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>> Did you know that home renovations happen roughly every 30 years?

The Brisbane Home Show statistics for September 2019 stated that 28% of their visitors were looking to spend over $100,000 on their new build, home renovations or cosmetic home makeover and that 50% of these visitors expected to finish their project within the next 12 months. Reports like these create a positive outlook for the renovation industry if you are pondering a home makeover. Let’s take a look at what that means for a budget home renovation.

Home Show’s home renovation statistics report also stated:

  • 13% of people were spending over $250,000
  • 25% over $100,000 -$250,00
  • 25% less than $25,000, the rest in between $25,000 to $100,000.  

Now consider bathroom renovations at 61%, kitchens 56%, gardens and landscaping at 51%, interior design 30% and pools and spas at 20%. If you are on a renovation budget, how can you afford to do it all? A cosmetic home makeover may be worth considering.


Ann and Earle’s Beach House Reno.

Now enter Ann and Earle from Peregian Beach with their 1980’s beach house, fantastic views and sea breezes but an outdated cream decor style. While the house was structurally right as many are from the ’80s and ’90s, Ann and Earle were looking for inspiration on how to make their home renovations look and feel more their own and refresh it for beach lifestyle and perhaps selling in 10 or so years.  

There are many ways to refresh a home without changing the structure:

Problems with the list!

What if you didn’t need new furniture? Maybe you hate wallpaper. Do you need the entire home renovated inside and out and don’t know how to take your interior design style there?

About Built-in Art Assets

It is with the statistics noted and, clients’ requests over 18 Brisbane Home Shows, that we’ve created our range of Built-in Art Assets to help people Individualise their home with meaningful art built-into its environment. Built-in Art Assets create big points of difference immediately within the built environment and include practical ideas for splashbacks, glass and tile murals, mosaic features, indoor and outdoor mural products and Haymes Artisan effects to unite the entire scheme. 

But, Ann and Earle, you ask?

Well, first we designed artwork inspired by Ann and Earle’s love of where the jungle meets the beach and International travel. Then they chose our hand-painted Haymes Artisan textural effects throughout their home and a bit of interior decorating! We use Artisan Surface Gravity in Blue Velvet and Clouded Rock, deftly uplifting the existing laminates and finishes. No need to replace a thing and that’s why it’s called a Cosmetic Home Renovation or a Cosmetic Home Makeover.

Inside and out

We enhanced every room from the loo, bathroom, master bedroom, living room, kitchen, hallways and downstairs office to the pool area quickly taking our 2 Haymes Artisan textures throughout. Later, Ann and Earle can have their artwork digitised into a mosaic or printed or hand-painted onto galvo sheeting as a Moveable Outdoor Mural for the pool area to make a big statement!

Art for the Heart- where it all begins.

The two artworks painted for lucky Ann and Earle will create an impressive focal point for their inner stairwell and, being visible from all areas, unite the spaces. We increased Jungle Lux styling with cushions, rugs, throws and a few lights hitting the target for our budget home renovations, adding the personality and getting results without fuss. We will get final photos after Christmas sometime.

Process.  Communication is essential for any job. 

We make communications easy with Trello Board! Trello is a free app that everyone joins to share comments, images, links and more making Tailored Artworks budget home renovation job so much easier!

Trello Boards are organised after your Art and Decor Planning Session where we create the plan to update your home cosmetically. Following your session, a mood board is created for you with a list of items researched online, all added to your Trello Board for you along with all your paint colours and links to the products that you can buy yourself.

What happens if you do need some indoors and out design alterations?

At the next Brisbane Home Show, 28th February – 1st March 2020 our exhibition will be more significant than our past 18 expos.  We will proudly present our customised art and Design Finishes from The Mural Shop again but for the first time in collaboration with Building Designers- Urban Design Solutions and landscape and pool renovators- Everscapes. Two quality services for the inside and outside home renovation.

So, if you want to cover 100% of your home renovations on a budget there are ways when you consider a cosmetic home makeover.

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