Moveable Outdoor Murals

Large outdoor wall art to enhance inside-out styling
for your kitchen, fence, pool or garden

Tailored Artworks Moveable Outdoor Artworks-  Large outdoor wall art that creates an impressive focal point for your outdoor space and that can be moved when your foliage grows or you shift house!

Art custom made for Fences | Pool Walls |  Entry Walls  | Driveways | Gardens | Verandahs | Balconies | Sheds | Buildings | Multi-Residential Apartment Buildings | Corporate Courtyards | Al Fresco Areas | Outside windows and Doors

Tailored Artworks’ unique hand-painted Moveable Outdoor Murals are custom designed with you to expand your interior decor into your outdoor space. These large outdoor artworks are gallery quality and painted onto sturdy 2mm metal that can be seamlessly joined to cover long, unsightly walls or your oversized wall.

This is real art, not printed, so it will not fade or peel. use your large Australian, outdoor artwork as inspiration for your indoor decor by using the same paints and colours for an indoor wall mural!

A Moveable Outdoor Mural is ideal for new builds and renovations where inbuilt Wow! factor is sure to increase your property value. When designing your home, plan your Outdoor Mural with any of our other custom art products like a Real Art Kitchen Splashback, Art into Mosaic, Residential Artwork, TV Wall Mural, or soon, a hand-painted Feature Wall so they are all designed to carry style, theme, scale and colour throughout.

Your Moveable Outdoor Mural will be a custom-made artwork designed to your taste and space. This is outdoor wall art that can be designed long distance and shipped to you, wherever you are.  Moveable Outdoor Murals come ready to hang for safe and secure artwork installation or, we can arrange Brisbane professional art hanging for you. Like all our artworks, Moveable Outdoor Murals are designed and painted by Brisbane artist and decorator, Sharron Tancred.  This is an outdoor artwork idea that is practical, can hide your unsightly space and transform it into an easy to maintain conversation piece that everyone will envy!

  • Available as Art 3D Printed or hand painted as per these specifications-
  • No size limit. Custom cutting included in the cost
  • Panels are 2mm x 3M x 1.5M  and 2.4M x 1.2M
  • 6mm screw holes available on all corners and sides
  • Gloss, Satin and Matt finishes available
  • Artworks are treated, twice primed and twice sealed in Resene
  • Haymes speciality Iron + Rust, Copper + Patina Metallic Effects and more are available
  • Many art styles to choose from or let’s invent one for you!
  • Clean with non-abrasive gentle house detergent
  • Non-flammable. Resistant to frost and heat
  • Resistant to crazing, staining, cracking
  • Resistant to UV light, fading and peeling
  • Up to 5 PDF approval presentations show your art in whole, in detail and in-situ
  • We deliver anywhere
  • QBCC Legislations Compliant.
  • Tailored Artworks is a member of the HIA (Housing Industry Association), adheres to Australian Safety Standards


Your Tailored Artworks’ Moveable Outdoor Mural is guaranteed to match your space and be loved by you with any issues fixed at no charge to you
* NB:  Changes made pre-delivery only if a long distance project

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