Looking to renovate? Who do you need: Builder, Architect, Interior Designer or Decorator?

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The answer is, the builder doesn’t design – you need first an Interior Designer who works with a builder…and they all do! You’ll also discover that builders will not give you a quote if you are not ready to proceed immediately!

An Architect doesn’t build or do Interior Design (usually), they design the structure for the builder to make and the designer to improve upon with lighting plan, storage, livability and finishes.

The Interior Decorator picks colours, lamps, cushions, vases etc. but can’t design a kitchen or bathroom as an Interior Designer does.
So, if you are renovating, and it’s a small renovation that doesn’t involve the roof and major shifts, then you need the Interior Designer. I like to refer designer-decorators as they can do both!

If you’re doing a major reno, you’re best off with an architect who may also be a trained interior designer and is one who works with a builder. Builders usually cannot design and don’t have the time, but, may have an Interior Designer on staff.

Why bother? Because you want to capitalise on the money that you spend and DESIGN $TYLE and quality is where it is at.


Sometimes, you won’t need ANY of them. Just clever design solutions digitally applied. The renovation can be a change of wall tiles using Art into Mosaic (shown here) that will utilise your existing space and its finishes, create an up to date feature for it that will uplift and unite the new colours, and create a whole new style for you.

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