How to declutter and balance your space

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Editorials

Home clutter can feel overwhelming, messy and out of control. Decluttering doesn’t mean eliminating the most prominent objects, but the smaller ones! Clutter in a small space causes less overall space for movement and feels closed in.  Know that the more significant your area, the increasing scale of advancing colour, pattern, and shape you must have to balance it.  Often this goes awry when upscaling homes and requires correction.  Decluttering your décor means removing the smaller things, especially small wall objects in larger spaces so that they balance the proportions and do not fight for attention with like-sized items, i.e. cushions and ornaments.

Did you know that In decorating you must have .8 metres to 1.5 metres of walkway space around your furniture and that your room should be two-thirds space and one-third furniture? Wow!

Most people clutter their interior decor with items of emotional attachment. If you don’t use it and it does not match, give it away, put it elsewhere or call the second-hand furniture dealer, but declutter; you will feel better!

Next, balance your space. Look around the room. Is it divisible by two architecturally? For instance, is there a fireplace, or an entry in the middle with two walls either side? Is your lounge suite positioned smack bang in the middle, centred? A centred floor plan is a more formal and must be followed by placing your items the same on each side, symmetrically! Here’s a great décor tip- multiple elements, i.e. two Fiddler Figs or vases, will make your space look more expensive.  Ooohee!

If your space is not formally balanced, it is a casual layout where you position items to feel at peace. Work with your architectural lead but remember that artwork is the glue! Get it large, in all your décor colours and ensure it confirms what your style and theme is. If you need help, 2 hour Art and Décor Planning Sessions with me are Free!

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