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Carindale – Bo Ho Natural Style Renovation!

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>>The brief: Susan and John were at the stage where their home was bursting at the seams. A fight for space and sanity between their four teenage boys, mates and computer game needs and their business’s extensive filing systems, their house was feeling less than restful. Hence, Su and John began an exciting journey to express themselves through artwork to inspire their complete home decor planning and renovation.

Our brief was divided into three stages. One-space planning and creation of ”The Four Pixies” fantasy art commission to establish an intriguing Bo Ho Natural style. Two, the design and installation of custom textured features over walls and our bespoke cabinetry design for the office and informal TV Room. In addition, the unification of lights, door hardware, artwork frames and selection of rugs. Stage three requires a TV Wall Mural, Glass Mural Design, soft furnishings, rugs and cushions! As artists who decorate, that’s what we do!

>>Our strategy: We believe in low-waste wellness design that raises a home’s vibe in harmony with its architectural style. At our briefing, while designing the Pixies” artwork design and production, and to enrich the existing tile flooring, we selected two custom textured features from the Haymes Artisan Collection to create the Bo Ho Natural style: Mortar and Copper Patina.

At stage two, these hand-painted blue-green effects evoked a soothing forest vibe. Indeed, they enhanced the foyer’s Mediterranean style pillars, imbued waterfall-like features and created calm for the media room and master suite.

Living Room Mood Board
Master Bedroom Mood Board – T & W Charcoal Klein Rug

During this time, we selected new outdoor timber tiles and finishes and completed the bespoke cabinetry design and TV Wall Murals as reflected in our Mood Boards.

Experimentation with The Haymes Artisan Copper Patina created unique cabinetry finishes reflective of waterfalls.

While designing the master suite layout, we struck gold with two gorgeous rope pendants from Fat Shack Vintage, a superb quality area rug to match from Temple and Webster!

Antique Brass door hardware from Furnware Group united added to the Bo Ho Natural style.

Stage three is set to go after Su and John’s extension is completed in unison with our building designer, Dave Russell from Urban Design Solutions at Hawthorne.

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