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Wesley Mission Sinnamon Park Murals. Exit diversion with Eden Philosophy

Aged Care and Dementia Murals

Jean Yan, Manager of the Jacobs Court Dementia Unit at Wesley Mission, Sinnamon Park, needed to stop her escape-artist residents getting the better of two fire doors. Determined, Jean saught to create Exit Diversions that improved the hallways in line with the Principles of Eden Philosophy.

Murals for Eden Philosophy
How to Combine Exit Diversion with Eden Philosophy

Animals are vital in Exit Diversion and Eden Philosophy. Animals add life, warmth and meaning to a perceived space. Additionally, animals can instruct residents to come here and pat me or, move away from my talons or sharp beak!

Plants create a themed space that engages depth perception while adding colour, vitality, freshness and style. One of the challenges within dementia environmental design is instilling a sense of freshness. Consequently, green and crisp white are the two colours that feel freshest and imbued illusions of space.

Eden philosophy

A view, essential to Eden Philosophy, encompassing colourful plants and animals once united with an architectural barrier will suggest that you can see there, but not go there. As such, Exit Door Barriers that logically fit the architectural space will look real. Exit Door Diversion Murals can be hand-painted or photographic. Hand-painted Dementia Murals reinforce Eden Philosophy in that they are more natural, energetic and organic.

Eden Philosophy for Exit Door Diversion
Door B - Eden Draft option 4-

Finally, Children painted into murals for Exit Door Diversion, according to Eden Philosophy, is perhaps the only red flag. Anything that a resident knows moves, for instance, close up children, cars, balls, flying birds, bikes, etc. can cause a resident to shy away in defence, and fall. Add to this, creating a real view works best with static subjects positioned strategically.

In conclusion, Jan’s mission to stop her escape artist residents was a success!

Exit Diversion Murals for Eden Philosophy


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