>> The brief: Police officers Tammy and Ian live a busy life with their three gregarious girls, Grace 12 and twins Lauren and Victoria 10. The family buys, renovates and sells homes, so with their busy lives and the girls’ auditory processing syndromes, ‘Life’s a Circus!’. Tammy wanted an artwork which reflected their life – something colourful that would work in any neutral environment.

>> Our strategy: Sharron always creates a mind map of words taken from a conversation with the clients, in this case, ballet, music, spectral colours, Kandinsky, White Welsh Mountain Pony, poodle, almost-strangled, over-cuddled cat, Victoria’s handstands and Grace’s tutu. These formed the picture in Sharron’s mind which she then designed to suit the stairwell landing’s square format.

>> The results: A massive day! Three little girls who truly enjoyed themselves gave their all to their masterpiece. Well done Grace, Lauren and Victoria!

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