Forests Edge Apartments’ Multi-Residential Mural Artwork


One of the hardest accomplishments is to please everyone.  Corporate art with a universal theme is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.  This is the story of how a hand-painted mural was created in just 1 day. Now that’s budget-minded!

>> The brief: Karen was building the Forests Edge Apartments at Chermside West and decided that a hand-painted mural on its four-story pool and BBQ area wall would create a feminine, high-quality style statement. She wanted something geometric and flowing, that everyone would love.  What sort of corporate art would do that?

>>Strategy: Tailored Artworks Artist and Decorator Sharron Tancred researched geometric floral designs for Karen and found a beautiful folk art pattern that met her brief. To keep to the budget of $1800, Sharron invited Karen to help!  She would draw the design on the 4 story wall and paint the outlines and details helping Karen to quickly fill them in with colour!

>> The results: A hand-painted mural across four stories of scaffolding and 30meters wide is no small feat, but the job was completed on budget and in one day! Moreover, the mural could be clearly seen from the carpark to create an immediate appeal to ladies seeking for a lovely new nest.  This corporate artwork hit its mark and the apartments sold in late 2016. A great result.

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