How growing your child’s dream through visualisation… will help you!


An increasing amount of young adults are coming back home after their “failure to launch”.  How can you help them, help you? 

Is the answer to help your child to realise their dreams earlier? What the statistics for kids who now find and follow their passion?  Artist and decorator, Sharron Tancred explains what you can do with ideas from Art Workshops to Kids Portrait Decor!

You know it is hard work to get an idea, ponder it and allow it to grow in your fertile mind until it takes fruit. Dreams need to be very strong in your mind’s eye because they come with risks: the dream bashers and time itself.  Life is full of distractions, self-doubt, lack of money and a host of stumbling blocks like weeds that can slowly kill a dream.

For kids, it’s the same journey.  Kids dreams are just as important as yours although everyone always says, they’ll grow out of that. What if they don’t? What if it is their passion?

As parents, it’s our job to recognise our child’s’ dream and encourage it through types of  visualization.

Visualization.  Since the 17 and 1800s with the advent of psychoanalysis and technology, the art of visualisation has grown to one recognised as bearing much fruit. 

TV, Video and pinboard images of what you want to have or achieve are all forms of “seeing” your goal.  But, do we all want printed clippings, posters, advertising, and images of such things on our home decor?

Minimalism.  In my experience as a proud home-owner, artist and decorator, since the GFC families are choosing to have more minimalist homes because we are so overwhelmed by the incessant technological clutter that inspires us.

Kids thrive on acting out, reading books, watching shows and learning at a great pace once they have finally found their dream. Those that don’t, struggle in life.

A dream has the power to transform any perceivably slow or lost type of child into one who has found their place in the world, and is suddenly, and madly, driven and fuelled with enthusiasm. But this is a dangerous time. The dream killers are out there and sometimes up close and personal.

Consider the Long Life Pie Chart. Wow! To me, if your child can find their dream before they begin adulthood they will have a head start over those who haven’t found their dream and learned how to visualise it.  A young dream is easily lost to defeatism from within the home, school, by the child’ peers and a negative self-image.

Who would have thought it! An excellent way to encourage childhood dreams, and adult ones too, is with art!

Aside from kids expressing their goals as art, an idea that creates a beautiful home décor with meaning and encouragement is commissioning artwork as portrait decor personalised to your needs.

Alexander wants to be in extreme sports and an adventurer

Charlotte wants to be a fashion designer

Aemon wants to be an architect and paint as his hobby

Jordan wants to be a pilot just like his Dad. This is awesome portrait decor!


Like father like son!  When it comes to fathers and their son’s careers, I thought this graph interesting. For Jordan, he may well achieve his dream.

It’s my passion, helping kids to find their dream and work at it. At Tailored Artworks we offer many ideas to encourage children’s dreams.  A Private Art Workshop allows your child to be directed to paint their own gallery quality artwork and decorate their bedroom how you would like it. 

Decorating with a childhood portrait of your child acting out their dream is an heirloom way to encourage their ambitions in your décor colours and style.

The story of 10-year-old-Aemon's personal art class for kids with Brisbane artist Sharron Tancred
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