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1980s homes featured Open Plan Design, textured feature walls and earthy or pastel colours different in each room. Typically, homes get renovated every 30 years. Therefore 1980s Home Makeovers are all the rage right now! In Queensland, a Coastal Resort Decor suits our indoors-outdoors lifestyle. To create the Coastal style, you need imagery! That means Coastal Wall Decor.

Sharon and Michael had been in their home quite a few years before deciding on an Interior Design Upstyle. They loved their spacious home, with its tropical gardens and pool; however, the 80s colour palette felt drab. Additionally, the formal space had become the kids’ thoroughfare, which was ruining its serenity and damaging the carpet.

After a referral to Tailored Artworks, they decided on a Coastal Resort Decor, agreeing that it would enhance their existing architecture and landscape style. All it took was a few easily organised but out of the box Design Finishes.

A 1980s Home Makeover often means replacing old texture finishes with more modern ones against a fresh white backdrop. Feature walls and wallpapers are popular in the 2020s with all age groups and are ideal for an Interior Design Upstyle.

Coastal Style Makeovers

Notably, the Haymes Paints Artisan Collection has a range of feature wall finishes that suit the Coastal Style. For instance, Artisans’ pearlescent Matt Polish, hand-painted in water-like waves of dreamy hues with satin finishes, instantly imbue a coastal vibe. Consider a soft feature wall, in combination with a delicate silhouette mural such as a Palm Tree. It created a feeling of breezes and space! Suddenly, with picnic-like accessories, you are at a beach resort every day!

Safely and serenely blocking a thoroughfare and reducing some of the miseries of 1980s open plan living can be difficult.  Think about the benefits of a Glass Mural.

Art on Glass allows light penetration, reduces noise, adds privacy and creates a coastal feature! Coastal Scenery or plants like a Pandanas, visibly printed onto safe, toughened Glass or film (for existing glass walls), creates your instant Coastal Resort Style! When it is art though, you bring more warmth into your home and bang for your buck. 

Lastly, try to think outside of the box away from kitschier wall decors of shells and seagulls as used in the 1980s, towards modern resort-style living. For example, large seascapes combined with Art inspired Design Features that stay with your home and add value and luxury.

Ideas like Art into Mosaic, Splashback Art, Tile Murals, Tile Strips and stylish Outdoor Murals can all be Coastal Wall Art. Just one feature here and there will do it! Sharon and Michael found that Art into Mosaic by The Mural Shop, which takes Art and digitises it into Mosaic, was perfect for their pool’s feature walls!

In the end, 1980s Home Makeovers tend to need more tweaks than Complete Home Renovations. This makes your life easier! Just a few features can a fresh style, theme and colour palette throughout your home. Most importantly, using Art inspired focal points will help you create a Minimalist decor, and that means less expense, clutter and way more satisfaction!

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