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Whether you are building, buying or decorating your home, they will all share common problems – walls, and your need for feature wall ideas!

 Did you know that some walls can be incredibly hard to decorate?  Walls like pesky stairwells and art niches, tall skinny walls or super-sized walls as found in large rooms with cathedral ceilings and what on earth is going to be the best solution for that TV Wall?

 Getting the right fit helps, but you will also want home decor artwork that expresses, well, YOU and, you will want a “Wow!” to exude from anyone who enters the room! Absolutely!

 So, how do you get those desired oohs and ahhs and where do you start?  

Did you know that many interior designers begin with artwork as inspiration?  Art does so much for your décor and how you feel about your space.

 Your ideal feature wall art will define your colour palette and confirm the layout of the room, i.e. informal or formal. Art is vital for establishing the style of your area be it minimalist, mid-century modern or art deco!

Art will illustrate the theme of your room in keeping with its purpose, i.e. a cuisine theme for your kitchen dining area.

Art done right will add missing elements to your decors like texture, contrast and soul and art can create relevance for you and your family. What could be more beautiful than having artwork that is all about your favourite holiday destination!

Here are five common problems that most people struggle with, most of which are resolved through merely commissioning art:  

 1.  TV Walls – The problem with TV walls is that usually furniture and TV placement presents a low staggered arrangement of shapes contrasted against the wall’s height. TV furniture configurations tend to cause a top-heavy, upside down u-shape void above them that annoys the heck out of you and is nigh impossible to dress!

The best solution is a hand-painted Mural designed for your TV wall to be asymmetrical, meaning that both sides of the wall artwork will be different, but overall, balanced. With a mural, there is no need to hang any other home decor artwork, no need for wallpaper and it will be awe-inspiring! Ooh and ahh!  Why not make it an experience and save costs with an Art Workshop!

2. Lounge room walls – Hanging a grouping of items over a lounge can fight with the all lounge cushion shapes, so simple is best. One large artwork will act as your dominant focal point! That’s called minimalism, folks! 

To work out your wall artwork size, place markers on your wall relevant to its shape and scale, i.e. landscape for landscape.  Measure the canvases bottom roughly 20cm (two fist heights) above your furniture and its top lining up with a window/door architrave to create a streamlined grouping – not a disconnected artwork floating up in space.

Take the canvas’s edges to the ends of your lounge suite. A typical artwork above a three-seater maybe 180cm x 90-100cm.

If your wall is much broader than your lounge, measure artwork to fit the wall proportionately and plan to place side tables under the artworks overhang to balance the overall grouping.  Always dress the wall first!

Choose a frame that matches your timber and/or metallic accents to pull the entire scheme together. Your artworks frame is the jewellery for your decor, linking to your timber and metallic finishes, never leave it out.

3. Dining Room Walls – The latest trend for dining rooms is to hang a feature wall artwork that is longer and slightly deeper than your dining room table! This technique creates a fabulous and hugely impressive backdrop for you and your awed guests. It could be anything, even a family portrait!

Never hang a mirror over a lounge or dining table as you will see backs of heads and yourself talking, which is most distracting and a wasted opportunity!

Another feature wall idea is to hand-paint a mural or a silhouette mural over a Haymes Artisan Texture, to create a gorgeous atmosphere and increase future sales appeal. Hand-painted murals are so much more exciting and value-adding than wallpaper which often, still requires art. Do it once and do it right!

4. High ceilings – Cavernous spaces are the result of high ceilings and can prove extremely challenging to dress. The solution is not only a canvas proportioned to the wall, its height and architectural lines, but in the design of the artwork itself through-line and the distribution of tone.

A series of horizontal lines or shapes nearer the bottom of your artwork will draw the eye down away from the height of your ceiling, as well having the darkest areas of tone down low, so it does not feel top-heavy.

Much of decorating is about leading the eye around the space through line, shape and colour. Hence, art plays a more significant role then most people realize!

5. Art niches – Pesky art niches are defined shapes built into your wall, be it from ceiling to floor or a confirmation like 50 x 100cm and 10cm deep.

If your art niche is very deep, that is where you place sculpture. Art niches are not where you hang a cluster of family photos! 

Whatever your niche size, it is always the hallmark of a more formal space and typically requires an artwork with formal design. 

For instance, one niche centred on a wall will best suit art with a centrally balanced composition. It is about going with what is already established, architecturally, to achieve a streamlined result. Having your canvas built, so that its edges are equidistant to its shape is the only way to perfect your art niche.

6. Feature Wall Ideas – textured wall paints came in 30 years ago and like all trends went out and came back in again.  Similarly, wallpaper, out and in. 

Both wallpaper and feature wall textures are big right now, but their technology and scope have greatly improved.  Haymes Artisan range of feature wall ideas are simply divine.  Tailored Artworks, is one of Haymes Paints preferred applicators. 

The beauty of the Haymes Artisan textures is that they are organic – unlike wallpaper, which is a pattern.  Ultimately, layer Haymes Artisan with feature wall art or even a 1 colour silhouette mural and you will have the best feature walls in your neighbourhood!

Written by Sharron Tancred, Artist and Decorator, Tailored Artworks. Brisbane.



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