Riverhills intimate Lounge Renovation inspired by “Light of Heart” art commission

Private Art Commissions

>> The brief: Natasha and Joe, a surgeon, moved their young family from South Africa to Brisbane looking for new opportunities. While the couple’s old life has not faded from memory, the children, now teenage girls are all Australian. Natasha wanted to replace the existing pseudo-Renaissance artwork with one that full of symbolism expressing their story, their religious beliefs and the joys found with them and their family life.

>> Our strategy: The furniture layout, existing blue lights and wall mounted air conditioner posed balance issues for another large artwork as it would still look off centre to the furniture layout. The solution? Sharron designed a diptych! Two piece artworks will often link lines and shapes i.e. lounge suite and tub chairs, to the canvases. Taking away the sconces, meant that the artworks could be hung centred on the wall to better balance the space. At their appointment, a champagne speckled frame was chosen to link to the present metallic features as were colours based on Natasha’s love of rich, luxuriant hues while a new charcoal feature wall colour, has created intimacy, depth, and contrast.

Art is often highly symbolic, and tailored art is no different. Symbols followed for Africa: Boerewors Sausage, Lion, and Table Mountain, for Australia: Billabongs, Jacarandas and the Southern Cross, and for Faith: the Cross, Menorah, Bible, Fire and for Family: the Pet in a suitcase symbolising moving and Portraits.

>> The results: The girls will inherit one artwork each, making the artworks beautiful, relevant heirlooms and a happy client who is in love with them and how they make her feel. Natasha said, “I love them! I absolutely love them and the rich colours are exactly what I love! Thank you so much for suggesting the charcoal wall; it’s created the perfect feel for our family.”


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