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By Sharron Tancred

Our collaboration here and at The Brisbane Home Show is the brainchild of Sharron Tancred. United, we work to the one end vision inspired by your Tailored Art. 

Sharron is a graphic designer, illustrator, artist and decorator who individualises your home with meaningful art built-into its environment. Together, our design team plans the completed feel right from the start! A themed decor lovingly imbued by Tailored Artworks unique range of Built-in Art Assets will make your property flow inside and out, infusing it with colour, style and personality!

We make your new build, renovation or decorating project much more straightforward with our collaboration of Building, Landscape, Pool and Interior Designers and Stylists. Sharron is also launching The Mural Shop for custom printed murals delivered to your door which will make our process so much quicker, intuitive and visual.



Dave Russell


Boutique Home Building Design and Interior Design in Brisbane and beyond

Officially, we’re in the business of building design services and Interior Design.

We’re a team of designers and technicians who design new homes; design renovations, extensions, and raise-ups to existing homes; work with developers and town planners to design multi-residential dwellings, and integrate building design with interior design and landscape design. We create visual designs for our clients, and detailed scale plans for the approval process and construction.

But we go above and beyond that because our real goal is to improve lifestyles and living spaces.

We don’t produce mass-market designs that ignore the site and ignore your needs. Our briefing process is all about getting in touch with the project and with you as a person. Our designs are driven by how you live, what you want, and what you need—now and in the future.

Because we’re not just designing ‘a’ house. We’re designing ‘your’ house. Complete with a beautiful kitchen and bathroom design and the right finishes to suit your taste, style and customized artworks too.

Urban Design Solutions end result is a beautiful design that’s perfect for your home, perfect for your family, perfect for your life.



Dave Russell
Dave Russell


Creative spaces by creative people

Everscapes, founded in 2002, focuses on creating landscape sanctuaries for home environments that busy professionals will find a private oasis, away from the demands of their hectic lives.

We consult individually with clients from Brisbane to Melbourne, creating bespoke environments to merge your interior and outdoor rooms seamlessly. With an emphasis on sustainable, beautiful, functional and private spaces, each landscape design is unique.

Everscapes also designs and installs Infinity Pools.  Purpose-created to merge with your landscape and engineered to best suit it’s site layout Everscapes is more than capable of creating pools that other companies would deem impossible to build. Having your landscape design and pool installed by the same contractor will save many thousands of dollars.  Everscapes is recognised as featured in television and many design, home and gardening magazines.

We look forward to our alliance with Tailored Artworks to infuse more art and expression into Everscapes Landscape and Pool designs.



Dave Russell