Haymes Artisan Features

Unite your art and decor when we apply any of the Haymes Paints Artisan Collection of unique texture finishes to warm your space with beauty, colour, texture and atmosphere.

Tailored Artworks, lovers of all things textured and organic offer you the Haymes Artisan Features!  Artisan is a collection of speciality paints developed by Haymes Paints to imbue beautiful organic finishes to walls.

An Artisan feature is perfect for the layering of artwork or to add a sense of atmosphere to your property.  Tailored Artworks, a Haymes Paints preferred applicator, can show you hand-made sample books and boards at your Art and Decor Planning Session.

Artisan includes Textures, Metallics and Surface ranges in a broad spectrum of colours to produce effects like Matt Polish, a divine, iridescent impact for soft, romantic interiors. Other effects include Mortar, reminiscent of an African village hut; Rust and Iron, containing real iron flakes that, used in conjunction with Patina, will create an authentic rusted cast-iron effect; Copper and Patina, beautiful for kitchens, bathrooms and water features; and Industrial, Metal Trace, Gravity and Brushed that all offer luxuriant depth with their richly textured contrasts.

Hand in hand with Tailored Artworks, you can have the Artisan Collection enhance your framed and professionally hung large artwork or any of our Built-in Art Assets like a Textured Printed Art on Tiles, Glass, Acoustic…, Anything; a Real Art Kitchen Splashback, Hand Painted Wall Mural, Art into Mosaic or a Moveable Outdoor Mural to link your interior and outdoor spaces through style, theme and colour.

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