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Private Art Commissions

Veteran Interior Designer Tracie Dunne chose Tailored Art for her client

>> The brief: Produce a meaningful abstract and strong focal point above the dining room console, to unite the open plan living area’s colours and confirm a warm and contemporary style.

>> Our strategy: Discussion with Tracie and her clients revealed the importance of their large family, especially their many grandchildren, here and yet to come, as subject matter. With this in mind, Sharron designed a formal, centred arrangement to suit the console and formal dining area, comprised of warm, circular “child and adult” shapes which, through blurred and hard edge line created an illusion of space. The alternating hues, tinge with one another, have all been tinted, toned and shaded for contrast and variety enriched with space’s metallic silver. Finally, fine slithers of hand painted Glass Coat Resin has provided contrast, a sensual glamour and visual appeal that link with the console’s vase hand picked by Tracie.

>> The results: “Hello Sharron, as with Paul, I adore ‘Little Treasures’. It is brilliant and finishes that area (and in fact the house) to perfection. I think its effect was best summed up when my 4-year-old grandson walked into the family room and let out a squeal. When I looked at him, he was pointing to the painting and said: “Nanna, I love that; it is beautiful.” All who have seen it totally agree. Thank you sincerely for the brilliant job you have done. As Paul said, it has certainly exceeded our expectations.” Paul and Margret, Flinders View

The story of 10-year-old-Aemon's personal art class for kids with Brisbane artist Sharron Tancred
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