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North Lakes – Modern Renaissance Style Home Renovation

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>>The brief: Funny story!  Sharron was purchasing Haymes Artisan paints at Paint Right North Lakes.  The couple beside her was enquiring with staff if mint green would suit there home.  No photos, just the question.  So, Sharron, trying to be helpful, asked what their style, walls and floor colour was. The answer: grey.  Well, said Sharron, is it a beige, taupe or a grey tinged with any colour at all? The answer, no, it’s grey.  Then, fuelled with uncertainly, the lady asked if Sharron was a consultant.  Finding this information suddenly lead to a booking that very afternoon. 

And, thank goodness Regine did because her floors were beige!  In addition, she had other blue accents as well.  Mint green was off the menu!  Indeed, with discussion and a good look around their home, it showed that Italian immigrants Regine and Roberto, a retired builder, were feeling confused about their décor.  Like many people, they wanted to modernize and minimalize their stuff. However, their culture and taste were making it hard, cluttered and just uncomfy. 


So, our brief started with a day of decluttering and selecting finishes. Later, our mood board showed Regine, Roberto and their three girls what Modern Rennaissance would feel like!  And guess what?  Haymes Artisan Collection and glass art, cabinetry renovation with film, ceiling and outdoor murals from The Mural Shop were all included in the mix!  Style is one thing, theme is the vehicle full of story and relevance that carries a style throughout your home.  For Regine and Roberto, they loved the idea of Meditterranean style home themeing.

modern renaissance style mood board

>> Our strategy:  Now, Regine and Roberto learned a few new words like ‘Kitch’ while Sharron decluttered their home.  Kitch is found in art, objects, or design considered poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way.  Instead, we retained their more authentic and meaningful artefacts and grouped them into aesthetic collections.

European style decor

A low waste or, Wabi-Sabi mindset is essential in today’s world.  Giving old items new looks is easy when their surroundings enhance their colours and style.  Therefore, the installation of Haymes Artisan Surface Brushed in Blue Violet and Slate Stone, with Artisan Iron and Rust in the Kitchen and Master Bathroom Ceiling, created our Modern Renaissance look.  Juxtaposing complementary colours creates fabulous, atmospheric spaces that make them feel complete, without the need for clutter.


For our Mediterranean style home theming during the installation of our textured feature walls, our signage installers hung our gorgeous Mural Shop artworks.  The Master Bathroom received a classic oil painting over its window to imbued a modern glass effect.  Later, we enhanced the glass art with a hand-painted mural of olive leaves and European Bee Eaters!

modern glass art

modern renaissance style wall mural


Similarly, the other bathroom also received glass art about a Greek fishing scene. It’s colour was stupendous in this space!

modern glass art

In the foyer, the modern part of Modern Rennaissance saw our Grunge Life graffiti Ceiling Mural create wow factor and space illusion.  Foyers and front doors are often overlooked in favour of kitchens and bathroom spends. In contrast, your foyer is where first impressions are made!  Make the best if it with a design feature!

 custom ceiling mural

Lastly, Regine and Roberto’s mint green living room built-ins received a stunning original collage artwork printed onto our Mural Shop’s Glass Mural overlaminate film.  Our cabinetry renovation with film created a piece-de-resistance for this deserving family. Finally, all the colours were linked together, ready for the next stage of sourcing a shortlist of new interior décor items in stage two.


>>Results:  Like many of our home decorating projects in Brisbane, this home will receive more tender loving care in the time to come.  But Regine and Roberto?  Well, they were ecstatic!  Regine had always wanted to do something just for herself and this chance meeting with Sharron Tancred at Paint Right North Lakes proved to be the best check-out conversation ever.  Our pleasure, regine!

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