Women’s Magazine: How to solve the newly wedded décor clash


Newlywed decor clashes happen all the time.  You meet, fall in love and hold off on moving in together untill the time’s right only to discover your tastes in décor somewhat clash!  And, it does happen, a lot.  You may find that you love modern and edgy and he wants everything centered, formal and a bit cluttered. His choices fight with your edgy designer look! He’s colour blind (lots of men are) or only loves blues and browns while you want rich jewel colours   

What is the quickest and easiest way to get your individual and now newlywed décor styles to cohabit and still express yourselves as a loving couple?  With wedding photos on the wall as something that can seem dated, how can you avoid the clutter and get style? 

Many interior designers use art as an insight into their client’s tastes. Art creates or encompasses:

  1. Your all important focal point: Your walls, being verticle and highly visible from all around your space is the perfect opportunity to ground your décor with a focal point – Artwork
  2. Artwork can unite your entire colour palette in the one space, his and hers! This is your chance to unite yourselves and your décor.
  3. Express your style with art and then take that style into your décor, or commission art to expres your joint style for an existing decor
  4. Hang a canvas proportionate to your walls shape and scale and immediately achieve a better balance for your space
  5. Streamline your lines! That’s right. When your artwork’s shape coincides with the furniture and architectural lines within your décor, it creates a peaceful space as the eye travels along it smoothly to the next line
  6. Give your home a theme! Theme is created through art that shows imagery relevant to the purpose of the space, i.e. food and wine for the kitchen.. Alternately, be romantic and add good feng shui with art about love and 2 people, not one or 3, for your bedroom or lounge.
  7. Use the complimentary colours of love in your artwork: Green, the most loving colour on the planet for animals, earth, humanity, nature and the art of giving, and red, the colour of fervent passion, action and warmth. Add to thism bring plants inside and accentuate with their colour with reds and earty materials for a startlingly energized feel.
  8. Declutter with art! Most newleywedds move into smaller spaces until family comes.  Blending furniture and accessories can be a task.  The rule of space is 1/3rd furniture: 2/3rds space, so buying or commissioning art helps you confirm your style, theme and colour palette instanyly and take away those newlywed décor items that no longer fit your artwork’s direction. Now you can live in bliss!

Customised Artwork Specialist and Brisbane artist and decorator, Sharron Tancred from Tailored Artworks, meets with her clients to design personalised artwork that will fix, enhance or inspire their new decors.  Sharron states, “I’ve had newlyweds where he only likes the Mona Lisa, and she, Picasso!  It takes mind-mapping, colour psychology and the rules of interior design to unravel and express their mutual loves. Inspired by their love story, their artwork becomes a family heirloom and that, makes my heart sing! It’s art for the heart and from the heart and what could be better than this for newlyweds to base their new home on.”

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