Looking to renovate? Who do you need: Builder, Architect, Interior Designer or Decorator?

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Editorials

Think you need a Brisbane Builder?  When building, renovating and decorating, who should you use for what job?  

The answer is, the builder doesn’t design. Firstly, you’ll discover that Brisbane Builders will not give you a quote if you are not ready to proceed immediately. Because it can cost builders thousands to do a quote, they are reticent to spend their time if you are researching renovating down the track or buying a property. 

Builders are not Interior Designers. They may have an opinion, but their training could leave you with a lousy lighting plan, wasted space and out of date fittings and styling. A note on builders is to ensure that they are Licenced and purchase the QBCC insurances for your build.

On a structural build and most renovations, the first step is a Building Designer and Interior Designer and then the builder. Most design professionals team-up, which makes your life easier. Our company Tailored Artworks collaborates with them all.

An Architect typically doesn’t build or do Interior Design. Architects crafts the structure for the builder to make and the designer to improve upon with her considered plans for lighting, storage, livability and finishes. 

Interior Decorators choose colours, lamps, cushions, vases and ready-made artwork and assign a painter, cabinet maker and other trades to bring it together. However, Interior Decorators are typically not trained to design a kitchen or bathroom as the Interior Designer does who has completed a three year Degree. Some Interior Designers will not venture into soft furnishings and art because they only like the structural design and its fittings process or may feel that they don’t have that touch. Interior Designer-Decorators do both, like The Block’s Artist, Decorator and Designer – Shayna Blaze.

Then there are Stylists. Even Artist-Decorators who use what you already have, build on it and pull it all together, as Tailored Artworks does. More on us below.   

A word on copyright. Note that it can be unwise to build with an architect-builder because the architect owns the copyright of their plans. For instance, if you don’t like the ideas you have paid for, and decide to sack the architect, he can retain the drawings, and you will be out of pocket. Such a case happened to friends of ours years ago who are very savvy business people. 

Similarly, always build with a financially stable company.  Indeed, this is hard to know! The best way to construct is with a Consumer Protection Agent who sources the best quotes from the best and most trusted Brisbane Builders, and Building Designers compares apples with apples and oversees the building process. Building Agents also check your pre-existing quotes. 

Why bother? Because you want to capitalise on the money that you spend rather than on a builder going broke on your job and then make the best decisions for lifestyle, quality and DESIGN $TYLE with Interior Designers, Decorators and Stylists.

Fix, enhance and inspire with a Makeover or Cosmetic Renovation.

Sometimes, you won’t need ANY of them! All you might need is some inspiration for focal point areas and styling. Art is one of the best starting points because it encompasses everything you want to see, feel and say in the one highly visible focal point. Further, clever cosmetic solutions can be far cheaper and allow you to retain the quality fixtures of your home and most of its furniture and accessories, thus saving costs and memories.

For example, a Mosaic, a Tile Mural, Glass Mural  or a Real Art Splashback idea can unite your entire open-plan space and its finishes with a fresh new look and none of the cost. Cleverly selecting designer feature walls and balancing them throughout your home breaks up the sea of neutral, and adds atmosphere and opportunities to layer art for sophistication.

Cosmetic Renovations include colour selections and speciality paint finishes, artwork and some decorating indoors and out. Tailored Artworks is one of Australia’s top Art Stylists and Cosmetic Renovators with products for all spaces and applications.

So, think smart on your project and use the right professionals from the start.

 So, still need a Brisbane Builder? Search well and remember, tell him Tailored Artworks sent you!



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