>> The brief: 8-year-old Phoebe lives a magical life secluded within the clouds and trees of her mountain home. Being home schooled, her family look for enriching relevant experiences like this. The brief was to inspire vibrant colours into the home’s space and tell a story to last the generations.

>> Our strategy: Sharron’s aerial scene’s composed of layers of birdlife, clouds and Phoebe’s hillside playground for tobogganing, watering, singing and dancing. Phoebe’s the hero, like Liberace dashing out a tune on her piano. Childhood’s an orchestration of colours, smells, sounds and memories; a symphony played once but captured here forever.

>> The results: “Dear Sharron, We just wanted to say a big thank you for such a fantastic day. Phoebe had a wonderful time and learnt so much! I also had a very relaxing and enjoyable day by your pool! Thank you for making Phoebe and I feel so welcome in your studio as well as the delicious food!”

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