Kids Fantasy Face Portraits

Private Art Commissions


Kids Fantasy Face Portraits were created for parents who would love more than a portrait of childhood.  We all love our children and want them to have the best in life, full of rich experiences that we enjoyed, and more.  The aim of our fantasy portraits for children is to help you build a confident child who knows their place in the world; a child with big dreams and the self-belief to enact upon them.

You can help your child to visualise him or herself becoming the actor, dancer, athlete, designer or astronaut they dream of becoming. Indeed, you can also have a portrait of childhood tailored to your décor. Later, it will become a funky and always relevant heirloom. We as adults use visualisation to help us achieve our goals, but for kids, the picture is even bigger than a new car; it’s a career!

Tailored Artworks Kids Fantasy Face Portraits are your opportunity to own a magical portrait of childhood commemorating toys, favourite past times, apparel, pets and more. Your fantasy portrait by Brisbane artist Sharron Tancred will be more than a face, a space and a laugh, but a delightful and uplifting heirloom.  Give us a call.

The story of 10-year-old-Aemon's personal art class for kids with Brisbane artist Sharron Tancred
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