How Interior Designers can please the discerning client with individualism


Story by Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Association.

The art of Interior Design is, for designers, pleasing clients from all walks of life, those on a budget and those not.  Some clients want to follow the trends, others who love bespoke, and then those who are discerning and only want the best. You’ll get clients who need a new kitchen, and a bathroom, and those with decors and the ones starting afresh with bare walls inside and out yearning for style statements.  It’s easy enough to please the client on the budget with whatever is in trend and on mass but more challenging to satisfy the discerning client who wants to individualise their home, budget or no.

What happens when the client with their meagre budget is discerning and wants something unique? What do you do when no tile is good enough and too dull and when a plain coloured glass splashback is “what everyone else has”. What do you do when that fence, balcony or patio outside their kitchen window is crying out for attention too, but there’s no room for planting?  How do you get into their heads and suggest a décor that will inspire their whole home, so it flows throughout when you are doing just the kitchen and bathroom?



Consider Art. The beauty of art is that it is style, theme, a united colour palette, and expression of your client’s story and a display of individualism! Starting with art is smart. Art tailored to fit, can balance open plan spaces, add glamour to a kitchen or bathroom and create unique and personalised focal points. Decorative art on a screen can conceal and beautify messy storage units.



Art can imbue line that brings high ceilings down and makes low ceiling seem higher. You can give your client a sense of depth, mood and delicious textural warmth- with Art. Humanity’s most beautiful expression and cultural statement comes from Art. Indeed, you can engage positive thoughts and dreams that take your client on a delightful journey away from the daily toil to their favourite place or to a fantasy of colour and texture. Anything, that feels wonderful! It’s how it’s done that matters, how your art of Interior Design adds value and is crafted for longevity.



Art, being just paint and ideas can be tailored to your design and uniquely hand-painted onto any size custom made canvas or board for above their kitchen bench, or even directly onto the dining room wall and sealed for protective longevity.

Clients on budgets or clients wanting something unique for their stairwell balustrade or shower screen can have tailored art too, but printed, in 3D! There’s a printing method called 3D that few printers in Australia have.

Art can be 3D Printed onto glass, tiles, tabletops, acrylic screens, galvanised steel (for outdoor situations), stone pavers and benchtops, thick fabrics and even leather for upholstery or wall panels! 



To help your client see the ideas and outcomes and make discerning choices, the best way to chose or design art is via a creative process that superimposes the artwork design into the space and changeup linen colours or suggests feature walls like Haymes Artisan Texture range.

Let’s not stop at Art 3D Printed, hand-painted murals and artworks painted on canvas! Through a mechanical process, tiny coloured tiles arranged into Mosaic create conversation point kitchen splashbacks, shower and spa bath features, countertops, etc. Looking for the ultimate kitchen splashback?



Real Art Kitchen Splashbacks are personalised, textured artworks featuring metallics, impasto, metallic effects like gold and silver leaf and iridescence even, secured behind toughened glass. Fixes that ugly fence outside your client’s kitchen with ready to hang and long-wearing Moveable Outdoor Artwork, hand-painted or 3D printed; it can stay as a Built-in Art Asset or move to the next property when your client finally sells.



All of the above ideas can be designed to theme the entire home from one space to the next supported by other on-trend materials but united into an individual style statement.  This is how your art of Interior Design can set your client’s property apart, add built-in value and individualism. Their dream home and your next award winner!

Ideas and photos courtesy of Sharron Tancred from Tailored Artworks.  Presented on KBDi Members Blog

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