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How do our animal instincts influence our interiors?

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Common human traits can suggest that our masculinity or femininity affects our subliminal beliefs on interior decor style. Consequently, some of our more annoying male or female habits can be improved from a little understanding of the rules of interior design and décor. If you have found that your partner argues with your corporate or home decorating style, then you may just love these funny pointers.

Office and home decorating habits can come from core beliefs or, primal instincts.  Our primal instincts can carry into corporate and living spaces alike. Interestingly, some habits are relevant to men only, or women only, some both such as: 

1) Centred design is a male thing.  Most men prefer a centred layout in their home decorating style and other forms of design, such as art and graphics. It’s a strong urge for them that is likely biological and dating back to our caveman days.

Women look for faces that are perfectly asymmetrical as it subconsciously denotes good caveman genes and thus, a better chance of producing healthy offspring. Men just take it throughout everything without knowing why.

2) More casual, asymmetrical design is a female thing.  Women prefer an asymmetrical cave design overall and are quite happy to with this for its casual feeling, as opposed to formally symmetrical living spaces. Because a casual decor style feels more loving and relaxed, women will also gravitate towards circles, curves and natural textures.

3) The cushion, rugs and arrangements thing.  Cavemen do not always appreciate the woman’s desire to add comfort to their cave with cushions, rugs, floral arrangements and art! A roof over their heads is all some men strive for.

There are exceptions of course but largely, education here is the key to why accessorizing is even necessary! Make it come from a more strategic point of view. When explaining the rules of décor to a non-initiated male, the inner light might shine and eyebrows raise should a “more loving home” become the benefit of said cushions and rugs!

Suddenly your caveman will have evolved!

4) Lastly, clutter.  Clutter, it is possible, relates to our animal instincts.  Protecting ourselves from going without is a strong incentive to collect stuff. Human survival instinct and our fight or flight choices can lead us to want to keep everything at hand! Clutter may also relate to the hunter-gatherer instinct where we wasted nothing as cavemen and women!

Needing clutter is the hardest sub-conscious belief to break. Many humans, especially men,  believe that clutter feels like a more cosey interior decor style and that bare spaces have no warmth. A solution is to give them cave art that fills the space. Caveart, Art, fills the environment without its extra cleaning work and hygiene issues.

There are many ways to add art to your office or home, without going into a gallery or buying prints.  Just like the cavemen, they built art into their environments, taking up no cave floor space.
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