art Workshop. At Tailored Artworks, you can even do a Private Adult Art Workshop and involve your child in some of the artwork’s creation, for added flair and relevance!

About out Art and Decor Planning Sessions


The Grandkids Heirloom Watercolours – Kids Fantasy Portraits

Client brief — Judy, a loving and generous grandmother commissioned an original watercolour as an heirloom treasure for each of her grandchildren.

Our strategy — Sharron’s strategy has been to take sections of reference material and build the scene around the child as a relevant landscape. Sharron’s framed each one-of-a-kind watercolour to match the child’s bedroom suite.

Results – “Dear Sharron, These paintings is something I each child will cherish for life. The creation of such amazing artworks will bring a smile to the face of all our family for years to come. Mum and I both want to thank you for your hard work. Many thanks, Susan.”

‘Alex’s Fijian Adventure’ and “Bumble Bee Steals the Earth.’ – Kids Fantasy Portraits tailored to their rooms

Client brief – Maria’s beautiful new home is gradually filling with unique things. She decided her stepsons should also enjoy something special and so commissioned their childhood portraits.

Our strategy – One brother’s ambition to be an astronaut reminded him of his love of Bumble Bee, and the other brother’s fun loving sense of adventure on holiday in Fiji reminded him of his favourite book. Sharron photographed their favourite toys and clothing to build into the children’s portraits.

Results – “Dear Sharron, Thank you for my painting. It always reminds me of my favourite holiday in Fiji. I love that my best friends Monkey and Piggy are in it with me. Thank you for the colourful fish.” From Alexander, age 5

“Dear Sharron, I really like my painting. I like Bumblebee stealing the earth with me. I really like the alien in the rocket ship and Space Doggy and Sixteen. Thank you for my painting.” Tomas, age 4

‘Jack Is Racer X!’ and ‘Poppy’s Dance Spectacular.’ – Kids Fantasy Portraits

Jack’s Room brief – Jack and Poppy, are five-year-old twins whose parents wanted them to have something personal as heirloom gifts.

Jack’s room – Jack doesn’t say a lot, but he knows what he wants – his Racer X Car as big as life, with him driving it! His favourite road runner landscape, and the speed racer stripes were incorporated too.