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We love this concept! How do we proceed?

Thank you! You can book one of 3 sessions available to you on the Book a Package page or contact us for a friendly chat on 07 3491 6400 | 0419 428 628.

What credentials do you/your organisation have?
Sharron Tancred began Tailored Artworks in 2006 after a lengthy career in Illustration and Graphic Design. She studied an Illustration degree and two Diplomas in Graphic Design – one traditional and the other digital. Having decided to become an Art Stylist / Customised Artwork Specialist in 2006, Sharron gained Certificates in Interior Decorating and Colour Psychology, with further studies in Feng Shui.

Sharron Tancred has won business awards and several commendations for Tailored Artworks. She has alliances with several interior design firms in Brisbane and is a member of The Queensland Interior Designers Association (QIDA), the Housing Association (HIA) and Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Association (KBDI).

April 2018 Haymes paints sponsored Sharron Tancred to become a Haymes Paints Preferred Applicator for our new Haymes Artisan Feature walls range.

Could one item drastically improve your formal space?
If you look around your space, what it is that grabs your eye? Is it the rug? Is it your mess? Is it the cushions and the vase? Is it the cluster of family photos above your lounge suite? What is the one thing you could introduce to tie it all together?


How do you price your work?
It is a fair, highly itemised needs and services based system. We have prices in five centimetre increments for every size and type of canvas and frame which allows us to give you an immediate and accurate price. Likewise, we have prices for all of our substrates, suppliers prices, various paint systems, freight and packaging, and any art hanging.


Other time-based factors include project management, presentations, research and design, and painting and glazing, which are all variables that depend on what you require. So, to price your artwork we need first to ascertain what the job is, fully, thumbnail design and quote it. All it takes is a chat, a few photos, measurements and an email or two!

Can you work with our budget?
Feel free to suggest a budget! We are comparable or more affordable than the galleries because you are dealing directly with the artist, Sharron Tancred. Our system is fully itemised and structured so that you only pay for what you want.
But I can't afford custom-made art!

Can you afford an entirely new decor? One piece of artwork that will unite your current decor in just one step, plus create a beautiful and meaningful space, is far cheaper than a whole redecoration! We have many clients on strict budgets. We allow them to pay their artworks off over a period with the work delivered after the final payment.

More about pricing

Tailored Artworks is value oriented. Sharron believes that everyone should be able to afford their own individualised treasure that looks and feels fantastic. You will be dealing directly with Sharron who is the artist and decorator and therefore save any middleman costs. Artists who use industry promotion methods increase their artwork’s sell price by about 20% every two years with unknown middleman markups whereas we have developed a completely transparent system. Sharron’s hourly design and painting rates rarely change, although our suppliers’ prices are variable.

If you need Sharron to sourece any decorating, you’ll get her trade rate and just pay Sharron’s hourly rate.  Work Sharron cannot do, she’ll invite another professional to the job and in many instances, especially where installation is required,   you can pay them directly for the purposes of saving admin costs and warranty insurance.

It is a fair, highly itemised needs and services based system. For canvases and frames we have prices in five centimetre increments for every size and type which allows us to give you an immediate and accurate price. Likewise, we have prices for all of our paint systems, freight and packaging, and any art hanging!

Other time-based factors include project management, presentations, research and design, and painting and glazing, which are all variables that depend on what you require. So, to price your artwork we need first to ascertain the job fully, thumbnail design and quote it. All it takes is a chat, a few photos, measurements and an email or two!

We keep an eye on the art market rates to ensure that our prices present superb value.

You will save on many costs buying multiple artworks and get more wow for your dollar.

Being an itemised pricing system, the end price can be massaged to meet your budget.  At Tailored Artworks, we provide excellent value while solving your problem.


We live a long way from Brisbane, Australia. Is that a problem?

Not at all! Sharron will take a brief over the phone or via email. She needs photos of your space from a distance showing the whole wall and the room’s interior decor and some close ups so that she can sample colours. Sharron will also request specific measurements from you. She will then create thumbnail designs for your approval and a quote which will include freight costs to your location using one of our dedicated art couriers.

We would like a mural done instead of art on canvas and we are a plane flight away from you. How can you manage that for us?
We can design the mural long distance then you can either fly Sharron to your location and pay for accommodation, or she can find another artist to paint the artwork onto your wall and manage them for you long distance.
How do we choose frames long distance?
We have a large range of samples at hand to match to your photos or at on-site meetings.
Do you have any artwork or design finishes that can be shipped to us?

You are in luck! We can ship our custom painted artworks to you and we even have a sister-business called The Mural Shop which prints our original artworks onto custom design finishes such as splashbacks, outdoor murals, glass murals, tile murals and more! These can be printed to custom dimensions and shipped worldwide. 


How long does it take?
We have a first in, best-dressed studio booking system. Depending on availability, it takes two weeks to have your canvas built, two- to -three weeks ’ painting time, followed by one week at the framers’, after which you can have our professional art hanger deliver and hang it! So, allow approximately two months.
Waiting List
Tailored Artworks has evolved to include limited edition art printed onto tiles, glass, galvo… anything.  While the painting of original artworks can mean a longer time frame, the Built-in Art Assets range are relatively prompt for appointment and design time.

The best way is to call for a chat.


What if I don’t like it?
That never happens! Our artwork is guaranteed to match your space and be loved, or we will amend it at no extra cost. Our unique creative process, developed since 2006, allows you every possible opportunity for comment and change. Nothing is delivered that you do not love.
What if we move house?
Go ahead! Your artwork is designed to match your furniture and accessories that will move with you. It will still look and feel great.
What if we don’t know what we want until we see it?
No worries! We will design it first so that you can see it. You will see a thumbnail sketch of your artwork or mural based on your words from Sharron’s mind- mapping technique.
How do we know that it will suit our space?
Your design will be drawn from scratch according to the rules of interior design so that it looks fantastic in your space, and even fixes problems within it .
Sharron can also apply your artwork, splashback and tiles etc to your space in Photoshop, even add accessories!
How do we know that you will not deviate from the plan?
You may see your artwork at up to five stages in whole, in detail and on its wall: thumbnail, digital draft, style, half-way and final. Your artwork is guaranteed to be loved or we will amend it at no extra cost to you, which costs us, and we do not want that! We follow a careful process and stick to our agreed-upon plan.


At Tailored Artworks your Artist and Decorator Sharron Tancred has set the trend in Australia
for customised art tailored that transforms your corporate or residential space.

With Tailored Artworks, you learn as you go and play a part in your artwork’s creation. Any one of our art based products can fix, enhance or inspire your decor having been crafted to the rules of interior design. Our aim is to provide stunning conversation pieces as heirlooms or as points of difference, beauty, meaning and design relevance that can stay with your property and add value to it for when you sell.

It is art for the heart and from the heart, that Tailored Artworks guarantees will match
your decor and be loved or we’ll amend it at no extra cost to you.

PS. Some conditions apply for Built-in Art Assets

About the Artwork

What is the quality of your all of your artworks?
You will receive gallery quality art – not cheap market work from a novice, nor incredibly high end ultra-expensive work like in the museums.
I like modern art, and my husband prefers formal, classical art. How do we know that you can please us both?
Different tastes are a common issue! Did you know that women often prefer unbalanced, more casual layouts and men centred, formal designs? The other commonality is clients saying they would like abstract when it turns out they would like stylised art that they can understand. When we look through our style album, you will find commonalities that will surprise you both – you might even learn something about one another! It is a fun exercise that all our clients love and find hugely rewarding.
What if we want a style or a medium that you haven’t done yet?
That’s not a problem! Sharron Tancred began her career as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer and is adept at creating or learning new styles. Show Sharron what you would like, and she will create it for you.
Can we buy or see your art in a gallery or online?
Sharron Tancred is a commission-only artist so you work direct with her and pay no middleman fee. You can commission Sharron long distance or in person through an Art and Decor Planning Session. You can see most of Sharron’s work, right here online or on any of our Social Media sites.
What is the largest size you can paint on canvas?
We offer two types of canvases. The largest size available is in our custom-made grade which you can have made up to 2 metres x 2.95 metres. The final size depends on your choice of frame.

Why Us?

The Why: What is your powerful reason for being?
Sharron Tancred believes in beauty and meaning and individualism and wants everyone and every home to have more art in it.

Sharron finds inspiration in people’s stories and isn’t a big believer in art competitions but that the market itself is the competition.

Sharron Tancred is about stories and relevance. She’s about art that lasts, art that is loved, and matches the lounge! She’s about art that becomes an heirloom. Sharron loves the idea of her original artworks going into a loving home where it will be treasured because of its meaning to you and because art can add sparkle and enrichment and, maximise your property’s value!

What makes you different to other companies?
…You could get prints for more or less than the cost of our custom made art service, but they would not be tailored to your decor, nor imbued with the individualism that Sharron has put into your artwork as a result of your conversations. Giclee prints are only fine quality laser prints that will fade over the years. Artists make very good returns on Giclee prints because they cost very little to produce in-house. The frame is often worth more than the print.

…You could buy ready-made art, but you wouldn’t get the scale of artwork that we can create for you which lines up with your architectural layout and streamlines your space. Prints are paper-size dependent. Artworks and photos printed onto canvas are likely to sag and fade over time. For prints to last, they must use quality UV stable inks and varnishes on gallery quality canvases, which are much more expensive than what can be output at bulk- manufactured sell prices.

…You could get your wall painted in a feature colour or texture, or even wallpapered, but it will have voids. You may still feel the need to hang artwork after all. We paint Haymes Artisan Feature walls and layer a mural on it to avoid this and get the best of both worlds!

…You could hang a collection of family photos on your wall for the same price, but in a larger formal space like a foyer, an art niche, or around a TV, lots of wall clutter looks too busy because it fights with all the other small items in your space. Formal spaces thrive on less.

…You could try painting an artwork or mural yourself to save money, but DIY artworks tend to create far less effective results than what a customised artwork specialist like Sharron Tancred can create for you. Have a look at our Private Art Workshops!

The true value of Tailored Art Works

Tailored Artworks are an excellent value because you are getting an original or limited edition artwork as a Built-in Art Asset tailored to your home.

You will also receive interior decorating tips to help you DIY your space and save time and money and your artwork will become a treasured heirloom for your home because it is designed to last.   Your artwork will earn its value as a focal point in every home you move to because it is designed to match your furniture and accessories.

You will learn about art and the rules of interior decorating throughout your artwork commission process, giving you value through education, enlightenment and a plan of attack for your home or corporate space.

What bonuses do you offer?

One bonus is contacts and a united vision.  With Sharron Tancred and her team (architects, builders, tilers, glaziers, wall and window covering specialists, painters and interior designers, etc) we work on your interior decor inspired by art so the process is easier and more united.

Second bonus, at Art and Decor Planning Sessions you will receive decor tips and lessons to help you improve your space.

Third bonus, commission art or book a training session and you will receive a free colour wheel and a lesson on how to use it so that you can take the plan Sharron has given you and expand upon it in your other rooms.

What have I got to lose?


Not proceeding with Tailored Artworks’ guaranteed Art and Decor Planning Service service leaves you with riskier options. You could lose money when the the seller does not refund you because your chosen artwork does not look as great as you thought. You could fail in your attempt to DIY your art and decor because of your lack of knowledge or design talent, despite having watched too many unrealistic DIY Home Decor shows; and inability to paint a masterpiece!

It is extremely easy to fail to grasp the nuances of how art and decor work together. This can lead to an unimpressive result for your space and a less effective artwork that your spouse wants to be replaced, (we’ve seen it happen again and again), which costs you more and sadly, creates angst.  Wouldn’t it be easier to create a customised artwork with an art and decor expert, and receive art that is guaranteed to match your space and be loved?

Choose which package is right for you!


About Sharron

More about Sharron Tancred
Sharron Tancred is a fun-loving mum of two beautiful girls and wife to an air traffic controller husband. They live in Brisbane, Australia, on a lake near Moreton Bay. Sharron is outgoing and a ball to be around as there ’ s never a joke or a prank far from her mind! She loves a laugh and being silly with her two girls. She enjoys being surrounded by the green of a rainforest on a good long walk, or out in her large garden which she tends when time permits. Sharron also tries to get to the beach and enjoy the breezes, sun and space or just sit, watch a long movie and enjoy a few glasses of Merlot ! Otherwise, it’s off to enjoy the company of her many old friends and family.


When you are working with Sharron, you will find her professional but relaxed and full of information and little décor lessons to inspire you.

What awards have you won?

1993 Clayfield College Senior Art Award
1996 CATC Gold Award for Illustration & Graphic Design
2002- 04 Silver / Gold Australian Catalogue Awards for Illustration of Grape Liquor Markets Catalogues 2003- 05 Artworks sold at Auctions
2006 Highly Commended Award, “The most innovative and emotionally engaging business” Pine Rivers Shire, Small Business Success Story Competition
2008 Nominated, Best New Local Business
2009 Highly Commended Award, Regional Arts and Culture Achievements Award
2010 1st prize, retail section, Pine Rivers Quest Business Achiever’s Awards
2010 Nominated, Regional Achievement Awards
2009 Current Exhibitions, Courier Mail, Sunday Mail, Brisbane Home | HIA Expos
2012 Current Public speaking – “How Art Works with the Rules of Interior Design” for Queensland Homes, Brisbane Home Show, The Build and Design Centre (South Brisbane), Queensland Building Designers Association, T.A.F.E Colleges, Moreton Shire Regional Libraries, Commercial Art Training Centre (CATC), Art Land, Queensland Interior Designers Association (QIDA).
2015 Professional Affiliations with Interior Designers: Tracie Dunne Interior Design Group, Assorted Spaces, New Leaf Design Studios.
2018 Nominated Moreton Bay Region – Telstra Innovation Excellence Awards

Who have you worked with? Name drop!
Since 2006, Tailored Artworks has created designs, hand-painted wall murals, and custom made artworks on canvas for many high-end companies and individuals.


These clients have included brand names like Westfield, Aurora Tower, and Toshiba Corporation. Sharron has created murals for the Aged Care sector including Regis, Mckenzie, Blue Care, Queensland Health, Spiritus, IRT, and BUPA Aged Care.

She has created artworks and conducted private workshops for celebrities such as John Hawkins, Australian Parlimentary Senators like MP Luke Howarth and MP Jo Lindgren, and builders like David Roberts Constructions, LK International, Valeco Homes and RCon Constructions.

Sharron has created focal points for the homes of numerous lawyers, doctors, and professional and trade business owners as well as for everyday mum and dads in the everyday Aussie home. Because Sharron’s artworks are about relevance they attract clients from all walks of life.

The Mural Shop

Is The Mural Shop another company that you work with ?

Nope! The Mural Shop is the child of Tailored Artworks, run by Sharron Tancred.

Why is The Mural Shop a different brand to Tailored Artworks.

Although The Mural Shop and Tailored Artworks are owned by the same person and have the same artwork, they have different goals. The Mural Shop is an online shop offering printed and shipped products worldwide while Tailored Artworks focuses on more bespoke, custom artwork and decorating tailored to you!

Can I combine your Tailored Artworks services with The Mural Shop products?

Absolutely! In fact, we often incorporate The Mural Shop products into our home decoration projects. For example, we can select textured paint finishes and artworks to compliment products procured through The Mural Shop. 

What products does The Mural Shop sell?

Aged Care and Dementia

What are props for Interaction?

Props for interaction. Save your staff time and costly errors when we, as decorators, source and install all the themed props for you.  A well-executed theme creates far more believable and interactive spaces. We enhance our Environmental Design with Wayfinding Strategies inclusive of Haymes Artisan Textured Feature Walls which increase resident interaction but only in the places we deem safe.

Following overseas trends for fun and interactive themes are far more engaging for your dementia residents, their families and friends in contrast to boutique hotel styles. We have proven that interactive design for dementia works with our recent Wesley Mission foyer renovation


How can we disguise doors to prevent residents trying to escape?

Our new Dementia Door Wraps- Additionally, to help you demonstrate your care to families, we’ve created a new library of Individual Dementia Resident Room Door Wraps. The Mural Shop has themed decor styles including our delightful Art Series featuring some wraps suitable for Exit Door Diversion.  Our Door Wraps help you to correctly theme and interactively individualise your hallways to vastly improve room wayfinding.


Design and functionality

Design and functionality. Our custom designed hand-painted murals and a range of Built-in Art Assets can combine to help you solve environmental design issues. When mural artworks are psychological, they can inhibit resident behaviours, for example, urination on doors.  

We do everything for you. Artist and interior decorator Sharron Tancred holistically views your space. Most importantly, it is the combination of fun themes, memory cues and highly visible colours sourced from your decor that conceals your dementia exit doors more believably. Likewise, these tactics assist in resident wayfinding. 


Exit Diversion Murals

Dementia exit door ideas. The most distressing zones are dementia exit doors. Concealing fire doors means that residents can no longer perceive them. 

Beware the bookcase door wraps!  We do not believe in bookcase door wraps!  It is dangerous to encourage dementia residents to stand in front of your constantly opening exit door, trying to pick out a book! Instead, we use science and psychology to create door disguise strategies tailored to your space.


Environmental design science

 Tailored Artworks uses dementia-specific viseo-spatial research on colour, shape perception, luminescence and contrast to construct our murals and themed spaces. 


Our Aged Care and Dementia clientele since 2009

Queensland Health, Spiritus Aged Care, McKenzie Aged Care, Blue Care, BUPA, IRT Aged Care, RSL Care and Wesley Mission Aged Care and Seasons Aged Care.

The research provided to us by our Australian Aged Care clients ensures that we:  

  • create believable and interactive spaces by using the existing architecture to define the scene
  • tactfully encourage residents to move on rather than dither behind the doors
  • place residents into meaningful scenes through painted barricades that suggest they can see there, but can’t go there
    • create relevance through cues to read and reminisce on cultural objects and pastime activities
    • engage with your market demographics, area and brand

    Our design phase includes-

  • creating mood boards that present our interior decorating ideas
  • the setting up a Trello Board for instant access to group communication, images, links and approvals
  • online image research for the construction of accurate compositions
  • the  positioning of our digital draft in your space to help you visualise the outcome

    The mural installation process includes-  
  • an OHSC letter detailing all requirements
  • accurately projecting your approved mural onto your wall
  • seeking approval at numerous stages
  • the application of 1 or more protective coats of low-VOC varnish for easy cleaning
  • and lastly, the supply of final photos for your marketing

    Call us or book an appointment to receive–

  • a four hour intensive Art and Décor Planning Session on-site
  • an in-depth discussion on the challenges of your facility and your goals for it
  • thumbnail sketches with interactive prop ideas
  • an itemised quotation
    • Note: Additionally, formal visual presentations are available for an extra fee

Corporate Art

Scientific corporate art – Colour Psychology working for your business

 Colour psychology has been researched and implemented for thousands of years. Human reaction to colour is noted across cultures for advertising and the interior design of places such as prisons, hospitals, aged care facilities, multi-res buildings and hotels, to name a few.

We apply Colour Psychology to all corporate spaces to imbue a positive response from your clients and staff. 

Tax-deductible customised corporate art

 Framed artworks or artworks by a living Australian artist that are not a fixed part of the building are 100% tax-deductible for businesses with annual incomes less than 2 million.  All GST is claimable.  You can claim Corporate Artworks under $1000 as advertising. Above this, original corporate artworks can depreciate for up to 10 years.

Wall Mural depreciation – Like our Aged Care Murals, Corporate wall murals can claim 2% depreciation for all businesses as capital works but are not deductible being parts of capital works.

Can we reproduce it?

While Tailored Artworks retains all copyrights under Australian Intellectual Property Law, we give you the right to reproduce your corporate art for your in-house marketing. We want you to increase your brand message with “unspoken” branding by allowing your corporate artwork to add value to your organisation.

 Send your photos, measurements and a brief to receive a quote.

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